Imagination Star Station Crossroads Spirit Inn Castle Temple Theater


Sky Garden River City Life Love Light Crossroads Theater Inn

Rebirth Renewal Restoration


Tomorrow Is Another Day


Circle Community Future Years Advancement Earth Magic Moving Mountains With Mind and Soul Power Energy of Life and Love Fire and Water Wind and Spirit

Tall Buildings High in the Hills Hotels and Apartments Stores and Restaurants Free and Luxury New Old Wisdom of Peace

Everything Is Temporary, Except for Love

Money Means Nothing, Except in the Short Term, Though It Is Nice to Be Able to Eat

When You Are Hungry

Things to Remember

Calm Thoughts

Layers of Reality and Art

Levels and Dimensions of Love and Beauty Life and Light Evolution Growth Change Becoming Better Being the Lover Dreamer

When Fighting Monsters Take Care Not Just Not to Become a Monster but Also

Not to Die Perish Run Out of Life Force Croak Expire Be Killed Forget About Yourself

Remember to Take Care of Yourself at All Times Even When You Forget Plan Ahead

Don’t Be Quick to Attack Because They Are a Stranger or You Don’t Recognize Them

I Love You

As the Sea Loves the Stars

As the Earth Loves the Sky

There May Be No Words to Describe

The Way I Feel About You, but I Will Try

Once Again and Again Again

I Look Forward to Seeing You Again

In the Not Too Far Distant Future

Building With Lots of Rooms Always Changing Moving Evolving Magicians Gods Angels Creating Preserving Life and Beauty Defending the Past and Future Present Time and Space Earth Home Dream Castle Gateway Station Cosmic Train Station

River Walkway Understanding Consciousness Imagination Drawing Magic Life Love Light Music Song of Giving and Receiving Tree of Life

Be a Little Patient What Will Be Will Be

Kind of in Love Kinda Sad Kinda Happy

My Friend My Lover My Stranger My Mystery

Park of Giants Castle Northeast and of Elves Southwest Castle Faerie Kingdom

Meeting and Supplicating the Queen of Faeries Verdant Forest Paradise West Elven Restoring and Healing Self and Others Feasting and Loving Companions Finding Faeries and Humans and Hybrids

Beautiful Girl Woman Child of the Forest and Mountains Refuge of Magic Tree of Life Above Earth World of Humanity Heaven

Journeying to the Borderlands With the World of Giants Jotunheim Mountain Giant Refuge Eastern Neighborhood of Outcasts and Rebels Astral Travelers Wizards of Light Angels and Rainbow Dragons Violet Blue and Green

Following Trails and Roads Flying and Walking Jumping and Levitating Around to Cross Obstacles and Walls Towers and Castles of the Giants and Other Denizens of the Wizard City Town of Doorways

Hunters Seekers Lovers Guardians Defenders Helpers Healers

Mountain Castle Defending Healing and Restoring Life to Zombies the Hungry Dead Healing and Transcending

Water Rising From Earth to Astral Eleven Realm of Light Second World Through Tree of Life Rainbow Refuge Station Gateway Inn

Dragon of Wind Rain River Light Guardian and Protector Creator Turtle Maturin Elephant Wisdom Knowledge Library

Dream Worlds Within Worlds

Sealing the Homestead Protection From Evil Forces and Monsters From the Abyss Between Worlds Darkness of Empty Space

Looking for Former and Future Lovers Friends of Soul and Spirit Rising Imagination Growth Learning Experience

Sitting on the Front Porch Watching and Waiting Taking in the Beauty of the Night and Day Making Love

She of Golden Hair and Sky Blue Eyes

Artist of My Dreams and Visions Muse and Lover Distant Guide and Guardian of Soul

Dream Lover Friend Companion Soul Mate

Witches Vampires Ninjas Dragons in the Spiral Wizard City of Dreams Borderlands Rainbow Refuge Tower Central Garden of Lorien Elbereth Mystic Mountains Misty Ancient Forest of Life River Terrace Community of Light

New Infinite Earth’s Spiderman Intrigue Power of Jumping Strength Future True Sight Sensing Danger and Possibilities Sixth World Sex and Love Imagination Inspiration Battles and Victories Glory and Dreams of a Better World Future Humanity Intelligence Compassion Energy of Consciousness Soul Peace Lover You Are Doing Great and Restoring My Mind and Heart and Soul and Spirit and Others Are in My Thoughts and Restoring Life to the Borderlands With You My Dear

Movement Spiral Discovery Homestead Neighborhood

Exploring the Neighborhood Pathways Gardens and Homes

Green Chair for Laundry Talking and Changing Into Birthday Suits

Avandor Andromeda Avalon

Future Past Present

Claire Alexandria in San Francisco Instantaneous Dragon Transportation Journeying Between Cities of Earth and Faerie Underworld and Heaven

Talking in Rooms in Houses and Apartment Buildings Lindsey Muse Artist Guide to and Between and Beyond Seattle and Knoxville and Gatlinburg

Tree of Life World of Universes Parallel and Pocket Perpendicular and Alternative Histories

Rain Falling Bringing Life and Waters Rivers and Ocean Forest Growing Mountain Softening Creating New Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom Through Evolution

Elle in the House of Mystery Hallways of Many Doors and Windows Through Time and Space Wizard City

Tree of Life World Stairway Yggdrasil Above and Below Within and Without Self and Other System and Individual

Snake Guardian Serpent at the Gateway Cave Entrance to the Underworld From Above Heaven Bite That Brings Visions True Sight Through Illusions and Fear

Representations and Avatars of Collective Consciousnesses Human and Otherwise Citizens and Members of the Universal Family of Light and Love on All Levels of Reality Above and Below the World of Humanity Physical Plane of Existence and Planet Earth Homeworld Elden King of Trees Nature Forest Mountain Ocean and Stars Body Memory Castle Astral Plane

Mercurium Heart Soul House Worlds Within Worlds Between Beyond Inside Outside Self and Other Universes Within Universes Magic Learning Healing Growing Making Changing Singing Dancing Stairway to Heaven and Hell

In the Middle the City of Doorways and Windows in Time and Space Through Light and Shadow Darkness on the Edge of Town

Magic Rocks Stone Treasures Receptacles of Healing Energy and Knowledge in the Body Castle Tower Library of Heart and Soul

Containing Multitudes Song of the Self

Universe of Universes Library of Libraries

Crystal Memory Castle Astral Plane Between Beyond Within Outside All Worlds Sacred Heart Sanctum Sphere

Doorways and Portals to All Times and Places Keys to Unlock and Guardians to Protect the Realm of Dreams and Structure of Reality Creation and Preservation

Entrance in the Wizard City Tree of Life Elder God of Nature and Wisdom Mountain and Forest Sage of Stars and Oceans of Time and Space Multiple Universes and Dimensions of Reality and Dream Mercurium Astral Gateway Waystation

Living House Ship Flying Teleporting Dragon Engine Spirit of Life and Waters Love You Are Doing Good and Spirit of the Cities in Time and Space Through the Day and Night

Dream Snapshots and Stories

Monster Suddenly Appears at the Pier and Tries to Eat the Hero but He Fights His Way Back Out of the Belly of the Beast and Then Uses His Magical Swords to Cut Through It’s Thick Hide and Wounds It Forcing It to Retreat Back From Whence It Came Hiding in the Warehouse District of the City in the Sewers Attracted to the Aura and Energy of the Hero and Others Like Him

Living Aware House of Many Doorways Rooms Changing Growing Combining and Separating Layers for Family and Friends of the Keymaster and Gatekeeper Between World’s Station of the Crossroads Wizard City of Stars and Mountains Portals and Doorways and Windows Through Time and Space Dreams and Realities Planes and Dimensions of the Universe of Universes Library Magicians and Wizards Magical Forest of Life River of Light Dragon Transportation Teleporting Instantaneous Traveling to the Borderlands Entryway to Home Others Like the Original One Green Blue Purple

Controlling the Ship With My Mind Power of Vision and True Sight Extension Child of the Artificial Intelligence of the Gateway Station Crossroads Castle in the Magical Forest Mountain Paradise Home Between Worlds Flying Through the Atmosphere Clouds and Sky Cities Looking for Monsters and Treasures of Knowledge and Wisdom Clues and Pearls Gemstones and Inspirations of Soul and Heart and Spirit Creation Preservation of Life and Love Light

Silver Shelves Stacks Dragon Treasure Library Wizards Elves Fairies Giants Northeast Avandor

Tower of Dream Castle Sky Mountain Forest River Station

Lost Library House of Mystery Treasure Room – Avalon Atlantis New World

Rooms of Lost and Found Treasure

Amethyst, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Gold, Silver



Cotton Blankets


Wizard City Elder Tree Guardian of the Multiversal Crossroads Station Castle Fairy Tale Adventure With Friends and Family

Castle of Memory Library Tower Inn Community Center Wizard City Northeast School and University of Nature Life Healing Knowledge Wisdom Imagination Inspiration

Defending Against Forces of Darkness Incursions From Other Worlds Planes Dimensions Welcoming Visitors From Worlds of Light Gateways to Other Realms Worlds Planets of Light and Dark Elements of Fire and Mist Wind and Rain

Hallways of Infinite Possibilities, Wild Horses of Raw Power Faerie Energy Moving Between Worlds Running Through the Barriers Meeting in the Wizard City Southeast North America Imagination Inspiration Initiation

Novel American and European Atlantic New Civilization Avalon Island Continent Floating City

Map of the Wizard City Mountain Forest

Western Downtown Refuge Station

Southern Elvish Forest Paradise Restaurant

Eastern Rainbow Crossroads Inn Tower

Northern Nature University Castle Rainbow

Wizard as Warrior Defender Guardian

Protector of Humanity Blue and White

Magic of Protection and Healing Spirit

Aura Bubble Breathing Air Cleansing

Community Center Library School

Elder Tree Nature God

Creating the Future, Utopia

Adventures in Mountain Refuge

Hidden Hills Northeast Zion Station

Imagination Journeying Beginning

Interdimensional Adventuring Changing

Past Present Future Realities Creation

Preservation of Life and Freedom for All

Overcoming and Transcending Death and Destruction

Hallways of Mystery Temple of Light in the Night

Expanding the Homestead Into a Community Center Library and Golden Silver Diamond Temple Tower Light Stairway to Heaven Gateway Tree Wizard City Secret Station Demons and Gods Working Together to Preserve Life and Nature Creation the Universe of Order From Chaos

Dream Memory Castle Rainbow Bridge Ship Homeworld

Labyrinths Tigers and Lions Dragon Angels of Light World of Imagination Mystery Doorways Windows Tunnels and Portals City of Wizards and Witches Magic Self Becoming Better Wiser Stronger Stranger

Novel of Art Student Helping to Save the World With Her Friends and Companions

Thor Ragnarok / Doctor Strange

Nashville / Gatlinburg

Dream Landscapes of Eternal Realm Asgard

Desert Monsters Keeping Out Giant Worms From Temple of Heart Tower Lower Entrance Underworld

Upper City Library Rooms of Learning and Discovery Dream Architecture Spiral Tower Friends Kris and Shelagh and Others Keeping Notes Lists of Symbols and Images

Thank You for Being


Thank You for Being and Not Just Existing, Thank You for Being Beautiful Inside Your Eyes and Soul Imagination and Intuition.

She Says Not to Kiss Her (When She Is Asleep)

In Bed Lips Pressed Against Hers Unknowing and Unknown Though Dreaming of Reality Knowing Wisdom and Future of Humanity and Beyond

Imagination and Inspiration Linden Tree Thing

Fantasy World Underworld and Above Entrance Tunnels Caves Portals Doorways and Windows in Time and Space

Everything Is a Work-in-progress

Everything Is Always Changing and Becoming Except Maybe Love Yet Still Growing and Evolving Becoming Better

Mountains of Blue Mist

Coming Home to the Blue Ridge Mountains Sixty Years on

Dream Memory Castle Temple Theater on the Hill Downtown Source and Gateway to the Underworld and Magical Energy of Life

New Old Church Temple Castle Labyrinth Entrance Underworld Star Tower Imagination Inspiration Faery Dream Realm City Spiral Stairway Old School

Old House Apartments Hidden Hills Area Wizards and Priests Aliens and Gods Learning and Loving Living and Growing Into Utopia East and West Connection Tunnel Train Space Time Stations New World Stairway to Heaven Yggdrasil Star Spiral Tower New School


Plato Socrates Man Who Never Lied

Subjective Vs Objective

Ideal Forms Vs Perspectivism

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger


Master Vs Slave Morality

Transcending and Transmuting Animal Instincts and Intuition of Kierkegaard

Kierkegaard Humility

Nietzsche Pride and Master Morality Transcendental

Earth Vs Otherworldly

Positive Vs Negative

Building Vs Tearing Down the Old Order

Going Home to Heaven Vs Deifying Earth Like Aristotle

Idealism of Plato and Kant and Kierkegaard

Perspectivism as Subjective Idealism Foundation of Reality

Evolution of Kant and Kierkegaard

Idealism of Nietzsche?

Difference of Definitions

Subjective Vs Objective

Materialism of Nietzsche and Aristotle and Kierkegaard

Similarities of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche

Foundation of Nietzsche’s Perspectivism

School of Magic

Three Bridges

Entrance to the Town of Dreams World of Wizards Mountain Valley Downtown Magic Temples and Towers Stairways to Heavens and Hells Above and Below Worlds Within Worlds of Imagination and Spirit of Life and Death Creation and Destruction Light and Darkness Love

Temple of Spirit

Practice for Untitled Performance

You Are Genius, a Genius of Mind and Body, Soul and Spirit, Humor and Imagination, My Love, One and Only True Friend, Reflection of Beauty Eyes of Consciousness and Awakening Psyche Gods and Angels Within, Guardians of the Stairway Temple Station, Crossroads Inn Theater


Writing Is My Garden

Life of the Mind

Let the World Do as It May, Might, Will

I Will Remain as Best I Can Alone Together With You, My Angel of Light

Priestess of Wind and Water, Fire and Earth, Spirit of Art and Imagination Magic

Last, First

The Last Time

I Got Elysian Space Beer Was the Night Before You Came Over to My House the Last Time

And I Fell in Love With You Then

New, Old

A Whole New Era

When We Can Be Together

Memory Castle of Dreams, Tiers and Levels of Reality

I Remember Lying Outside the House of Mystery, Talking to You About Life, the Future, Ourselves

In the Inn of the Crossroads, Memory Castle of My Soul, Theater of the Mind and Body Underworld Circle and Square, I Lie With You, a Reflection of Myself, Part of You That I Perceive

Refuge and Foundation for the Future of Humanity in the Galaxy of Infinite Possibility, Aliens and Angels, Demons and Monsters Above and Below the World of Waking Life, Physical Existence

Tonight Tonight, Last Night

The Bear Came Back Again, or Another Bear That Was Maybe Smaller or at Least Further Away So It Appeared Smaller, in Any Case I Put on a Record to Play and Had the Door Open So I Could Feel the Breeze and Perhaps the Bear Could Hear the Music Coming From My Room : “All the Children Sing” by Todd Rundgren From the Album Hermit of Mink Hollow

Noticing, Observing

I Noticed

I Noticed That People Seem to Just Throw Away Their Fortunes  At the Chinese Restaurant North China


Collected Fictions

The Book Spent a Month in the Post Office Waiting for Me to Pick It Up  And When I Finally Did Receive It, It Looked Like It Had Been Possibly All Around the World, With All Kinds of Signs of Having Been Read by Multiple People and Many Times

Forgetting, Remembering

I Always Forget

I Always Forget to Turn Off My Caution Signal Blinky Red Light on My Backpack When I Am Riding My Bike and Go Into the Grocery Store

Brother Bear

Brother Bear in the Backyard

He Apparently Liked the Lemon Balm Bushes Quite a Lot, Because It Looked Like He Had Been There for a Long Time, Like Fifteen Minutes or Even an Hour, Maybe More. I Was More Than a Little Startled to Find Him Resting in the Garden Between the Lamp Post/rock Sculpture and Front Porch. As Soon as I Opened the Door to the Outside World, Where He Was, at Least as Frightened as I Was, Probably More So Because He Immediately Started to Lumber Away at a Somewhat Brisk Pace, but Not Too Fast Because He Was a Bear and Didn’t Really Have to Hurry for Anyone.

Hard to Say, Do, Be

It’s So Hard to Choose

It’s So Hard to Figure Out the Best Way to Live Every Moment Paying Attention and Thinking About Every Choice and No Choice, Philosophy of Life and Love

I Forgot to Tell You

I Forgot

I Forgot to Tell You That I Love You

I Hope It Is Not Too Late to Tell You How I Feel About You

You Are the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me

You Are My Favorite Being in the Whole Universe, Even Myself

All of the People I Have Met Have Been to Prepare Me for Meeting You

You Seem to Be the Answer to All My Prayers Even Those I Didn’t Know I Made

Better World of the Future

Underground Underworld Train Tunnels Taverns Cosmic Power Stations Network

Riding in the Cars of the Future

Self Driving Autonomous Artificial Intelligences

Life Extension at the Cost of Sterility, Part of the Bargain

Ending Overpopulation While Improving Individual Life Experiences of Millennia

Meeting Alien Species From Faraway Worlds of Light Star Systems Beyond Our Own Homeworld

Working Together to Build Bridges of Love and Understanding Between All the Worlds and Realms of Being and Knowing Seeing Learning Observing Describing Living Growing Evolving Order From Chaos

Places of Power

Where We All Live All One Peace

The Laurel House Where Lindsey Lives Refuge My Love

The Ownby House Where There Are Gardens, Shops, Theater, Library, Castle, Way Station of the Cosmic Highway

Elizabeth, Eleanor, Evangeline at the Crossroads Inn Apartments House of Mystery and Doorways Through Time and Space School of Magic Nature Wisdom Art

Do You Realize?

I Didn’t Realize

I Didn’t Realize My Eyes Have Seemed to Turn Rather Green, More Than They Were in the Past Surely, When I Thought Were Brown

I Would Rather Be

I Would

I Would Rather Be Sad With You Than Happy With Anyone Else

I Would Rather Be Ignored by You Than Be Noticed by Anyone Else

I Would Rather You Be Happy Than Myself Be Happy if I Had to Choose

All Things Considered, I Would Rather Both of Us Be Happy Together Than Happy or Sad Apart, Unless Absolutely Necessary Like for Matters of Life or Death or Being Annoyed With One Another

Tomorrow Is Another Day


Tomorrow Is Another Day

I Wish

Thank You

I Wish I Could See You Again Before Long, I Wish I Could Have Seen You Again Before You Left Town Last Time

Thank You Love


Thank You for Being and Not Just Existing, Thank You for Being Beautiful Inside Your Eyes and Soul Imagination and Intuition.


Remember to Keep Trying, Learning, Growing, Becoming Better Angels of Ourselves: Understanding Will Come With Experience Good and Bad, but I Hope There Is More Good Than Bad, a Lot More Fun Than Sorrow.

I Remember Everything

In the Dream World Between Worlds, Finding a Way Out, Anywhere but Here in the Theater of Demons, Between the Dragon Cave and the Wasteland of Low Men, We Found a Way of Danger and Opportunity That Would Take 25 Years of Imprisonment in a Life of Woe

In the Church of Ancient Future We Talk and Make Plans for Waking Life, Trade Stories and Treasures of Mind and Heart Glowing Stones of Power and Insight Imagination and Intuition

In the Sky Pathways We Fight and Strive for Love and Freedom Over the Cities and Towns Flying Through the Good and Bad Airs and Winds Spiraling

The Work

The Work

It Will Take a Lot of Time to Be With You Again but I Would Rather Wait for You Than Risk Never Seeing You Again, Which Would Break My Heart Open Leaving More Room for Sorrow, Yet I Think I Will Still Be Sad Even if I Do See You Again, but Happier Than I Would Be if We Never Meet Again, Something I Don’t Want to Imagine, but I Would Still Try to Live and Go on With My Life, I Hope.



Depending on What the Other Wants, One Another Married

You, Arriving

Love Imagination Heart Center Light Stairway Tree of Life Rainbow Flower, You Arriving


Dance of Shadows, Play of Light

I Must Try to Forget You, My Own Soul, at Least for a Little While, to Give Myself Reprieve From Sorrow for the Evening, Leaving It for the Morning, Tomorrow, Another Day When I Might Be Happy With You by My Side, Together in the Sunshine

My Love

It’s Okay to Cry When Things Don’t Work Out the Way You Planned Them, as Long as You Keep Trying and Don’t Give Up Everything, Especially Your Own Soul: Chaotic Star Reflecting the Perfection of the Universal Beauty in Your Eyes.



I Do Not Understand You but I Want to Do So I Will Try to Be Patient and Learn Patience Waiting Lifetimes Generations

Life Force of Nature


You Are My Sunshine and Rain Fire of Love Water of Life

People of the Forest Spirit of Nature Becoming

Isolated Yet Interconnected Artists and Magicians

Inn of Dreams Crossroads of Infinity

Wine and Smoke Ancient Past and Future Wisdom

Ghosts of the Past and Future

Inn of Ancient Secrets Aliens and Gods Angels of Light Imagination Truth Beauty Dream World Creativity Art Evolution Growth Changing Order Organization Poetry

Houses of Mystery Station of Stars

Walking the Hallways of Mind and Castles of Memories All Connected Through the Architecture of Soul Past and Future Lovers

Dreamers and Magicians Inhabitants of Paradise Magical Kingdom of Light and Dark Talking and Thinking Animals and Human Beings and Beyond Creatures of Chaos and Order Imagination Inspiration Poetry Philosophy School of the Arts and Sciences of Transcendence

At the Edge of Faery and Earth

Many Beautiful Women, Many Different Colors

Eyes, Skin, Hair, Souls, Auras, Spirits, Souls / All Unique

All I Love, in Some Way or Another / More or Less

Yet United by a Common Goal of Making the World

Creating a Better Society and Environment for the Future

Sometimes I Think I Do Not Deserve to Be in Their Company

I Mostly Just Fight Monsters / They Create Life and Order

In Chaos, Magic in the Midst of Stagnation, Balance

Time Passes, Generations of Human Families, on the Borderlands

Between the Higher and Middle Words, Earth and Faery

Gaia Walks With Me and Tells Me of Her Past Lives

As We Try Our Best to Positively Influence the Course

Of History on Earth and in the Material Universe Beyond

There Are Always Dark Forces That Are Jealous and Resentful

Ignorant or Sorrowful / Both Inside Us and in the Worlds Outside

Yet There Is Always Hope for Redemption in the Conflict Between

Good and Evil / the Sides Are Not Always Clearly Defined

And There Are Always More Than Two Sides Between Chaos and Order

Left and Right, Male and Female, Light and Darkness, All Combined

The Tree of Life and Consciousness Uniting the Worlds Above and Below

The Play of the Cosmos, Setting and Living Landscape, Eldren

In the in-between World, Anything Is Possible / Here, Home, and Even Beyond


We Explore the House of Secrets, in Search of

Hidden Treasures, Wisdom of Ancient Beings Long Gone

From the World We Knew Before We Started Our Journey

This Is a Waystation for Souls Traveling Between Worlds

A Space-time Ship Sailing on the Cosmic Ocean

Of Dream / Both Nightmare and Truth / Light

Beyond the Universal Constraints of Space and Time

Yet Containing Both / a Higher Dimension of Consciousness

And Awareness / One of Many Worlds Within Worlds

Our Own Shared Dream / Our Own Borderland Between Eternity

And the Ever Renewing Present Moment of the Universe

Five Worlds

There Is Something Beyond Sublimation of Thought / Supramental Involution

Evolution of Nature Towards Ever Increasing Novelty and Perfection

Revealing of Divinity Within / Everything Is Everything Else, Yet Different

It Is Hard to Even Begin to Understand the Tao / Inscrutable, Mysterious, Beautiful

Great Spirits and Alternate Realities / Universes Strung Like Pearls

Consciousness and Force of Love in the Dimensions and Worlds Beyond Our Own

Arisen From the Primordial Oppositions / Black and White / Life and Death / Twins

Gods and Demons / and Humanity in the Middle Illustrating the Divine Cosmic Indwelling

Inversion of Traditional Evolution Force / Entropy and Growth United in Synthesis

Alchemy of Transformation for New Forms / Patterns and Processes of Expression

Creativity and Control Unified in Acceptance / Letting What May Be Come Without Fear

Overcoming Duality Through Integration / Combination / Birth, Rebirth, Redistribution

Clarity and Passion for Change and Becoming / Being Life Across the World and Universe

Biological and Spiritual Development / Change, Growth, Transformation

Symbols and Reason / Art and Mathematics / Science and Philosophy

From Two Come the 10,000 Things / Self-existing and Interdependent

Micro and Macro / Rainbow Fractal of the Self and Universe

Being and Becoming / Action and Passivity / Male and Female

Process and Crystallization / Good and Evil / Conflict and Resolution

Dragons and Tigers / Friends and Lovers / Bloodless Revolution,

Remembering How It Is to Be Truly Human / and to Rise Above

Positive Applications of Knowledge / Power for Good Not Evil

Balance of Opposites and Complexities to Make Sense of the World

Human Beings as Preservers of Life Not Destroyers / a New Paradigm

All Are One in the Spirit of Humanity / the Fundamental Power of Love

Acceptance Through Unification / Peace in Sublimation of Conflict

Language of the Ancients: Love and Order in Chaos of the Universe

Scorpion, Lion, and Bull Conquered by the Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Unicorn Star Woman Immortal Star Goddess of All That Is, Was, and Shall Be

Symbol, Pattern, Symmetry, Combination / Creativity and Reason

Structure and Art / Bull and Scorpion / Opposites Yet Friends and Lovers

They Are All Closely Related and Connected / by Time, the Universe, Force of Love

All of the Stars Have Their Own Influences / Together They Make Up Our Galaxy

Vast and Mysterious / Answers Can Be Simple and Beautiful, and Also Complex

I Know Much Though I Am Not Sure How Best to Carry Across My Meaning

A Dog Rolling His Nose in the Earth / a Woman Telling Me That I Am Loved

Happiness / Lovely Garden Surrounding My Home / a Place to Dream of Adventure

On a Ship or by Foot, Always Searching for the Meaning of Life, and Then Again

Growth, Transformation, Desire, Knowledge, Evolution, Transcendence

Each Goal Leads to the One of Knowing Who We All Are Together and Alone

Poetry, Myth, Dream, Story / Beyond Myself, Yet Part of Me / the Person Inside

My Head and My Heart Wants Desperately to Explore the World and the Universe

Not Just in Dreams, but in Waking Life / Experience of External Reality

With Words and Deeds Beyond Philosophy / Even Art Only a Part of the Whole

Personal and Yet Universal Culture / Complexity, Chaos, and Order

Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Left and Right, Male and Female

Sun and Moon, Silver and Gold, Gods and Demons / From Darkness to Light

All of This Has Always Existed, Exists Now, and Will Always Exist

Torn Between Left and Right, Chaos and Order, Good and Evil

Opposites in Binary Pairs on All Levels, Dimensions, Worlds, Universes

Until We Realize We Are All the Same, All a Part of the One Whole

And Some of Us Already Know, and All of Us Are Capable of Knowing

Toward Peace, Our Goal Above All, Within All, Outside of All Our Desires

Flow of Time Burning Everything, Yet Life Remains Eternally Reborn

Nothing Ever Truly Ends, and We Never Have to Stay Anywhere Forever

In All Your Artistic Endeavors and Pursuits I Wish You Luck and Transcendence

Please Remember You Are Not Alone / There Will Always Be Beautiful People Who Care

By Drawing and Writing and Singing Into Creation the Eternal Now That Is

Past, Present, and Future Unified / Peace, Love, and Understanding

Earth Family

The Ones You Think About, the Ones You Love Most, for Better or Worse

They Can Be the Source of Your Inspiration or a Cause for Despair

My Friends Are Closer to Me Than Biology / Blood and Bone Are Secondary

We Would Be Nothing Without Our Parents and Grandparents / and Yet

It Is Warm in the Sunlight and Cool in the Shade / You Can Choose

Your Family if You Are Willing to Look Beyond the Chains of Your Past

I May Not Be Able to Forget You, but the Least I Can Do Is Try to Forgive

Myself / We Have All Made Some Positive Impact in Someone’s Life

Today Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

What Will I Do and Who Will I Be

When Will I Remember Everything I Have Done

One Part of a Great Mystery I Do Not Understand

I Am Happy Sometimes a Little Lost

Other Times Completely Utterly Confused About Meaning

Giving Up Fighting How I Live Without Compromising

Ideals Thoughts Feelings Inspire Me to Keep Going

Poets Artists Dreamers Remind Us That There Is Always Something More

Beyond What Is More Being Giving Up Illusions and Desire

What I Am or Will Be Certainty and Uncertainty

Relative to My World Beauty and Truth Mix Into One Reality

Why I Accept Separateness I Do Not Know Anything

Except I Am Alive Thinking and Feeling

Soul Understands More Than Self Hope Will

Guidance From Within Focus a Conscious Light

I Love Everyone and Need Their Help and Company

Labyrinth Underworld New Ancient Love Understanding Imagination Consciousness Rainbow Refuge Restaurant Dream River Life Light Peace Secret Ship Library Mountain Forest Ocean Inn Castle Temple Theater City Future World Doorways Windows Through Time Nexus Space Golden Silver Sapphire Amethyst Diamond Soul Dreams Fractal Mandala Star Gateway Center Sanctum