04 – Dream Poetry Visions Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic Imagination Book 04 – World of Nature Spirits, Wizards and Angels of Light

Dream Poetry Visions Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic Imagination Book 4 – Angel Diamond Cities of Violet Magic and Science of the Ancients

World of Nature Spirits Wizards Angels of Light

Peace Love Understanding Beauty Preservation Balance Truth Art Dream Poetry Visions Future Past Eternity Myth Sky Magic Imagination

Winter and Spring 2014

By — Joshua Oakley

Milky Way Sky Home Earth, New Life Begins, Hope for Balance, Unity in Diversity, Summer of Love

Beth 80

Spring Comes Again as Always



Pleiades large

Pleiades – Seven Sisters

Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 mosaic 18000


Carina Nebula


Mystic mountaindddd

Mystic Mountain – Carina


Thor’s Helmet

Manasa Devi

Manasa Devi – Shakti



Part One – Milky Way Sky Home Earth




Gabrielle Holly Sophia Eleanor Julia Jasmine Starflower Parvati Emily

Peace Love Understanding Beauty Preservation Balance
Truth Art Dream Poetry Visions Future Past Eternity Myth
Sky Magic Imagination



Full Moon — Beautiful Clear Sky with Only a Few Clouds

Spread out in lines around the white halo expanding
Light reflecting off of the deep snow covering the mountain
Forest — Earth waiting patiently for Spring to arrive
Roots preparing, rocks listening and dreaming
Of touching one another in the dance of life
Cycle of seasons, time and space under the light of magic



Pleiades large

Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 mosaic 18000

Carina Nebula

Mystic mountaindddd

Keyhole Nebula - Hubble 1999

Cassiopeia A Spitzer Crop

Thor’s Helmet Nebula


Messier51 sRGB

Star birth in Messier 83 (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope)

Albero della Vita di Davide Tonato

Europe a Prophecy, copy D, object 1 (Bentley 1, Erdman i, Keynes i) British Museum

Albert Einstein Head

Ilya Efimovich Repin (1844-1930) - Portrait of Leo Tolstoy (1887)

John Muir Cane

Thich Nhat Hanh 12 (cropped)

William Blake by Thomas Phillips


5 Local Galactic Group (ELitU)

6 Virgo Supercluster (ELitU)

Milky Way IR Spitzer

Artist's impression of the Milky Way (updated - annotated)

Milkyway pan1

Milky Way Arch

Milky Way Night Sky Black Rock Desert Nevada

Manasa Devi

A Swarm of Ancient Stars - GPN-2000-000930

Rho Ophiuchi

Ravi Varma-Lakshmi

Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha Naga, ca 1870

Samudra manthan

Git govind large

Lakshmi is worshipped by Brahmins

Bhutanese painted thanka of Milarepa (1052-1135), Late 19th-early 20th Century, Dhodeydrag Gonpa, Thimphu, Bhutan


NGC 4414 (NASA-med)

The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Raimundus Lullus alchemic page

Oresme Spheres crop



Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae - Alchemist's Laboratory


Rose Cross Lamen




Sapta Chakra, 1899

Crown Brow Throat Chakras, Rajasthan 18th Century

Ägyptischer Maler um 1360 v. Chr. 001

Pompeii - Temple of Isis - Io and Isis - MAN

Nicolas Poussin 052


Pleiades Spitzer big

Reflection nebula IC 349 near Merope

Medicine Buddha painted mandala with goddess Prajnaparamita in center, 19th century, Rubin

Mandala of the Six Chakravartins

File:Vajravarahi Mandala.jpg

The Birth of the son of God

Mandala Golden Flower Jung


Painted 19th century Tibetan mandala of the Naropa tradition, Vajrayogini stands in the center of two crossed red triangles, Rubin Museum of Art

SriYantra construct

Vishnu Mandala

Painted 17th century Tibetan 'Five Deity Mandala', in the center is Rakta Yamari (the Red Enemy of Death) embracing his consort Vajra Vetali, in the corners are the Red, Green White and Yellow Yamari


Mandala of Vajradhatu

Helix Nebula


Comets Kick up Dust in Helix Nebula (PIA09178)

K2 2006b

NGC 1672 HST

Messier51 sRGB

NGC 1672 HST

Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula around the Wolf–Rayet star WR 22

Keyhole Nebula - Hubble 1999

Mystic mountaindddd

Hubble's Wide View of 'Mystic Mountain' in Infrared


Pillars of Creation

The hidden fires of the Flame Nebula

Ganesha Kangra miniature 18th century Dubost p51



Vishnu sahasranama manuscript, c1690

Krishna with flute




Lakshmi by Raja Ravi Varma

To Be Continued …

Dream Poetry Visions Book Five

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