03 – Dream Poetry Visions Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic Imagination Book 03 – World of Light Elves

dream poetry visions love life beauty balance sky magic imagination book 03 – world of light elves

by joshua oakley

dream poetry visions book three

alfheim elysium shambhala arcadia summerlands hyperborea
silver gold lapis sapphire cities of blue magic science of the ancients
elvenhome spiral towers of secret knowledge and wisdom
peace love understanding beauty preservation balance
truth art peace beauty light love health understanding
insight intuition life preservation balance
progress alchemy transcendence imagination
starlight moon sun world dimension universe
metaverse multiverse omniverse cosmos
drawings alchemy heart imagination storytelling
mythology universal fractal lighthouse
flower of life world tree creation

tara queen of sky faeries
one of many goddesses of nature
magical beings of light

asteraceae saraswati
spring sophia julia eleanor andromeda
aurora lotus jasmine adrienne
lily emily vanessa rosemary lauren
starflower gabrielle holly


flower life light love truth wisdom silver star earth water fire air spirit sky wind magic vision

alchemy of the heart0005

multiversal air elemental universal guardian of ancient doorways of mystery

alchemy of the heart0004

star of enlightenment love joy happiness service ancient guardian(s) of the galaxy universe multiverse omniverse

alchemy of the heart0003

star enlightenment protection portal doorway between worlds time and space infinity

alchemy of the heart0002

star of peace love understanding truth wisdom

alchemy of the heart0001

circle life elements time space evolution transcendence




the magician

and those of us who fight monsters
must still take time for the finer
things in life like beautiful
women pleasing them and thereby
giving pleasure to ourselves
in the loving embrace of beauty
inside and outside heart and soul

sophia lotus spring
lily rosemary laurel
penelope violet indigo
aster eleanor jasmine
holly emily alice
julia gaia vanessa
andromeda starflower shanti

help me plan and organize
guiding the community of the future

today paradise gardens
forest mountains valleys
hidden hills waystation

peace love understanding beauty preservation
balance truth art dream poetry visions future
past eternity myth sky magic imagination



ace of earth

beth 1

beth 2

beth 3

beth 4

beth 5

beth 6

beth 7

beth 8

beth 9

beth 10

beth 11

beth 12

beth 13

beth 14

beth 15

beth 16

beth 17

beth 18

beth 19

beth 20

beth 21

beth 22

beth 23

beth 24

beth 25

beth 26

beth 27

beth 28

beth 29

beth 30

beth 31

beth 32

beth 33

beth 34

beth 35

beth 36

beth 37

beth 38

beth 39

beth 40

beth 41

beth 42

beth 43

beth 44

beth 45

beth 46

beth 47

beth 48

beth 49

beth 50

beth 51

beth 52

beth 53

beth 54

beth 55

beth 56

beth 57

beth 58

beth 59

beth 60

beth 61

beth 62

beth 63

beth 64

beth 65

beth 66

beth 67

beth 68

beth 69

beth 70

beth 71

beth 73

beth 74

beth 75

beth 76

beth 77

beth 78

beth 79

beth 80

to be continued ….

dream poetry visions book four

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