Boat Of A Million Years / Refugees


Boat Of A Million Years / Refugees Remake/Remodel
Remember All The Different Personalities
Pasts And Futures Possible And Probable
Integrated Understanding Imagination
Discovering And Exploring The Landscape
Architecture And Levels Of Mind And Memory
Universe Of Light And Darkness Good And Evil
Beyond Within Multilayered Multidimensional
Self Creation Soul Lighthouse Temple Tower
Time And Space Past Present Future Always
Returning To The Beginning Again Learning
Growing Changing Evolving Becoming Being
Rediscover Recreate Renew Resolve Restore
Bridge Mirror Library Of The Nine Realms Soul World Spirit Castle Let Your Heart Speak Love
When Your Chest Is On Fire You’re About To Hear The Other Side Of My Other Side’s Other Side
Remember To Remember What To Forget And What To Remember Live And Learn And Grow
Change And Move And Create Building Reconstructing Dreaming Life Can Be Pretty Amazing
Sometimes There Is Hope For Happiness In The Future World How I Miss Your Treasures
Ancient Artifacts Of Memory And Promise Hope For The Future And Past Beyond And Within
Time And Space Universal Consciousness Evolution Growth Change Creation Imagination I Miss Your Art
Paintings Sculptures Statues And Fountains And Gardens Rivers Of Soul Shining Spirit Explosion Of Life And Color Healing Streams Green Fields Trees Emerald Roads Moss And Faeries Of Light And Water And Earth Air
Wizards Of Secret Fire Guardians Labyrinthine Tunnels Mountain Hallways Palaces Of Memory
Every Day Is Special Full Of Promise The Sun Rises And We All Have Another Chance To Pick The Right Road
Again And Again We Find Each Other When We Most Need One Another Alone Again At Least For A While Happy
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