05 – Dream Poetry Visions Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic Imagination Book 05 – Highest Heaven Holy Mountains Garden of the Sky Gods

05 – Dream Poetry Visions Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic Imagination Book 05 – Highest Heavens Holy Mountain

by Joshua Oakley


Olympus Meru Valhalla Afterworld Asgard
Diamond Cities of the Gods and Devas
Ninth Dimension of Physical Reality

Guardians of Earth Mid World and the Local Universe Beyond, Orion Spiral Arm of Stars, Milky Way Galaxy, and Local Group

Future World City Forest Becoming
Paradise Coming into Being

Peace Love Understanding Beauty Preservation Balance Truth
Art Dream Poetry Visions Future Past Eternity Myth Sky Magic Imagination


Spring Sophia Appears Again for the First Time
Moon Ocean Star Goddess Muse Dreams
Art Myth Philosophy Poetry Present
Out of the Past Hope for the Future

Tree of Life — Endor Nine Worlds of Earth Sun System of Atlanteans, Templars, Elves,

Dwarves, Wizards, Witches, Nature Spirits, Giants, Titans, Dragons, Trolls, Orcs, Dark Elves,

Aliens, Elementals, Vampires, Fire Demons, Shadows, Wraiths, Faeries of Light and Darkness,

Demigods, Angels, Eternals, Gods and Goddesses, Devas and Asura, Asgardians, Olympians,

Guardians of Nature, Earth Middle World, Otherworld, Universe, Cosmos, Metaverse, Celestials,

Multiversal Guardian Tribunal, Balance of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Chaos and Order,

Dimensional Realm of Dreams Source of Light and Life, Creation Preservation of the Omniverse

Middle World of Earth and Beyond

Fourth Dimension of Physical Reality
World of Giants
Plane of Earth
Trolls and Titans Dragons
Out of the Present into the Future and Past Again
Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic

flowers of lust – for life, light, love, peace of mind, spirit, soul – blessed be, refractions of dawn, crowned by starlight, fifth world highest heaven – flower of life light love truth wisdom – silver star of earth water fire air spirit sky wind magic vision of light and darkness

Middle World of Air and Wind

Underworld of Dark Elves and Orcs
Plane of Air
Future History of the Human Race in the Third Millenium
Flower of Life
Bird of Paradise
Universal Love
Earth Sun Galaxy Universe Cosmos
Earth Dragon

Under World of Fire

World of Fire Elementals Demons Giants
Plane of Fire
Base of the Tree of Life
Cosmic Tree of the Galaxy
Abraxas Eldren Faery World
Self Begin Transformation
Becoming Within Being

Under World of Ice and Death

Lands of the Dead Good and Evil Ice and Darkness
Dragons, Trolls, Demons, Giants
Plane of Water
Abraxas Eldren Faery World
Gateway to the Void of Outer Darkness Black Hole Portal(s) Between and Beyond Stars People

integrative information ecology
interdisciplinary development future
human psyche myth systems
art poetry education
anthropology social history
wisdom alchemy environment
balance learning
future humanity psyche
myth systems ecology
art/poetry education
anthropology society information
history wisdom alchemy environment

earth Dragon

Earth Dragon Mind Soul Spirit



Section One Peace Love Understanding Truth Justice Spring Appears Again for the First Time



Chapter One

Sophia Multinational Corporation Is Born Elves Humans Wizards Dwarves and Faeries Fighting for Good and Balance Truth and Justice Equality and Freedom for All People and Preservation of Life in the Future Progress of Earth

Spring Comes to See Me at My House in the Forest Wilderness New Community of Earth Family and I Am Very Happy to See Her Indeed. It Is a Complete Surprise to Find Her in My Room Sitting on My Couch and Smoking a Pipe Deep in Contemplation. Over the Next Several Hours and Long into the Night We Talk About Art and How to Make the New City of Ancient Mysteries More Productive Progressive and Interesting.

Eleanor Comes to Stay as Well. I Find Her Sitting on the Front Porch with Her Legs Over the Rosemary Bushes and Other Herbs in the Garden Looking Out at the Hillside Covered in High Flowering Clover and Other Wildflowers.

To Be Continued ….

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