White House Classified Computer System Is Used to Hold Transcripts of Sensitive Calls
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I Had A Dream


I had a dream about you last night
You were part of my dreams in two scenes
With a long period of time in between
Meeting and Parting and Coming Together Again
Not without some difficulty and hardship, recriminations
But I would change nothing if it meant I couldn’t have met you
There are no mistakes, only opportunities for learning, growing, changing, becoming better versions of ourselves
And I realize I am better with you, because I have met you and because I may (I hope) meet you again, for however small a time, short
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if it ends up being biden v trump we gotta start burnin shit down

No. We don’t.

What we have to do is fucking GROW UP.

There’s not one single thing in the world (outside of the choice of what’s for dinner) that gives “us” 100% of what we want 100% of the time. This is especially true for politics.

Do you know what Biden is?

An acceptable (note: not perfect. not necessarily desirable.) compromise candidate who can pull the largest number of people behind him.

Do you know what Biden is? A candidate who can carry the Midwest and Rust Belt states, the flyover states that went to Trump and guaranteed his victory.

He’s a candidate with experience. He’s a candidate who has been in the trenches for decades, has seen social challenges and changes, who has been wrong in the past (but right for the time he was in, wrong when viewed with today’s lens) and has apologized for the “mistakes” he has made.

He’s lost his son and grieved deeply.

Would I like to see other candidates? sure. I particularly like Mayor Pete Buttigieg. But when the time comes to enter the voting booth? Vote for the party (that’d be Democrat) if you can’t vote for the candidates, because it’s better to have Biden than Trump.

If it’s Joe Biden, I will vote for him. Do I want him to be the candidate? No! Is he better than Trump? Yes!

If it’s Pete Buttigieg, I will vote for him. Do I want him to be the candidate? No! Is he better than Trump? Yes!

If it’s Beto Freaking O’Rourke, I will vote for him. Do I want him to be the candidate? No! Is he better than Trump? Yes!

I’m gonna level with you, I have qualms about EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT IN THE RACE. I’m leaning toward Elizabeth Warren. But no matter who ends up getting the nomination, they are going to be better than Trump. Trump is abusing the hell out of executive privilege. He’s gotten to appoint a fuckton of judges. He’s taking unilateral action to restrict civil rights, particularly the rights of trans people. There are legitimate concerns that Trump will try to resist stepping aside if he loses the 2020 election! At this point, the name of the game is containing the fucking damage.

See your vote as voting AGAINST trump. Not for someone else.

If you must start burning shit down, wait until after we’ve voted Trump out of office and we have a president whose first response won’t be to attempt to put tariffs on fire.
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Dream 6-22-19


Climbing the Mountain, Jumping Levels of Reality, Meeting Aspects of Godhead Wearing Masks of Functionality of the Universe of Life and Death, Island Castle Fortress Imagination Garden Wind of Change Confronting War and Violence Within and Outside Self and World
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Tree Of Life


tree of life/home hearth hidden temple of love imagination luminescence

I explore the labyrinths of my mind and body together
demons and gods of my own personality by my side
overflowing with gems of soul and riches of spirit
I organize and plan, attempting to perfect my altar
telling the story of life and rebirth becoming and being
meeting visitors from other lands, other lives, other minds
aliens from bizarre to ordinary, known and unknown
transcendent and immanent, with various levels of danger
opportunity for growth and learning, meeting strangers
friends and companions on life’s mysterious voyage of discovery

ice and fire knowledge staff and sword elements of change and order

serpent of wisdom and shadow, the balance of left and right consciousness

seeing, looking into the future in order to avert the worst, create the best good

healing happiness honoring life and water, wind fire of spirit earth flowering
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