Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, & Movement Toward Meaningful Health Care Reform: A Good Day


The Value, Possibility, & Promise of Being Able to Move on to Other Important Issues Such as & Related to Peace, Environment, & Social Justice: Priceless.

So it appears to be a good bet that the health care reform reconciliation package will pass the house with Rep. Kucinich’s vote (however reserved his support may be :)).

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Not only has Dennis Kucinich changed his vote, he has changed my mind about his seriousness & progressive vision of the future both for America as a country & the whole world. I have a new respect for his commitment to helping the downtrodden & forsaken. The fact that he mentioned Native American philosophy of holistic health as well as his own vegetarianism when announcing his support for the health care bill makes me think Kucinich is probably rare in the political class, yet perhaps politicians will have the courage to be different than the stereotypical conservative ideal image of middle-aged typicality more & more as the years progress. The fact that we are very close to a historic expansion of compassion & care to millions of currently unprotected citizens, as well as working toward ensuring that the millions of currently insured citizens are not as brazenly exploited by private companies shows how far we have come over the past hundred years & more.  Well, in any case, Kucinich’s switch seems like very good news indeed. Meanwhile on Fox News of all places (if you can even call it a news channel with a straight face), President Obama seemed to hold his own remarkably well given the unfriendly environment.
I’m sure there is a lot I have missed that I would like to mention, yet I will add more later if I can. Thanks for reading! & to bid you all goodnight & good day (depending on where you are in the world), here is an amazing concert with Miles Davis & Keith Jarrett as promised in the title:

5 thoughts on “Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, & Movement Toward Meaningful Health Care Reform: A Good Day

  1. What an amazing concert. Miles in in rare form — he’s on fire! I know that Jarrett didn’t like playing eletric pianos — he sounds good though. Chick is playing one of the raunchiest keyboards I’ve ever heard — somehow manages not to overpower the music. I wonder how Chick and Keith got along on that tour. I sure would have liked to have overheard some of their conversations.

    They should lock thses congressional yutzes in a room and force them to listen to this. They might have a heart attack. Maybe then it would drive home the point about our need for health care reform.


    • Thanks Keith for the comment! Miles Davis is awesome, especially in this concert. I will try and post some more music in the future too. It certainly helps balance out politics, especially when dealing with the yutzes you describe. Certainly music is a transformational experience that changes both the performer and the audience. Here is the beginning of the concert along with an interview with Keith Jarrett. I had a hard time deciding which version of the concert to include in my blog post, but I ended up with the one I chose mostly because it went almost straight into the music, and also showed a little of the scene in the audience at the beginning, but in hindsight I think maybe the one I didn’t choose might be better. In any case, I hope you like this:


  2. Thanks for posting that interview — I really enjoyed it. Funny, it looked as if Keith was playing Rhodes and Chick was on organ but going by the interview and watching that clip it appears to have been the other way around.

    I ended up posting my comment as a post on my blog — fleshing it out a bit and linking to your blog.


    • You’re very welcome Keith and thanks for the mention / link . . . I’m glad that you liked the interview. Jarrett’s Kohln concert is one of my favorite jazz compositions / improvisations that I have heard so far. Hopefully I can find some more good music that is new to me on Youtube or wherever. By the way, you have the distinction of being the first to comment on one of my blog posts! I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a wonderful day today . . . . Peace! ❤


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