Here’s a free sample of today’s Sunbursts, Rob’s daily horoscopes. For info on how to order them on a regular basis, go here: ARIES SUNBURST: Don’t come all the way down to earth yet. Stay up there and enjoy the view for a while longer. Learn all you can from dreaming big. TAURUS SUNBURST: You know that pain you’re so used to feeling that you’ve come to assume it will always be there? The time has come to try to diminish it. GEMINI SUNBURST: The boundaries are shifting in your heart’s wild frontiers. You don’t need to know how yet. You just have to be available and ready to explore. CANCER SUNBURST: There’ll soon come a test that will require you to prove you’re no longer willing to let authority figures twist and tweak your identity. LEO SUNBURST: Make sure that one of your biases doesn’t undermine your ability to get what you need. Try to evaluate situations with total objectivity. VIRGO SUNBURST: Your past has to be reinterpreted. Will forgotten experiences come to light? Will you get a glimpse of a previous incarnation? LIBRA SUNBURST: You’re in a position to collect a lot of useful information that has been unavailable to you before. Jump at the chance! SCORPIO SUNBURST: A symbol of abundance is calling your attention to a new source of wealth and maybe even health as well. Are you ready to respond? SAGITTARIUS SUNBURST: Speak up. You MUST talk about the struggle that is being waged in silence. You’ll feel better, and the struggle won’t be so hard. CAPRICORN SUNBURST: If you would just let go of that cliff edge you’re so desperately clinging to, you’d plummet a grand total of about 15 inches. AQUARIUS SUNBURST: A lie uncovered? A fierce loyalty rediscovered? Puzzling fragments knitting together? Dramatic developments are in the works. PISCES SUNBURST: Right now you have a knack for showing people how to use their own resources and for helping them finish what they have started. + Image: Alexandro Garcia, Found at


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