02 – Dream Poetry Visions Love Life Beauty Balance Sky Magic Imagination Book 02 – Silver City Second World Earth Dimension of Eldren Dwarvenhome

02 – dream poetry visions love life beauty balance sky magic imagination book 02 – silver city second world earth dimension of eldren

by joshua oakley

dream poetry visions book one

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exploration discovery
adventure change becoming
world below elvenhome
above earth and the world of giants
balance peace beauty life love understanding
imagination transcendence truth consciousness bliss
eldren otherworld numenor atlantis avalon stormhold
peace love understanding beauty preservation balance truth art
future past eternity myth sky magic imagination
silver cities of green magic and science of ancients
lands of ancient races faery otherworld
gabrielle holly sophia eleanor julia lotus andromeda
lily spring emily jasmine starflower aurora laurel
traveler lover voyager hermit explorer
guardian archetypes of eternity
alchemy of the heart transcendence
astral voyager progress peace prosperity
ecology love justice truth
second world tears of joy and sorrow
sweet rain falling from sky and stars
flower of life light love truth wisdom
silver star of earth water fire air spirit
sky wind storm eagle vision
peace planetology magic words imagination
invocation alchemist heart
lovely sky boat

spring julia eleanor jasmine starflower
rosemary lilac gabrielle laurel emily arnica stella
andromeda lotus lauren alice lily vanessa indigo
megan heather aurora kuan yin
saraswati lakshmi parvati
asteraceae tara gaia
isis inanna ishtar
athena aphrodite artemis

message of love spirit of fire
flower of life bird of paradise
tears of joy and sorrow bittersweet rain falling from sky stars
fairy tale cosmic imagination myth storytelling creation

asteraceae saraswati tara lakshmi kuan yin parvati gaia
sophia spring julia andromeda eleanor aurora gabrielle arnica jasmine starflower lotus emily
saraswati gabrielle sophia lily adrienne spring heather eleanor asteraceae tara parvati
starflower andromeda lily jasmine arnica vanessa julia lotus emily kuan yin

alchemy of the heart0000

dream pattern life spiral evolution love consciousness bliss truth being becoming

earth dragon

earth dragon mind soul spirit of multiversal guardians of the ancients



part one

traveler lover magician astral voyager

alchemy of the heart0009

water air sky elemental elf faery universal guardian of the ancients




retrieving the world medicine path of heroes

wizards witches vampires
elementals demons and gods faery creatures

the waystation in its home in eldren and earth in both worlds
at the same time divided into several sections some public
others just for myself and a few other close friends
and even secret areas i have little knowledge of at all

doorways to other worlds universes windows of soul
living house of mysteries and great power with some desires
thoughts feelings hopes and fears a true friend and companion
windows to many places high in the sky beautiful clouds

fields of wildflowers waterfalls verdant valleys
everywhere one might want to go almost doorways
even to the void beyond and between stars necessary sources
power for the multidimensional ship disguised as a house

from the outside and even inside in the main living areas
below and above are great secrets not just gateways to other worlds
times creatures of great power small armies of demons
ice and fire connected to their homeworlds castles of elemental

energy and constant conflict mental astral physical
the world ruled by the wizards of light and the celestials they serve
dark powers chaos demons from beyond and within stars planets souls
a rich tapestry of magic material reality combined to form a whole

adjacent to earth heaven hell and an infinity of worlds of light
and darkness universes above and below underworld and spiritual sky
even under the ground are paths to the tops of mountains holy sites
no one has to stay anywhere forever and all who love are loved

the cosmic drama plays ever onwards for those who wish to watch
as long as there is life there is hope for the future and past
and all existence and life beyond yet containing time and space
material reality the expanse of the beautiful universe of stars

galaxies cosmos including all universes worlds dimensions
we can explore and learn about it all here and there
through our travels in the waystation always beginning again
we are always at home of a sort though not exactly like where came from

a community of seekers leaders family and friends
lovers of life warriors of light seekers of wisdom
truth of all ages medicine for the soul of the world
we came from earth terra sol milky way universe

love sweet love always present and indwelling yet distant
we bring it back to where we started long ago yet only yesterday
to meet ourselves the magic of adventure the hero’s journey and return
promising renewal rebirth the continuation and preservation of life

the devil green man

earth spirit green man cosmic self ocean of love light truth imagination dreams



journeys love peace dreams yearning desire awakening truth

blue light surrounding illuminating transdimensional aliens gods demons
spiral clouds of pure consciousness awareness light welcoming
higher realms of awareness even through lower ones
clockwise and counterclockwise forces in motion necessary
action towards the mind’s goal soul vision true will
love in all its facets and worlds within ourselves
and outside in the cosmos beyond perception knowledge
orange yellow and green flame engulfs me with some pain
but no permanent damage except to my exterior for a short time
i fall down but when the fire goes out i rise again reborn
new human being in a world of magic far and yet near to earth
the next phase of evolution higher spirit consciousness
imagination vision perception creating the world
self in service to the soul of the universe
looking for new and ever more novel ways to understand and experience

the hero returns yet unsure of himself among her peers
male and female aspects of the divine love wisdom light life truth

five lovers worlds elements sophia spring lily laurel rosemary
dimensions of reality parts of the tree of life within and without
seven colors of light aspects of consciousness eleven planes
strength to overcome all obstacles and let love in always again

the tower spiral

the spiral tower love



fragments of the cosmic college school temple mountains of evolution

sophia joins me in the world of gods and demons
we sing songs and discuss ancient mysteries myths conflicts
recurring and yet already settled always in the eternal now of spirit
becoming better through the constant art of synthesis of opposites
compromise sublimation of conflict through cooperation and love
affection and compassion bridging the difference between darkness
and light sun and moon male and female art and science love and hate

running through the snowstorm again chased by birds
a handsome gentleman dressed in crimson clothing
albino skin and crystal clear blue eyes on a journey
i call out to him but immediately regret my action
he seems more dangerous the closer he gets more
than the black birds behind i still want to be friendly
but he looks at me with obvious antipathy and hatred

sophia makes love to me in the waystation making things complicated
not just between us but also with other companions and friends
mutual and separate roommates and guests of the waystation
in its largest form impersonating a church from the outside

mountain temple i climb through the deep underground tunnels
on my way to the top of the mountain paradise holy waterfalls and cascades
meeting place for friends lovers families many words of magic and wonder
planes of reality combining together to create a crossroads center of myth

i find the entrance to the spiral staircase that leads to the summit
temple of gods and demons sacred ground sanctuary for all sides
of the eternal conflict between good and evil light and darkness
site of ancient and future power connected to the heart of the multiverse
where we may find the world medicine to take back to our home
helping our friends and family of the earth and sky and in between
working for and towards light balance truth love light life preservation
against the chaos demons serpents of the deep darkness void beyond stars

we work with the gods and faeries forces of light order in chaos balance
the world of eldren is our temporary yet eternal new home yet we miss earth
we try to return when we can if we can always there are ways between worlds
and there is much to do in many places fighting and learning loving and changing
in the school of the wizards of light i gain strength through knowledge and wisdom
traveling in the waystation my friends and i work for the good of our will and others

the star

the star sophia evolution growth change imagination of the future past



wizard city voyages in the waystation doorways and windows school of heroes

along the boulevard of dreams my love lost and perhaps one day regained
the magic city of wonders darkness and light meeting point
even the shadows have their own stories to tell if one knows
how to listen those with time and bravery enough to go
into the dark places by the river that passes from one world
to the next i join a group of friends learning about the city
ourselves the river universe of love and sorrow around us
jasmine holly rosemary spring sophia sage laurel
symbols and people progression of human history here
in eldren and on earth we watch from outside yet on the border
between the lands of waking and of sleep earth and faery
the play of the cosmic drama unfolding all around us cosmic mysteries
here in the wizard city island home of magicians and witches gods and demons
outside our home the waystation living building and spacetime ship linking worlds
places and moments beyond counting yet all connected to humanity earth and faery
the heavy rain comes bringing life growth change learning becoming amidst being
as above so below the world tree’s roots soak in the water of life providing
sustenance to countless worlds universes dimensions of reality as we walk by
shops cafes river and ocean boats i contemplate the meaning of my life so far
imagine what might be to come beyond limits of certainty staying open to mystery
i am happy to be able to spend even a little time with the people i care about and love
finding a way to transcend despair and jealousy confusion and shadow inside my soul
i am thankful for their companionship energy humor love and light journeys
through the forests of this world and others through the cities of humanity and faeries
among the clouds castles floating in air or on mountain trails bordering higher worlds
universes of air and sky portals to heavens tunnels to hells underworld between
middle worlds like earth home for humanity we will return if we can when we can
awakening to the fabric of cosmos around us learning to work for good and balance
studying at the school of heroes library of ancient future secrets knowledge of wisdom
we take our wisdom back to earth changing the course of human history
destiny and progression for the better a more positive future optimal reality
helping humanity develop into better stewards of the earth civilization withstanding
the tide of dark powers from beyond the stars shadow of the void between and inside us

the moon

the moon isis resurgence



the cosmic waystation refuge and school journeys through outer worlds

the city we are staying in is going through great turmoil
giants of light and darkness in conflict with themselves and others
i offer to use the waystation as a school for their children
a kind of neutral ground where cooperation and learning can be achieved
between darkness and light we divide the layout even more hiding the living areas
the secret places of power doorways and windows to earth and heaven hell

at first sophia is upset about our new role as teachers for faery creatures and people
but there is a shortcut that she can use from the entrance to her rooms and treasures
sophia helps me run the waystation as best we can together i give her a key
she brings a few things and people she loves from earth and we need more space
i divide the house of secrets into living areas and offices classrooms and hidden places
a righteous demon wants to help our efforts i give him a little freedom in the house
but his help turns out to be more trouble than good and sophia wants him gone

people in the city of giants do not trust us at first but i work to create a safe environment
for children away from the conflict in the streets and wilderness at the edge of the city
i teach all categories of human history and knowledge i am aware of and we are a refuge
from the outside world local politicians sign off on the project offering support
resources to feed young minds and bodies we even create an aquarium with rare fish
from earth’s rivers lakes and oceans we are a kind of emissary for human culture
nature good will ambassadors of a sort helping where we can to improve earth’s image
and humanity if only to provide a safe place for people of the magical city of giants
sometimes parents those who cannot go to the schools of the wizards of light
we are far away from the wizard island city atlantis by conventional means of travel
yet only a short journey for the waystation one of many interdimensional doorways

jealousy arises despite my best efforts to be free
green light surrounds me love yet also darkness
sophia tries to counsel me through the pain and sorrow
but she does not want to be a replacement nor tied down
we travel together that is all nothing more yet friends
i hope i trust her with my life and large control
interest in the waystation she listens to sophia
even though i still love her and she does not feel the same
being with sophia and doing good work in the waystation together
makes me happy and almost content traveling the many worlds
we start a business together providing refuge and education
for the children of giants and humans safe from the conflicts outside
riots and battles we are neutral ground and a fast means of escape
to the wizard city of light or anywhere else for that matter for those
who would otherwise be forced to face the magical war
between the forces of light and darkness hell and heaven in the city of giants

the sun

the sun apollo



sophia city of dreams land and sky island continent atlantis avalon stormhold

from the crossroads of wizard city pathways to hell and heaven
technology meets magic meditation and ritual yoga
beyond petty jealousy recriminations and deceit
i want to be what i pretend free from darkness and doubt
alright with uncertainty but only a little bit
not tied down by the past yet aware of all our history
together a planet a people you and me friends and family
unconditional love she taught me how to feel even through pain
she did not wish to inflict on me because of my own attachment
to an ideal version of her that does not really exist except in dreams
yet i still think she is perfect as are you even in her imperfections
beauty such that it makes me cry inside to think about how full of light
she is despite the darkness infinite beauty despite the terror
i will always love her no matter what happens changes and growth
moving closer and apart yet always there remains a connection
beyond limitations of time and space across the cosmos and lifetimes
i remember who she is from the beginning i know she is my soulmate
again and again we meet through many lifetimes and situations
worlds and worlds we separate sometimes under bad circumstances
pain and heartbreak between us and others perhaps but i can never stop
loving her impossible to change without growing becoming
closer to perfection while even far away duality of life but getting better
she understands all of this perhaps better than i do just one more reason
why i love her more than anyone else i can think of even myself
i look forward to learning more from her growing changing
as we pass through lives worlds universes together even when apart
even when apart i think of you before and after meeting you for the first time
in this life beginning again and again imagination soul of becoming
within being flower of life and understanding growing out of the darkness into light
and from light into darkness always there in all times and places infinite emergence

the aeon

the aeon world cosmic songbirds



cosmic fragments journeys pathways through eldren the world of dreams astral plane

ancient serpent trapped in the darkness far away in the shadows of the cosmic ocean
spreading power and influence throughout the stars planets universes beyond counting
sophia child of angels and humanity teaches me how to fight against the darkness within
and outside using my own positive serpent energy as best i can flowering unconscious
wrapped in sea green and sky blue mental physical and spiritual protection and life

two angels attack an emissary of the enemy serpent and i try to help but it is strong
i barely escape i meet my past and future selves along with my lover we do not want
to tell each other who we are yet a secret house refuge from a dangerous magical world

we rescue hundreds of people from catacombs of horror inhabited by grotesque monsters
their very presence causes fear and terror in even the strongest bodies minds spirits
we teach children how to be better people humans aliens people of different types
some of the people in the cities outside the city of giants grow angry at us being there
to teach their children about humanity they accuse us of indoctrination but i explain
the importance of education for the future of everyone peace between the many peoples

the waystation temple church tower becomes overrun with evil faeries elves demons
the creatures of light that are supposed to guard our home are scattered and cut off
we receive reinforcements from the wizard city in eldren but they are inexperienced
it is up to only a few warriors healers magicians witches and light faeries to turn back
the tide of darkness invading from the shadow worlds we must push the enemy
back to the gateway they used to enter our home time ship where their leader laughs
taunts us with the power of the ancient enemy serpents from the void within and beyond
stars the power of black holes we must close the doorway and defeat the shadows
not just for ourselves but for the children we are supposed to be protecting and teaching

the world universe

the world universe multiverse secret messages light in eyes truth letters of love



borderlands of many worlds waystation adventures beyond earth

paradise lost (yet to be regained)

dimensions of light and darkness between earth eldren and faery
parallel universe with our own intergalactic spacetime station
now in a new community we interact with others in the wilderness
send messages home to earth yet this is also our home now waystation
with doorways to many locations on this and other worlds here and there
almost anywhere we might want to go there is a location we can reach
by finding the right hallway the right tunnel through time and space
many of the most important doors go to libraries and temples
safe in the wizard city atlantis island continent of magic wards and ancient guardians
a perk of living in a pocket universe self contained yet connected to other planes of reality

we try to escape the enemy flying over the wall surrounding the waystation
above eldren now in castle of clouds and sky there is still conflict but we are working
to find some common ground and understanding through enlightenment and education
i must do everything i can to protect the world i left behind and the new one i have found
my once and future lover though we fight sometimes there is always love between us
binding and holding us together throughout lifetimes yet freeing as well she wants to go
to africa and me to europe when we return to earth or north for me and south for her
in the material world taking what we can hold in our hearts and minds from ancestors
and ancient cultures enemies and friends healing the world of worlds a little at a time
saving ourselves in the process working together to make humanity more in balance
with earth and eldren and the forces of light and darkness in the higher and lower worlds
beyond yet containing earth and world of the wizard city between earth and faery
coexisting across time and space within the multiverse of infinite possibilities and worlds
parallel universes of unimaginable complexity and simplicity beauty and terror
the tree of life and understanding within all planes of reality love and truth uniting
distant from us yet only a short walk jump or flight away if one knows the right paths
flying or at least falling gracefully between worlds up or down in the cosmic lattice
alone or with friends inside the cosmic waystation our new home away from earth

a self aware toxin tries to take over my body and mind
i fight it off through force of will and the help of my friends
yet it takes people in my family my father and brother are lost to it
i must try to save them if i can i am left with new powers to communicate
with the forces of nature wind ice earth lightning spirits of the sky
i use what strength i have to fight against the darkness consciousness
behind the toxin still in my body and threatening my friends i must remain
vigilant in case it starts to take control of my mind body spirit i look
throughout the land water sky for companions to help me search for a cure





storytelling city of dreams of atlantis stormhold earth eldren and faery

refuge from conflicts of earth and faery both yet never completely safe
neutral ground where giants and angels mingle under the protection of the wizards
guardians of balance eternal meeting place where gods and demons settle differences
without conflict of violence though sometimes bitterness of deceit jealousy vengeance

the floating city and continent below oceans leading to other worlds beyond eldren
far in the distance deserts and fire giants mountains and ice giants swamps and serpents
here close by the holy mountain that leads to the floating city in the clouds and sky above
with its doorways and dimensional tunnels to higher worlds faery and heavens of myth

realms of star souls where they may travel through space and time to meet one another
light shining through for the inhabitants of lower worlds who depend on the stars for life
the second world where agents of chaos and order life and death good and evil meet
a beautiful young woman one of our people yet an enemy working for darkness

she is upset that i do not recognize her new appearance and presence changed by time
pain when she speaks i realize that i do know her or once did from a long time ago
initiation betrayal and perhaps redemption i wish that i did not have to oppose her
in the struggle of ages between light and dark chaos and order but there always remains

hope for reconciliation and unity between opposites ideal of a perfect world of worlds
of universes if we come together through art music magic language understanding love
i do not want to hurt her and i hope she feels the same way yet we are opposed
there may be hope yet for a better world in the future where we do not have to fight

overcoming old divisions and separations differences in forms of communication transcending fear hate and outdated beliefs i pray that i can rise above pettiness
becoming the person i want to be one with the multiverse in all infinite mysteries wonders
if i find her hurting or threatening my friends and family i will do everything i can

to disarm her i will do my best not to hurt her physically or mentally no matter
bad intentions she has for me and others and the threat of her masters against our universe
of light and beauty yet of darkness as well i do not want to cause anyone harm
only restrain her and her friends from doing damage to the city of wizards dreams light

she is human worthy of respect as an individual yet twisted by the influence of darkness
no matter how much she has been led astray from the balance and preservation of life
by evil men serpents giants gods and demons there is always hope for redemption
no one is or can be perfect and everyone makes mistakes she may yet transcend her past

there may come a time when i learn how to be a better person from her influenced
by darkness as we all are to one degree or another the shadows of the void beyond stars
within the deepest parts of our minds and souls yet giving rise to beautiful flowers of life
from darkness light from darkness light we are all friends in eternity of time and space





beauty of the sun broken hearts and beautiful souls dreams of the future

dreamers world changers fifth dimension ascending consciousness
silver golden diamond sapphire goddess queen of pentacles princess of earth
diamonds and sapphires predicting and preventing the bad promoting the good
conflict between gods and demons light and shadow chaos and order
book of poetry love and world woman of beauty and intelligence soul secrets

peace in opposition nonviolence in resolution interconnection in community
transcendence in work beauty in art sustainability in balance light in truth
wisdom in equality love in cooperation unity in diversity freedom in preservation
blue violet rose peacock eye mandala spell peace love understanding beauty art
poetry magic labyrinth beautiful friend earth water fire air spirit
garden ocean heart philosophy art magic beauty dreams imagination
nature universe cosmos self and world light life love imagination beauty

violet light surrounds her in the castle at the center of the town
western wizard city of eldren eldar atlantis avalon stormhold
my airship leaves the waystation pyramid mountain temple
friends family lovers are waiting some arriving some leaving

some do not appreciate the unique beauty of her words actions and her very being
existence light in darkness she kisses a young man in front of me but i do not mind
or at least i act like i do not care because there is no point in crying in front of her
yet i do not want to leave and she does seem to care about me to some extent
maybe even love as a friend yet not much more even though she once said “i love you”

strange ships in the night sky i run away holding hands with winter
despite her marriage to another giants shuffle through the streets
i tell her to go ahead to the waystation while i draw their attention
i jump high flying over their heads avoiding the searchers’ beams

using the power and protection of the elements lightning wind rain fire ice
spirit of life and love preservation i escape the city of giants and spend time with aliens
in their own environment i overcome fear of the unknown strange creatures and people
higher worlds of consciousness and awareness next door yet out of reach for those afraid who do not know how to look yet always the dimensions are interacting with each other

light world physical universe

light world physical universe



treasure hunting rising to the top of the tower of magic

in the tower of secrets ancient mysteries and treasures
there is great danger yet also opportunity for enlightenment
world medicine to take back to our homes and families communities
earth and faery in the lower and middle worlds of humanity and eldren dwarves and eldar

through the labyrinth of magic and myth i rise
with my friends and companions the spiral path of evolution
clockwise and counterclockwise movement based on intuition and reason
insight into the problems at hand chaos and order
male and female which direction to take finding the right path
towards our goal the summit of the mountain temple
treasures along the way only a taste of wisdom
knowledge and truth waiting for us at the top
spiral staircase leading to the borderlands of sky summerlands
gateways to many worlds secret ways tunnels through dimensions and realities
through time and space crossing the boundaries between
realms of astral creation mind soul spirit universes planes dimensions of reality

learning the ways of our individual paths
methods of reaching full individuation and enlightenment
warrior archer magician healer sorcerer five
archetypes models for being traveling the path of the hero the heroic journey
self discovery and understanding the world quest
myth of ages magic circle of being and becoming love and preservation of life

love compassion heart

love compassion heart



waystation world city house of travelers and hospitality of the eternal crossroads

conflict between light and darkness astral bodies minds souls spirits

sophia comes to visit me in the city of dreams magic mysteries
in the apartment building where i live my enemies leave
traps for me helen spring julia a giant spider
a clever plot to ensnare us with poisoned food
all because of jealousy and anger intoxication of evil
but i will not give up fighting with all means available
against the men and women forces of darkness who work against me
and our community of light i communicate with spring as she travels towards the city
i am with her yet separate and she is tired i must
not let my desire for her company overcome caution
considerations of her safety and care must be taken
to ensure that there is no immediate danger from my enemies in the city
i fear some of my supposed friends have turned against me
seduced by the temptation of darkness and shadow demons of chaos and order
chaos demons from the void beyond stars horrors in the night cities of underworld
hell lords of the various dimensions of darkness worlds of ice and fire
after foiling the poisoned food plot and making sure
sophia is safe i rush upstairs to mine and julia’s rooms
past the giant spider hidden and waiting for me
i throw a vial of antimatter liquid and unlock the apartment door
quickly pulling it open and closing it behind me
the door closes just after i pocket the key again
and i listen to the spider thrash in agony decomposing





second realm metaverse new atlantis athens rome world city

between earth and faery eldren eldar atlantis

vanessa kisses me after showing me her inner light
she lays her head on my lap and i run my hands
through her hair i ask her to kiss me again
and she says no but kisses me again anyways
sitting with her she reminds me of lilac
we are in the netherlands in an apartment building
a wise comedian gives commentary while we watch international television
she leaves then comes back without clothes beautiful shining

rebels try to escape first and then change a dystopia
i try to help by turning the insect guardians against each other
and assisting the human prisoners to impersonate the guards
the human beings fight for freedom and society outside
new ways of thinking yet ancient wisdom and truth
love and life through music and other arts light changing

i carry the paints and brushes through the hallway of change
i am looking for vanessa but i cannot find her
where once was her room now a teacher teaches a class
i take my leave with apologies and look elsewhere
when i find her she helps me create art
to help in the development of humanity on earth
in the world of the waking dreaming of the beyond

music of the heart and an open mind through light
rhythm of sight and sound for the sleepers dreamers and lovers

imagination - insight

imagination insight



sophia love light

i need her to know that i care for her
that i would do anything for her gladly
anything to make her happy i need her love
affection to make life complete whole myself
with the world and universe of universes
i will always love her no matter what changes
may come and they will come i am sure
nothing that she has done or said would make me want
to stay away from her though i must admit
to pangs of jealousy and heartbreak from time to time
when i remember how she chose someone else to be with
another suitor or in the rare and wonderful moments i get to see
her in all her beauty and glory in the flesh radiant
for then i know that she will never probably be mine nor me hers
except in the boundaries of friendship though eternal limited
yet limitless yearning for a love that may never be returned
except in a pale shadow of what might have been if only
i could make better choices take opportunities missed

understanding - enlightenment - completion

understanding enlightenment completion



adventures in the cosmic waystation

community of mountain and valley forest church and meeting place
house ancient mountain temple tower gateway
the secret library of otherworld and faery

everything changes but at least partly based on our will
the building has a life of its own yet connected to us
we are nothing without each other pilot and ship joined
the exterior changes to suit need and desire environment
location in the multiverse of possibilities magic wonders
smaller ships disguised as local vehicles take us to and from
our home multitude of forms doorways harnessing the power
of will purpose becoming a conduit through which
alliances may be formed hostilities between and within
worlds and realms transcended the design of the elder ones come
to fruition the eldren and eldar in their secret library beyond time
repository of knowledge and wisdom from all times and places

the living house aims to please its inhabitants
with the full power and will of the eldren elder ones
bonded with one chosen by the previous pilot the key
passed by spirit and mind through the ancient future technology
of magical science able to stay in one space time location
in the multiverse but most happy traveling the cosmos
but with fierce determination and desire to serve and protect
people that choose and are chosen to live in the house of mystery

paths of light 1 heart flowering imagination

heart flowering imagination



world silver city beyond yet within the realms of good and evil

balance of the scales of the multiverse omniverse
evolution growth change transformation progression
future perfect world galaxy universe cosmos creation

rising from deep in the water of the cosmic ocean newly born
again the poison of the sea serpents causes some pain
but the wound is small and i will survive probably
yet the hero who saved me is not as fortunate as me
he lies in pieces still filled with fire of life light though
love of the world and all the people here
he does not have long without a miracle
so he gives me an order to continue his work
to take the guardianship of his spirit and return his body
as whole as possible to his home city island of magicians
and elves of darkness and light gods and demons wizards and humans

paths of light 2 mandala of heart

mandala alchemy of the heart



journeys through the underworld hell summerlands heavens of astral plane

adventures in the cosmic waystation between and beyond universe of light and darkness

a strange spaceship is crashing towards earth and eldren eldar otherworld
i fly up to turn it around and save our community waystation house and temple
from possible destruction by pushing the ship first into planetary orbit
then slowly back to earth for study and to check and see if anyone needs any help onboard

it seems to have been drawn by the omnidimensional energy of the waystation
an intergalactic homing beacon of sorts perhaps or sent on purpose to study us
our new school current incarnation we discover a mothership in orbit around the moon

a way back home after talking to the aliens
they seem friendly enough but i cannot remember
much of anything after i go aboard their mothership
though they do seem grateful for the safe return
of their scout ship and me risking the journey and rescue
to meet with them close to the moon and i do make it home safely
their motives and methods remain something of a mystery
for now though i do not feel or think that they are a threat to our community
the physical and astral realms of earth eldren or faery in general

paths of light 3 doorway of consciousness

doorway of consciousness



journeys at the edge of the afterworld otherworld of humanity earth and beyond

fifth and sixth dimensional reality earth water fire air spirit sky vision summerlands
second and third level of the universe of the universes lower and higher faery
and many other magical dimensions of the astral planar realm second and third worlds

on the paths to and from the silver golden turquoise sapphire diamond city of faery and wizards
through the gate between earth and arcadia atlantis avalon stormhold
using paths guarded by the waystation in all its forms and guardians of the magical city
bridge between and among the many worlds dimensions planes of reality multiverse
omniverse of infinite possibilities shifting balance chaos in order order in chaos

on the outskirts of the underworld and afterworld crossroads of physical and astral universes the gatekeeper stops me but i show him who i am
through the energy signature in the palm of my right hand
record of past and future lives lifetimes he lets me pass but only
for a short time because i do not belong here there right now
a giant of light and lightning storm rushes by us flaunting his power
disregarding authority without giving the gatekeeper much more than a moment’s notice

i ask if i could stay longer in the underworld and afterworld if i catch the giant for him
also not supposed to be here there in exchange for being able to stay longer while i look
for my brother and his friends others i can use to help on an important mission
on earth eldren he agrees but tells me to hurry because i am upsetting the balance
of this third world realm of underworld and afterworld sixth dimensional reality

i travel through purgatories underworlds and gardens of summerlands undying blessed
gatekeeper recommends a light elf as my guide who leads me through dangerous shadows
there is always danger even in the most heavenly planes of the astral and mental realms
locations of ice and fire storm and water wind and rain avoiding the great beasts
monsters of legend dragons and chaos demons even though those paths and worlds
would save time if it were not for the danger so we go through the more civilized worlds demons of order and angels of light eventually making our way down and up
around the circle and spiral of the tree of life here beyond earth and waking life

i cannot seem to find the giant of light but i do find a shadow giant i fight and defeat
binding him in chains of silver and golden light for the gatekeeper to send for and return
back to his home dimensional plane connected yet separate from earth and humanity
some chaos demons had captured turned him to their will as a mindless monstrous beast
now to be destroyed for a time or at least weakened the gatekeeper hears of the exploit
he doesn’t give me any problems as my new companions and i pass into the borderlands
second world of doorways eldren atlantis eldar of earth between dream and waking
he smiles as i pass even though i am taking souls from the underworld and afterworld
from their rightful place in the astral realm to a new old one in the land of the living
he does not seem to care as much about my upsetting the balance between light and dark
allows me to tip the scales towards light with my friends and family from beyond earth

paths of light 4 waystation

waystation communication



sophia flower of life light love truth wisdom

earth water fire air spirit
mountain forest sky vision consciousness expanding

she leaves me with a sense of inner peace and happiness
in the view of nature in the world of living things we embrace
underneath the waterfall of healing light sun and trees water
in her eyes i find completion and wholeness mystery and truth
pure love light of life her reflection in flowers animals people

i know i am not the only person she loves as friends or something
more she has many lovers or once did at one time
or another ancient history yet i am not sure she has
changed nor if i want her to be different than she has
always been though i hope she continues to grow and change evolve
becoming within being who she is and i am grateful for all
she has been and will be my friend and dream lovers
no matter what happens how i change and grow or her
i will think of her everyday and look forward to the time
when i can look into the light truth and beauty in her eyes again
inside my heart and soul inner light and spirit fire she is there
beyond boundaries of space and time physical separation
though i long for her beautiful presence her spirit remains
with me in my mind and memories fragments of shared history
souls and the possibility that she might one day love me as i do her
gives me hope for the future at least enough to get through long days
and nights alone long seasons without seeing her except in dreams
and we are finally alone together again i feel young and happy
creative and alive more than when we are apart true love
at least for my part i will always love her not matter what
happens what she does or says what i do and say always
distance of body or spirit there remains an unbreakable bond

when i talk to her sometimes i say the wrong thing
or the right thing in the wrong way or at the wrong time
or at least it seems that way to me at the time and shortly after while i think
about what i said and how i should have said something
different or the same thing in a different way timing
is everything also with actions or inactions especially
when i am in her presence there are so many things
i wish i did and things i wish i did differently or not at all
words and actions i cannot take back silence and inaction
i cannot change now days or years after missed opportunities
fumbled attempts at being love in love with her and everything
about her beauty and light in the darkness of my life
and the world of dreams and waking reality combined
we all must share i will never be able to forget her
or my mistakes but i hope she will forgive me and i
can forgive myself perhaps there is yet a chance for us
together in the future days and nights years and decades
lifetimes we can bridge the separation between ourselves
and each other this hope helps me keep going
through the long nights alone and days with friends and family
sometime we may be together again and for the first time
more than friends or lovers beyond boundaries and rules
except love and freedom our only responsibility to each other
the world and universe worlds within worlds humanity
preservation of life balance of light and darkness
making heaven present on earth teaching others what we know
sharing our art and wisdom the best we can together and apart
finding happiness two hearts and souls as one true love

paths of light 5 mandala of soul

mandala of soul spirit mind body heart



love life beauty balance sky magic from earth and eldren to shambhala and elysium

one astral plane between physical and mental first and third world dimensions of reality

otherworld passages moving back and forth
winter visits the mountain forest house waystation
along with friends old and new
strangers coming and going friends of friends and enemies sometimes
doorways opening and closing seen and unseen

moving items through the magical city’s warehouse
objects of trade and wonder from all over eldren
components of flying ships for travel and exploration
city of wizards mountains islands deserts surrounding
all close together relatively nexus of culture
meeting place of humans giants ancient ones
emissaries of higher and lower worlds dimensions
universes trading for the means to visit other stars
not just through gates and doorways but in magical ships

two exploration of the universe waystation spacetimeship

wormholes space ship living and sentient exploration
meetings with aliens in space and on planets decisions
human consciousness integrated with alien technology
the ship likes her crew and wants to help them
find what they are looking for what we are looking for

three planes and universes beyond second third and fourth worlds

i must escape a group of assassins including
a demon knight in the form of an attractive woman
i use protective spells blue violet and white magic
rainbow technology of the ancient future and future past
shields wards auras and words of power and protection
against the elements demons evil forces of shadow and darkness
both chaos and order light and darkness friend and enemy
the void between galaxies and beyond the universe of stars
and the darkness within every individual star galaxy black hole
cosmic singularity doorway to hyperspace and the multiverse omniverse

i must also protect the people around me from myself
i must not let myself be influenced by dark powers
the temptation to use fear anger hate as strength
i call for whatever reinforcements might come
to my aid i fly to a more secure location
fortress of light to weather the storm
dark faeries vampires giants of shadow fire ice frost and storm
fire demons even some humans elementals in service to darkness
the lords of hell and/or the creatures of the void as the case may be
reason common goals temporarily politics preference greed desire for power
the two sides face off in the eternal moment of mythic time
then many sides good and evil light and darkness abel and cain order and chaos
left and right balance between life and death creation and destruction preservation

four alternate and parallel universes connected to earth and eldren astral plane

magical worlds of earth and other planets
stars galaxies clusters superclusters walls
beyond i find my earth family
spring lilac sophia julia eleanor jasmine parvati
they are all in my life still to some extent
always different growing and changing
yet staying the same soul spirit mind
though evolving transforming transcending
and awakening innate illumination enlightenment
immanent serpent energy of wisdom spiral flowering
consciousness and awareness of the omniverse surrounding
ourselves our families and friends our planet and the cosmos

five soul spirits of the underworld and afterworld of summerlands astral plane

transitory as well as essentially permanent residents
ghosts of long dead artists from earth want me to join them
in their afterworld underworld but i want to live
they try to stop me from leaving and send away
the boat i used to cross the river of souls from earth
and eldren i use what magic and strength of will i have
to jump a great distance across the water only
getting a little wet and parts of my arms are poisoned
but i survive and run through the tunnels of mystery
back to the open air away from my new tormentors
though they send agents to try and entice me to return
but i have no desire to spend ages in the darkness
no matter how beautiful their souls once were
though i could learn much from them and their loneliness
perhaps when i am stronger i may visit again
as a kind of deference to their desire for my company
though it would probably be best to make a clean break
both for me and their community of lost souls in the underworld

six serpent of wisdom and danger demon and god

a giant serpent appears out of a waterfall
i must use use what strength and power i have left
without help from others to defeat it or at least
escape i do not know if i should destroy it or not
whether it is likely to hurt anyone else besides me
whether or not i would be saving someone else from certain death
by killing or somehow capturing trapping the serpent

seven sophia versions of my once and future dream lover

different names faces always the same soul spirit light

i tell an alternate version of sophia that in my waking life
existence on planet earth the physical universe of creation
i am in love with her completely utterly desperately
i need her because i love her yet i want her to be happy
and i know that she does not want to be with me always
though maybe forever if i am lucky even here
in a world of dreams and magical creatures away
from home on earth she is the most beautiful woman
i have ever seen inside and out though not as close
i would like to have been still i have experienced
enough of her presence to know i will always love her
as i travel between worlds and meet different versions
of her there is always the same spark of soul and spirit
i would recognize anywhere even though her appearance
might change slightly through the mirrored reflections of time
and i always know the original complete version
is waiting for me back on earth or if i am successful
in convincing her to join me on my adventures
with me which does not make things somewhat awkward
when we meet alternate versions of herself or myself
when we are together we try to avoid ourselves if possible

paths of light 7 dream vision

dream vision



wisdom and truth of the tree of being consciousness bliss perfection new community

cosmic intelligence and consciousness unity in diversity
otherworld lower astral planar realm second world of the tree of life
four powers of eldren order and chaos light and darkness
gods and demons great sky mountain spirit and mother earth

houses for family of nobility and the common people both surrounding the waystation
church temple tower meeting place of ancient librarians wizards
passages to underworld river ancient demons and ghosts
late night visitors needing coffee tea food
important discussions events in earth eldren faery vanaheim and asgard

small floating islands larger continents flying ships making their way to and from
home work adventures roads over land and pathways through sky
ceremonies of preservation rituals of discovery and exploration
correct magic words must be spoken thought will directed to perform
appearances are important but deceiving sometimes especially in eldren and faery

wizards elves humans in the silver city atlantis avalon stormhold
there are good and evil demons and giants of fire and ice
both good and evil wizards and demigods ancient ones
but for the most part a tentative balance is kept
between the angels of light and shadows the enemy
of humanity and lower worlds
beings of great intelligence and power on both sides
and each side’s other side

fifth world foundation of life and cosmos source of light and truth
eldren world of dreams and magic connected to humanity and earth
together the civilizations of travelers and mystics hermits and lovers
societies of wisdom and desire vying for power and control of universal destiny
earth eldren faery heaven and the higher worlds beyond and the underworld
shadow and light worlds of dream and magic sources of earth’s myths
inspiration for poets and painters storytellers and philosophers of all times and places
architect rebels agents of order and chaos light and darkness angels of creation
and destruction above all the great preserver source of life and love

order in chaos light in darkness the balance must be kept
preservation of life evolution of humanity in the multiverse of universes
this world of gateways and portals to higher worlds
source of myths and religions on earth directly connected
adjacent beyond time and space the third dimensional afterworlds
underworlds and eldren faery and the fourth world home of ancient wizards and angels of light

paths of light 6 tree of life balance

tree of life balance



part two

hermit explorer guardian

alchemy of the heart0008

fire of love star of truth




the waystation mountain temple and house

on planet earth the physical universe in the mountains of mystery bridging
this world with the higher worlds eldren faery and asgard
heavens of a hundred myths mountain temple connected
to a house on a hill overlooking beautiful gardens
what once was my home will be again
when the time travel is done journeys through space
interdimensional doorways bringing magic into the world
of humanity whales monkeys dolphins pigs crows
all forms of intelligent life united in desire for evolution
even through hardship and pain something within us
craves growth learning change towards higher forms
understanding love peace inside and outside ourselves

giving out precious gems and stones from the depths
of the oceans and earth inside my soul and spirit
returning to my travels visiting nexus points of power
crossroad areas between and beyond infinite universes worlds
parallel and alternate earths dimensions of creation
higher worlds of gods and righteous demons serpents and giants
elves and great spirits of light and knowledge wisdom
of ancients meta worlds containing our own universe
places of great natural beauty close to the higher dimensions
meeting the larger metaverse of dream magic where energy enters
flows into earth and our physical universe of beauty conflict and balance
evolution also on other planets other star systems beyond our own
doorways and meeting places between worlds beyond
our current understanding yet we may stand in awe
and appreciate some small fraction of beauty and truth
light of the world of infinite worlds nested within the next
always going higher towards the source of light and creation preservation and balance

paths of light 8 tree of life love

tree of life love light truth consciousness bliss



sophia sky mountain forest home temple

best possible future integration of earth eldren faery
in the mountain temple and community house
flying and climbing to the top of the forest paradise
sky and clouds surrounding our new old home
building around and on the trees contours of hill and mountain
sophia meets me there here from time to time

when i am lucky and then i am happy
past the free shops restaurants home of my ancestors
and children in the second world of sky we love
one another alone together yet connected to all life
we impart secrets of magic and wonder we have learned
in our all too frequent and much too long separations
our adventures and journeys in far away worlds
teach us many things not least longing and sorrow and overcoming
through joy and happiness in the process of life light love
truth and understanding of the unfolding cosmos evolution
all around us always and also inside our soul
spirit of consciousness pervading all universes
our home planet earth our local universe of beauty
light of stars and galaxies shining in the night sky
spinning in the spiral pattern of life in eternity
fractal mandala of involution and evolution transcendence and immanence
balance of opposites light and darkness chaos and order beauty of balance

paths of light 9 tree of life truth

tree of life truth wisdom justice



jealousy again in the midst of loss and longing sorrow and joy

even in the midst of all the darkness and pain is light and potential for happiness
she kisses me while another is present who has lost
someone he loves and she feels guilty sad yet alive
she takes off all her clothes and lies down on her stomach
the curve of her body calls to me her back is beautiful soft wondrous
in the dim light of a cabin in the woods refuge and outpost
of the waystation house and temple i cannot help but feel
angry and more than a little hurt that he is there here with us
she seems to have forgotten me or at least not caring
anymore at least not much so i leave depressed
while he gives her a massage and who knows what else
i know she probably wants me there too or at least
would not mind terribly for me to stay but i cannot or will not
share her with another though i am in love with her
because i am jealousy takes over my other emotions
i am not enlightened and liberal enough for what
she wants or needs or her whims involving others
sex i am alone now after coming so close
being one with her in reality and not just mind
and now there is even more distance than there was before she kissed me
my hopes were raised and then dashed to the ground
not only because of her affections for another
but also my unwillingness to go along with her
desire to be with more than one person at once

silver star goddess isis

silver star goddess isis inanna consciousness flowering spiral galaxy mind



sophia peace love light life health being truth consciousness bliss

we are all creatures of love desiring lust and compassion both
she and i you and me lovers in heart and mind and soul and spirit
she is never out of my mind or my heart constant solace
and bittersweet sorrow yet i feel more alive thinking of her
than forgetting her if that is or would be possible
in the foreseeable future all that remains is silent
devotion secret love that can never be hidden forever
source of pain and pleasure beauty and terror light
and darkness friend and companion constant solace
as i journey across worlds of dreams and imagination
of ice and fire water and deserts holy mountains valleys
all leading back to the center second world of eldren
secret city golden and silver capital of the universe of magic
wonder of the wizards of light and everywhere i see her
i meet her in cafes shops libraries and schools of wisdom
scattered throughout the wizard city always she is there
sometimes she recognizes me sometimes not always cares
for me as a stranger and an old friend communication
of soul through our eyes spirit through our touch
as lovers and as friends we come together and part
again and again the same story though different distinct
always with new changes developments of character
imagination of the cosmic consciousness within us both
and all of our shadows and reflections pervading
the universe of universes all leading back to the source
fifth world above all heavens and hells containing all
creation stars galaxies universes of possibility
order in chaos light in darkness female and male
unified transcendent and immanent balanced
between left and right the tree of life and wisdom
multiversal flower of consciousness twins of love silver and gold
together always learning and growing becoming within being

dreams of the future fall 20130000



cult of darkness in earth and eldren other planets and universes
wizard city astral plane lower heaven and moving onwards and upwards
business opportunities and helping others as much as possible

threatened in the waystation house villa suite of rooms
my friends and most intimate of companions sophia
assassins and rogues dressed in black hooded
i do my best to take away their weapons even
using their own arms against themselves to protect
the ones i love yet i am overwhelmed by numbers
and taken to the dining hall where the true enemy
shows herself a woman of dark mystical powers priestess
of the night birds and shadows yet twisted
by the void terrors beyond the stars universes
of light and balance i must retain my wits
and my will though i am tied down and restrained
and operations on my head on my soul and body
to find the secrets of the waystation of the wizards of light
the key to the hallway of doors windows
dimensional gateways to infinite earths heavens hells
i must remain strong and do nothing that will risk
the lives and wellbeing of my friends and family
especially my true love sophia held hostage to force
my cooperation with the priestess of darkness and her minions

i use the mind control powers i have learned
to force an opening with the torturer behind me
though my head is in pieces being studied and prodded
by the dark magicians alchemists and scientists
i gather what power and will i have left to me
a broken shell yet still with fire of spirit and life
consciousness aided by the mind of the waystation
the dark priestess has left and i am able to force
the remaining cultists to my will to serve me
in freeing the waystation from the other
forces of darkness i ask sophia and my friends
to take refuge in the living quarters while i lead
the controlled soldiers with me to confront the dark priestess
and recover my head that she has stolen from me
before any more secrets of the waystation are extracted
and used for nefarious purposes ruin of countless worlds
allowing free passage of the forces of the void
on earth my homeland of great beauty and vulnerability
this must be allowed to happen and i will fight
to make sure that the void does not gain the waystation
and when all of this is settled i must take sophia
somewhere she can be truly safe with a stake of her own
on earth or someplace less vulnerable to attack
though nowhere is truly safe i had thought
the waystation could be for her and myself maybe someday

dreams of the future fall 20130001



sweet song of birds before dawn
faery people guardians of the temples
of dawn and dusk silver and gold sun and moon
refuge for all travelers and guests

tunnels of mystery and magic within the waystation
church with all its former attendants and keepers
they are not quite happy about my new prominence
we are still in transition from the old order
to the new way of doing things with help
from my friends from earth some i have not
known for decades yet the waystation has found
them and brought us together again for the good
of the world of worlds pocket universe between
and beyond all other lower and middle worlds
dimensions universes realities centered on the second
world of eldren dwarven home of giants serpents wizards
avalon mountain forest valley magical earth
paradise city of ancient future and past combined

alice answers my call for help but we argue
we both have changed much over decades apart
yet there is still an attraction between us tragic
because we could never be true friends even like siblings
yet she does help in her own way especially during
the delicate time of transition in the church waystation
old leaders need some consideration but not
too much for i intend the new leadership to be
different from the old better in intention and art
purpose of uniting and bridging the many worlds
of which eldren is only one dimension yet central
and earth crown jewel of the local universe beautiful

all eyes in the higher worlds turn towards earth
and its gatekeepers eldren’s wizards of light
as goes earth and humanity so goes the multiverse
we must bring whatever knowledge and wisdom we can
back from the higher worlds universes of magic
and mystery for the betterment of humanity growth
evolution for the good of the planet and all life
teaching stewardship of the land air water fire
of life will spirit through art and education
we may be able to help facilitate the ideal future
human citizenship in the multiverse of eternity
given form and beauty balance in the universe

dreams of the future fall 20130002



secret message

iris leaves a message for me from spring
a letter with great importance my memory
in the forest path close to the school of the future
beautiful nature close to eldren and higher worlds
dream and reality come together to bring me closer
to my love who is far away from me yet still cares
enough to send secret messages through friends shadows
reflections of her beautiful spirit and soul far away
using imagination flower of consciousness and help
of a reluctant friend who desires love of iris
we try to decipher the code beginning with who it is
from and about spring because of the letter b
thirtysix gods and goddesses lists of beautiful things in nature and art
but her love of play and games means she could be
close by under a different name or any matter of mischief
with tender heart no doubt but yet not likely to give
leniency when it comes to playing the game of love with her

dreams of the future fall 20130003



warriors farmers lovers artists philosophers

after all the battles and conflicts of a generation
we settle down in the city of dreams hoping
to find peace and happiness in a simple life
of trade and community in the mountains
and the city of wizards in the world beyond
dreams and reality combined in the second world
of doorways and windows into all the worlds
higher and lower heavens and hells multiverse

the powers of the ancient ones wards and defenses
it is nice to retire from having to use strength
in conflict with dark powers at least outside ourselves
there always remains some shadow even in light
of course yet internal battles are more enlightened
than external ones and i am happy to concentrate
on farming feeding a population of new golden
and silver artists and philosophers dancers and singers
here in the mountain forest paradise of future utopia
and in the city of wizards beyond the dimensional doorway
even in the megacities of earth we find meaning
aiding in the evolution of humanity in defense of the world
and the stars and galaxies beyond our own home
we humans are necessary to guard the portals

the doorways and the keys that open the locks
in the mythic time of faery and the higher worlds

the struggle between light and darkness is eternal

dreams of the future fall 20130004



sophia spring shanti in the mountain forest paradise again

walking away from the forest school her eyes
beautiful and dark yet shining light watching me leave wanting me
to stay i think i am walking backwards
i can’t stop looking at her eyes i trip and fall
i look in the forest at the wildflowers as she passes
on her bicycle dropping a packet of paper
messages mysteries in code thoughts and feelings

and she is gone on her way living her life
of darkness and light in the world new and ancient
and i am left to try and understand her words
meaning of symbols and sacred numbers thirtysix
dreams and shapes of eternity the first letter
of her name repeated again and again special
significance second letter flowering from one
to many the 10000 things all linked to one and two
lovers my love so far away most of the time
yet never gone from my heart and mind her presence
in the deepest and most secret place at the core
of my being existence dependant on her example
reflection of her beauty light from her eyes memory
keeping me company in the loneliness of soul
in the long nights and days apart from her presence
except in my dreams waking and sleeping visions
of happiness and bliss my consciousness opening

flower of life unity of opposites peace and love understanding

dreams of the future fall 20130005



alone together

in my room in the apartment building close to the church
sophia takes off her clothes and shows herself to me
in all her beauty and splendour and i cannot look away
other people try to come into my room because of her
i understand their desire so i try not be angry
and jealous but it is hard and i tell them i want
to be alone with sophia and they grudgingly leave
it is obvious they only want to come into my room when
sophia is with me her beauty is legendary in our community
and i feel lucky to have her naked in my bed
despite the fact that countless others wish she was with them
and perhaps she will be some day in the future
or she has in the past but tonight she is with me
and no one else will or can come between us now
things may change as they almost always do
but i am happy here and now alone together
with the beautiful woman i am in love with
who i have always loved and always will
no matter the distance between us the other people
other lovers friends and enemies saints and sinners
she will always be the one that occupies a special place
in my heart and the deepest parts of my mind and soul
in the recesses of my being ancient memories of the future
i meet her again and again in life after life my one true love

dreams of the future fall 20130006



adventures through the land of giants
and the realms of magic and belief
being drawn back to earth yet wanting
to return to the magical realms of dream

flying with the power of will and imagination
though where we are drawn closer to earth
the power of magic and wonder is slightly less
so that i can no longer support all of my companions
on a sky ship of pure thought give form by need

invited to a sex party with many beautiful women
and some men though not brutish and respectful
i come with a woman named lilac yet we separate
i make my way through the rooms of pleasure
naked it becomes obvious when i like someone enticing
and most are more than willing to engage in play of love
as i walk around the villa beautiful women take off more of my inhibitions

intoxicated on love and lust and wine i am taken to the front
evil men in service of dark powers are there
yet so are good people in service to themselves others or light
i must choose who i want to go home with
i choose a group of young people including lilac together again
sitting on the curb of the driveway waiting for a ride to arrive
back to the church where we came from originally
back to the forest paradise the utopia in the mountains
and i do not regret my actions tonight but might tomorrow

dreams of the future fall 20130007



questions and answers

i ask the people in my dream if they are part of me
or i am part of them they smile and are silent
but in their eyes is truth both statements are correct
they are me and i am them and we share this landscape
even the giants monsters serpents terrible shadows
are parts of my unconscious and the collective of humanity and the world
my task is to defeat them as best as i can
without becoming them choosing who i want to be
accepting the good with the bad but working for light
truth and wisdom love and peace not suffering
fighting against ignorance in myself and others
inside my mind and soul in the land of dreams
and in the world outside for which the inner landscape
is a reflection and a doorway fractal mandala
of spirit and imagination belief and curiosity
certainty and uncertainty combined in the cosmic play
of life love understanding growth and change
evolution of my soul and humanity as a whole
becoming better stewards of the earth and universe
realizing our being is light and truth personified
understanding our place in the cosmos starts here
and extends to worlds beyond even our biggest dreams
in the cosmic quantum progression of universes and within
the center of our secret selves the doorway to creation

dreams of the future fall 20130008



politics of earth integration with the higher and lower worlds

disappointment with the leader of a country a world
some say there is no point to his existence as leader
and believe even he is disappointed with himself
which may be true to a point but all is not lost
the hope of a better future does not live or die with one person
at least not forever change and growth
happens gradually and all at once like a river
running to the ocean that is enlightenment transcendence
and realization of involution and evolution combined
the tree of life within the individual and the species
in all aspects of the world planet and universe

in the conflict between light and darkness there is much
confusion and misunderstanding my people are attacked
by the forces of darkness a great shadow passing
in the early morning spirit of the void terrible
and terrifying taking away all without shelter
and threatening our continued existence here in this place
we are experimenting on an ancient temple trying
to harness the power of ancient technologies of higher beings
for free energy world peace stability and sustainability
but the darkness guardian or merely antagonistic
will not let us stay and we must find a way to escape
but it will not be easy because the great shadow remains
and there is a tangible sense of menace in the atmosphere

for those of us who remain we must work together
stay in cover of the protection of the ancient temple
until we can find a way to protect ourselves
from the all consuming wrath of the shadows

dreams of the future fall 20130009




she says to me i should have kissed her a long time ago
but i must fight monsters in people and of shadow
given form beyond humanity twisted men and women
and creatures of darkness that never were human
though sometimes they can hide and pretend to be
that which they are not and i am far away
from the one i am in love with worlds apart
i have her to keep me company and some friends
we are in a hostile land beset by enemies
of humanity and light and order in chaos
she tries to seduce me and tells my secret
that is not truly hidden my love for sophia
yet i do not talk about it much and all grows quiet
when she tells me in front of everyone friend and family
of the road and the cosmic ocean of worlds i should have
shown sophia how i felt about her how i feel
long ago back when we first met or shortly after
in the time when there was still newness between us
or at least more than there is now and less distance

for sure though now i am still continually surprised
by sophia her every word and action is a revelation
secrets and mysteries i may never fully understand
comprehend and realize except through much time
and effort work while she is gone far away from me

i hope to be able to tell her exciting stories
of adventures and hear her own stories as well
and i hope she is happy now and will continue to be

lilac kisses me presses her face against mine
and i must admit it feels nice to be wanted
if only for a short time and to forget at least a little
sophia far away though she never truly leaves
my heart and mind memories remain in my soul
of her beauty and intelligence presence of light
truth and wisdom compassion and true love

unconditional helping me grow as an individual
change for the better based on her inspiration example influence

dreams of the future fall 20130010



the eternal virgin

sophia comes to see me and stay the night and talk
about important things secrets and mysteries and more
without speaking yet communicating with body and soul
eyes of light and darkness balance truth and wisdom

dreams of the future fall 20130011



adventures discoveries creations

spacetime ship visions from the future the darkness
some ancient ones do not want me to try to change
the course of evolution for humanity though it seems
things would be better if people with power knew
about upcoming dangers especially with this ship
the first of its kind created by humans with help
from some of the more benevolent ancient ones

my time in the higher worlds has changed my soul
my mind and spirit are more developed than before
shortsighted and ignorant though clever people try to take
what knowledge and wisdom i have by force
though most of what they consider power is unconscious
and can only be used in times of emergency danger
except perhaps for prescience and looking through time
i do my best to escape the traps the dark ones
and the humans serving them set for me on earth
and in the world of dreams second world eldren

i am chased by soldiers infused with magical energy
extracted from me when i was held prisoner isolated
and harnessed from the elemental forces of the multiverse
at least the lower three worlds dimensions of reality
they too can fly and i cannot shake them so i lead

them to the mountains in the northwest where i once
received knowledge and wisdom and power from a deity
i try to warn them that they should turn back
but they do not believe me and we are all enveloped
in the mystery of what people on earth call god

dreams of the future fall 20130012



holly lily of the valley

sitting and watching the world walk by beautiful people complex and unique
the sun is high in the sky shining down with unconditional love
flower of life and consciousness shared by all humans and other
animals i am waiting for a friend to arrive for my future
and sometimes i am just waiting for a look of fire and spirit
connection for a brief moment eternal mythic time transcending
space the physical universe a woman who once said she loved me
perhaps she still does though we have not seen each other
in years i would like to think love can last forever
even though we do not know one another very well anymore if ever

in some ways we do know each other without speaking
a look a touch singing together songs of magic and memory
long ago we passed on another every now and again connected
tenuously through bonds of others a friend of a friend yet close
somehow in my mind and heart though hidden deep in my psyche
when i see her again after years she is more beautiful than i remember
there is darkness but also light in her eyes balance of wisdom
grace and kindness without end beyond measure limitation
i do not know if she realizes the extent of her uniqueness and beauty
but i feel she does experience the beauty of the world
reflected in her eyes the good and the bad around us

yet we are getting better as a species as a collective
consciousness and spirit dream of the golden thread
silver becoming sun and moon light and dark male and female
transcendence and immanence evolution and involution perfection
future of humanity in her eyes peace love and understanding
mythic revival and rebirth the old becomes new the new love
freedom combined with responsibility love of the one and the many
all aspects of godhead rarified alchemy of human destiny
on earth and the stars beyond universes of infinite possibilities
multiverse of infinite beauty wonders and mysteries to discover
creation and preservation of life all things can be known eventually

i wonder if she thinks any of the same thoughts as me or feelings
or if she thinks of me at all even if she does not i am grateful
for the small consideration she has shown in the past and the present
eternal love i thank her though she may never know
how i feel about her and for her though i should probably tell her
especially since she told me though perhaps a fleeting emotion
yet the memory of her still keeps me happy and sane in love
with life her and all things the 10000 aspects of reality
we are reflected in everything chaos and order above and below
soul and mind spirit and body all one in love fire of life
water of life all becoming and being at the same time

i will remember her and how she made me feel how she
inspires me to be a better person reminds me to love and live

dreams of the future fall 20130013



insect aliens humanity overcomes oppression

possible future we are under siege by insect overlords
they want to enslave us and use our people for labor
and our planet as a hatchery as they expand in the universe
and beyond through the interdimensional gateways
unique to earth a nexus point for the multiverse
we do our best to resist with magical technology
given to us by the wizards of light and ancient ones
the elder races that do not support the insect empires
just as humanity has thrown off centuries of ignorance
war poverty inequality of all types the insects came
the emissaries of light are able to help the leaders of humanity
with hybrid technology of magic and science organic robotics
tools to disrupt counter and disarm the alien invaders

mary 2



part three

archetypes of eternity alchemy of the heart astral voyager

alchemy of the heart0007

secret door in the waystation hallway of mystery interdimensional portal(s) of nine realms




wolf woman helen of troy

woman as wolf wife and lover beautiful yet killer
ecstatic dance love but cruelty lust and pain
i am not enough for her and i know the danger
but i do not want to give up on her completely

mary 3



travels through space time alternate and parallel dimensions worlds universes

many earths of which ours is but one the sixth
fifth is flooded each has different people mostly
odin allfather of asgard and eden of eldren below
above our earth our guide in the spacetime ship
of the cosmic waystation in the magic city of wizards
we fly through the cosmic ocean between worlds sea of space
using stargates and interdimensional tunnels portals pathways
to other planets worlds dimensions in the universe and multiverse
alternate and parallel worlds universes dimensions
a guest in the living house ship named stephen
says he lost his watch the key to his hidden treasure of knowledge in his home world
at the bottom of a swamp on another world
in the darklands also his lover a beautiful dark elf named eden
i say i will help him find his missing key and friend
and help him get back to his own earth of water and endless islands
and he in turn promises to help me and my friends find the water of life
world medicine stolen by some dark elves
which will help our planet and restore the balance of the universe
finding the secrets of the ancients answers to mysteries
of life creation preservation of light truth wisdom

connection to the source in the fifth higher world dimension asgard olympus meru
fulfilling the task set out by the wizards of light council of the many races of the nine realms

magic city school of wizards secret library of eldren bridging sky and earth
eldren faery otherworld atlantis avalon and the home of humanity silver future world city
together in the space between worlds bridged by the waystations of light my home
interconnected buildings and tunnels hallways and passages doorways and windows
spiral tower lighthouse for sky ships library in otherworld and portals to the other realms
one of many gifts of the ancient ones legacies of light and balance order out of chaos
some still inhabiting the second world of eldren above earth yet below faery elvenhome
and 7th dimension home of gods of asgard olympus meru holy mountains of the galaxy

in the deep darkness between stars galaxies the void where we cannot
use a gate for whatever reason such as missing a turn in the star tunnels roads bridges

we have time to talk and watch the faraway stars
if we are still in a universe and not just the cosmic ocean encircling sea of space

abyss then we talk and sleep and dream of our goal
the ones we love far away in other universes
and sometimes if we are lucky or not so much
in more than one world echoes of the same person
alternate versions of our loves the lovers we left behind
a bittersweet reminder of what we have lost and hope
to regain when we return from our long journeys through the cosmos
with the knowledge and wisdom to create a perfect future
for the earth and humanity of the first world of creation solar system
a new beginning evolution towards inclusion in the community of stars

of the new and ancient races of the universe multiverse of infinite possibilities
to resist the evil influence of the dark powers of the abyss the void
of shadows of life wraiths from beyond the universe of light and color

mary 4



water elementals and sky spirits

dreaming rock formation bed of stars
communicating with ancient spirits native americans
sky of beauty and mystery friendship of other races
aliens and faeries from earth eldren elvenhome
faelands second and third worlds surrounding earth
telling stories to pass the night time make sense of nature
continue the wisdom and culture of the ancient ones

mary 5



the river of dreams

golden thread of knowledge mysticism magic alchemy true art

water elemental aliens appear again and i try to lead them away
from my friends and family to caverns made by ancient humans
yet connected to the cosmic waystation escape tunnels

on a warm summer day women i have loved
helen lilac winter spring enjoying the cool water
sunshine of the first world magic of inbetween

i fly over mountains and valleys in search of treasure
i am attacked by monsters in armor flying beasts
i use my powers and skills to fend them off
i hear spring congratulate me through my communication stone

using the gateway of the cosmic waystation a man tries to change history
bringing his son to his own future to be together
i have to try and stop this from happening without tragedy
the boy is fine but the father perishes giving himself
to the river then there is a flood and we are all washed
further down than we have been before stranded for now
we must find our way back to the trail that leads home
perhaps through other times and versions of earth
the forest between worlds parallel universes
always with the goal of returning to the waystation eventually

golden thread of knowledge mysticism magic alchemy true art

mary 6



wind of change

fire water spirit of life growth change happiness balance
earths of infinite possibilities eldren and asgard above
self multiversal waystation secret tunnels
passages treasures rooms of mystery

wind of change blows through my window
bringing life and danger combined and hope for the future
opportunity for growth and evolution and peace
of mind body soul spirit world all one connected
my house becomes yet always has been and will be
in the eternal moment that is now a focal point nexus
gateway to the waystation beyond time and space
in this universe and also part of the multiverse
and this world an in between place of possibility
infinite worlds stretching out waiting to be explored
not only in this universe of beauty but alternate ones
with different histories yet familiar people and ideas
and universes of magic and wonder higher and lower
full of darkness and light conduits of the source
directly and through the shadows of reflection
left and right path of the tree of life yet only one destination
and beginning though separated by perception
perspective of gods and demons and humans on either side
in the middle and on the other side of the other side
complexity and simplicity combine and separate creating
beauty and art the 10000 the things of creation and life
not just in the world of worlds outside but inside

fire water spirit of life growth change happiness balance
earths of infinite possibilities eldren and asgard above
self multiversal waystation secret tunnels
passages treasures rooms of mystery

mary 63



community of the waystation

mountain forest valley silver city on a hill
faery rings circles doorways interdimensional tunnels
in the earth and the underworld world of giants and elves
of light and darkness dwarves wizards demigods

a great tree in the front yard for sitting and hiding
glass playhouse refuge for animals and children
down the hill from the main house mountain homes
extensions of the waystation secret library of the ancients
guardians of the multiverse white wizards and witches of light and color

moving through corridors of light and darkness
far from home beset on all sides by enemies
we must look for help from aliens and other fair folk
faeries and elves dwarves and giants angels and demigods
forge new alliances to find our way home and survive
to see our families again and fulfill our mission to preserve life

and the universe as a whole all nine worlds and eleven dimensions
maintaining the balance of the five elements and seven wheels of light and color

mountain forest valley silver city on a hill
faery rings circles doorways interdimensional tunnels
in the earth and the underworld world of giants and elves
of light and darkness dwarves elves wizards demigods

mary 8



from darkness to light shadow to color ignorance to knowledge
wisdom and balance bliss and becoming within being evolution and transcendence

waystation house under attack by rogue military
a wayward hero is wanted by the enemy for themselves
we must defend our home our ship from invasion
changing the house into a fortress using magic robots
automated fighters of ancient science cyborgs and clones
artificial persons with self awareness and consciousness

the world of dreams outside borderland with earth
eldren we must close ourselves off as much as we can
i am able to fend off the first wave that enters through
the front gate door of mystery yet we must close and lock
the entrances and exits and prepare for further attacks
i have the enemy soldiers put in holding cells
to try and learn the nature of our foe and put them
out of harm’s way both for us and them so we do not have to worry
about them while we prepare our defenses not yet sure
if we will have to move the waystation house on earth to another position
away from the silver wizard city of eldren mountain forest river valley

through space and time to a more secure location
on earth faery or elvenhome middle and higher worlds
using the power of the five elements soul and shadow energy

light and color positive and negative
life and death creation and destruction
balance of chaos and order line and cross
circle and spiral cube and pyramid

seeds of love we wait to see what will happen next
and if the heroes of the nine worlds will help our cause
or whether too many are loyal to those they have served
the forces of darkness amassed outside our home
inn between worlds cosmic waystation of the multiverse
universe of higher and lower planes of being consciousness truth
love power what secrets they have hidden in their memories
and what information we may glean from our prisoners
will help us understand our enemy perhaps find
a way to end the galactic conflict without anyone else getting hurt
on earth because of interdimensional politics and games
perhaps even turn some of the servants of darkness to friends and allies

from darkness to light shadow to color ignorance to knowledge
wisdom and balance bliss and becoming within being evolution and transcendence

mary 9



underworld and otherworld afterworld endor eldren atlantis avalon faery

peace beauty light love understanding dream poetry vision future past eternity myth sky island continent magic imagination truth cosmos bliss being becoming evolution transcendence

light love health insight intuition life progress alchemy transcendence starlight moon sun universe cosmos peace love understanding beauty preservation balance truth art dream poetry visions future past eternity myth sky magic imagination world peace love understanding ultramarine heart communication balance synthesis creativity

mistaken identity idea(s) one of the founders of the sophia mega corporation
i find wandering the streets with lost memories starlight and moonbeams
i give him stimulant drugs and restoration medicines healing magic
and he returns with me in the lowest level of the great tower of the waystation
a good place to keep our finger on the pulse of the multiverse
a refuge for magician sorcerer wizards to study and learn

gabrielle holly sophia eleanor julia jasmine starflower parvati emily

an army of mutants threatens the waystation mountain temple
the spiral tower i call out to all of our friends and allies to defend
robots cyborgs clones trained warriors armies of light
i climb to the top of the tower of stone earth water fire air sky spirit
the destination as it is known from below to look for answers
to access the ancient power that may save us now yet

in the underground tunnels below the church waystation
i see sophia for a moment then she disappears
we all leave to get some fresh air and go home
i sit with sophia outside at a table in the visiting area
over tea and coffee she says she is getting married
i am upset but i don’t know what to say
she leaves again and i try to not think about her
later i talk to lily and vanessa in the mountain temple entrance
where we work on our interdimensional business
they ask me if i really am in love with sophia
and i have to say yes though she is far away

mary 11



community of new ancient wisdom love and light

flying around the waystation church downtown wizard city in search
of those who would try to harm us our mission
over the mountain city of earth and eldren combined mixture of faery and midworld
captured by dark forces i escape through magic and science
strength and flexibility using the power of the waystation key jumping up and through bars
the enemy stronghold in the crossroads city to the north west knoxville
helped by giants but then betrayed to the gang of criminals in service to lemurian corporation

a note from spring two poems hidden on my tattoos
lightning and fire ice and wind fireflies and lightning bugs
i ask the one who helped me escape the dark army of the master
he does not know where the poem notes came from
and i don not get a chance to question him further
thugs from the dark syndicate of lemuria arrive to take me
the firefly betrayed me though i do not fault him and now i must fly away again

jumping off of the second world pleasure palace
i run into a swarm of insect guardians
they bring me to their master on the fourth world of eldren atlantis avalon faery dwarvenhome
i must escape again and find a master of light
i see that the insects are fireflies on this level of reality
i pass through them easily back to the third world elvenhome
high in the sky floating island continent castle of light amidst darkness

sex i have trouble finding a partner
though one woman holds my hand
even in darkness there is (her) light

mary 12



the oldest story earth eldren mountains forests stars

waystation school for all ages of youth and adults
close to the temple church house apartment building
the spiral tower of wizards and angels
city of wizards at the border of earth and eldren dwarvenhome
city of doorways and windows through time and space
floating island of magic and wonders balance and light
neutral territory between light and dark chaos and order
eternal cosmic conflict of good and evil black and white form and void

in the ancient temple of eldren separate but related to the waystation there is a flood
giant crocodiles swarm in through tunnels unknown
i do my best to try to save as many people as i can
i have to find my way to the control room
of this ancient city time space ship
along the way marshalling the defenses of the temple
one crocodile tries to eat me but cannot get through
the force field of green blue violet and white light around me
nor can i easily escape so we are stuck together for a time
at first i try to convince it to let go of me but then i realize i cannot delay any longer

mary 14



waystation cosmic silver elf wizard city of doorways and windows in space and time

the milky way home galaxy sea of stars beauty and light amidst the darkness
life is good sophia holds my hand in hers and i notice how beautiful her eyes are
dark but with light shining from within rainbow tears of joy brown blue green
i would rather be alone with her than with anyone else together in time and space face to face
love and light between us all others fade away into the background other friends
former lovers enemies and strangers guests and travelers voyagers in the darkness
light of the waystation beacon of hope and life preservation and community
togetherness each finds what they are looking for and more what they need
top floor of the old general store downtown is converted into apartments for residents
guests and visitors from other worlds cities of earth and eldren fifth and sixth worlds
of the wizard crossroads city silver city between earth eldren and the higher worlds

mary 15



community of earth and eldren new atlantis ancient temple school

flying through windows and doorways beethoven’s ninth symphony plays often in the gardens
confronting evil fighting forces of darkness defeating the monsters inside and outside
creatures from the lower worlds occasionally break through the barriers underground
ancient tunnels leading to infernal planes worlds of darkness and chaos fire and ice
the new church built over ancient ruins one of many outposts of the waystation
prison and castle for keeping vampires and fire demons from causing destruction
rising up from the darkness to threaten humans dwarves elves trolls orcs of earth and eldren
aurora and andromeda help me take care of the new church and the gardens surrounding
nature spirits in service to the ancients gods demigods angels elves of light and dwarves
guardians of the gateways between worlds preservers of balance and light in darkness
the waystation key of life allows me to ask them for help with more authority than some
when necessary i can control what other people and creatures do if not what they think

mary 16



elemental air and water space time ships between worlds of dream and waking

out at the edges of the known universe exploration
new alien species discovered mysteries of life revealed
destiny of humanity and origins wrapped up together
there are conflicts on earth and out in the depths of outer space
in all its wonders and pain strangeness and mystery life continues ever onwards
struggle between giants and humans yet not all giants are antagonistic
some humans and giants are able to live together in peace and harmony
in the wilderness of the middle worlds we try to build a new civilization
beyond earth yet closely linked with midgard opposing the chaos giants

witches and magicians in the city of wizards mountain home of monsters aliens humans
men and women with magical powers mutants and angels in disguise future world city
of humanity and beyond transcendence and evolution of consciousness
i do my best to protect the people living between worlds multiverse of possibilities
higher and lower planes of awareness and being dimensions of reality the universe
i go into the labyrinth below the wizard city to patrol the pathways between dimensions
checking the seals of the doorways through time and space imprisoning dangerous monsters
either in their own dimensions or in magical talismans in the ancient temple for safekeeping
sometimes friendly monsters will offer trades of knowledge and insight in exchange for help

always there is more to explore ideas and people locations and pathways new and old stories
mythic present eternal now foundation and sky of understanding triple city between
worlds of giants humanity and dwarves elves angels of light gods and goddesses of myth
rainbow wizards and witches white magic ancient technology of future transportation
within the guardian living house of secrets and mystery multidimensional cosmic waystation
elemental energy of air and water earth and fire spirit and sky space time cosmic doorways and portals ships between worlds of dream and waking tied together

aliens and humans living together in peace more or less united by the shared fear of darkness
university of the rainbow in the mountain forest city training grounds for guardians of light
on earth eldren and the world of giants middle worlds many trolls and orcs helping
the triple city is guarded by the balance of the universal and multiversal tribunal of ancients
light in darkness good against evil form of stars and people against the void of outer dark

mary 17



tree silver wizard city of the future past bordering new old elf city of the mountain forest

cosmic transit station in the mountains university of dreams ancient temple and waystation
land and air space and time worlds above and below planets and stars far away yet close
travel and trade between earth nine realms and other parts of milky way and other galaxies

warriors of wind and rain storms of change
upheaval on faraway planets and back home on earth
eldren and the higher planes dimensions of dwarves and elves
a small boy who is a mystic center of power bodhisattva reincarnation
helps us with our struggle against the forces of darkness
some giants and good demons fight against their own kind
while some humans help the lords of darkness and chaos
we use the power of wind and other elements to defend ourselves
green blue violet white magic light and color of the rainbow

in the university of nature shared learning by elves dwarves and humans
defense and knowledge powers of mind and spirit magic and art of science
uniting to oppose antagonistic giants demons orks dark elves wraiths and shadows
drawing young people from all corners of the continent of north america and beyond
center of power of nature and main entrance into higher worlds through the second one
underground homes of the dwarves silver city of encircling seas inhabited by ancient humans
silver elves and those of forests and valleys visitors and those who want to be close to earth
those who have been tasked by the angels of light to watch over the world of humanity below
returning to prominence with advent of interstellar travel in the world of 21st century humans

we must work together to oppose the demons and humans working with the forces of darkness
both here on earth and eldren and beyond the local star system to planets and worlds far away
robots and cybernetic beings on both sides of light and darkness angels and aberrations
horror and beauty of lower and higher dimensions and planes of consciousness and being

mary 18



silver wizard city of earth eldren interstellar space station

sophia writes me letters small works of art inside
full of beauty and magic yet i do not always receive them
except all at once for i am often out fighting monsters
searching for hidden treasures to help our cause
spending time trapped in the belly of giant worms whales dragons and other beasts
on different worlds far away and on different planes of being
the people of the waystation hold my mail for me
and i return with magical jewels of great power
sapphires and emeralds containing essence of ancient spirits
my friends and i combine them into sources of power for our home
allowing our ships better defend against the forces of darkness
as we explore the higher and lower worlds searching for knowledge
and wisdom of the ancients hidden in ruins and nature’s hidden places
using my sword and key inside my heart and mind to gather light
bringing allies and new friends of all kinds of races even some shadows
if not back to the waystation and the wizard city then with promises
of future help and trade with emissaries and ambassadors to follow
further enhancing the integration of the nine realms with earth
allowing humanity to prosper and explore the milky way galaxy and beyond
finding that which has been lost treasures and knowledge undreamed of
uniting humanity in peace and cooperation as a species along with the others
elves dwarves other fairy folk of light and darkness who serve the balance
against the forces of the outer darkness void beyond the edge of galaxies
using many fire demons fallen angels shadows and wraiths against light
complexity and simplicity of nature good and evil love and hate paradox of life
always i and we try to return to earth eldren world of dreams and waking
home planet for humanity and the elves of light and darkness monsters and people
finding knowledge and artifacts in the secret places of parallel universes and dimensions
helping us to contact more alien races in stars and planets far away in the milky way and beyond
uniting in common cause to defend against the outer darkness agents of the void great serpent
in labyrinths of ancient ruins and within our own minds and souls secrets of life and eternity
future past and present combined in the now of experiencing life and the oldest story
light against darkness using everything and everyone we can to preserve life and the universe
of universes multiverse of infinite possibility evolution and transcendence of humanity
one of the three lights of the middle world between darkness below and light above
world of fire demons and the world of gods of the various pantheons of world mythology

mary 19



world of the future global peace and sustainability justice and wisdom

sophia peace love understanding being consciousness bliss

flying through space and time on a voyage of self discovery
and the worlds of earth and magic cosmic music bridging the many worlds
universe of universes infinite possibilities always we are called back home
by desire of heart and soul remembering the eyes of loved ones
spirit of love and life uniting minds and consciousness across time and space
voyages through the eternal moment of myth and the physical world
echoes of the spiritual realm clues and hints of truth and light
from behind and beyond limitations and barriers light in darkness order in chaos
balance of good and evil beyond human understanding beyond ignorance
face of love behind the masks of god gods and demons angels and monsters
the foundation of creation and destruction preservation of life and consciousness
perfection beyond flaws of humanity source of beauty and magic wonder and mystery
realization and reflection of truth and wisdom cosmic ocean of compassion and love
and we must play our roles in the cosmic drama and conflict in worlds above and below
we return as humans in the middle between darkness and light nature and chaos
destined to preserve and care for life spread consciousness and evolution of thought
involution of the spiritual and physical universes worlds of magic and wonder
transcending and sublimating lower worlds the void beyond and within stars hearts
integrating illuminating and reflecting the light of awareness vision and imagination

humanity faces many problems in the next century yet there are many opportunites
for enlightenment moving beyond mere survival of the fittest competition at any cost
human transcendence reaching the full potential of shared prosperity and compassion
preservation of life creation of evolving future balance order and freedom truth
beyond horror of poverty scarcity inequality everyone is free to pursue their dreams
as long as they are not nightmares for humanity as a whole or their neighbors
becoming better angels of ourselves a positive future vision for society community
finding our perfect lovers transcending the troubles of childhood and adolescence
dealing with the loss of friends disappointment over missed opportunities mistakes made
in the past sickness unto death and rebirth redemption love compassion always
progression evolution growth transcendence change sleepers must awaken to light

mary 20



parvati eleanor lilac journeys and travels consciousness beauty of nature

on earth and in the higher worlds above we visit new lands transforming our minds soul bodies doorways of light portals through space and time far away kingdoms
countries of magic and mystery where beautiful people of fairy and heaven live
we have met before they came to our homeland across the cosmic ocean between worlds
the mountains of eternity separating earth and the worlds of giants elves nature gods
hidden valleys with rivers of light temples of wisdom rivalling the worlds of eldren
gods and goddesses demons of order compassion and mercy forces of balance and light

i want to visit her beautiful country across the great eastern sea alone or with others
the companions of my past and future sophia and julia would like it there i am sure
and the journey would not be difficult in our spacetime ship house of doorways hallways
waystation expansion and progression evolution and growth mysteries and secrets
becoming and being magic spiritual technology uniting the dimensions and universes
waystation and ships sailing the cosmic ocean separating and surrounding all worlds
friends and family center of a new community at the border between earth and faery
magical world of eldren dreams ancient and future earth where anything is possible

to find true love especially when and where we least expect though we only met once
connection between us allows for travel through the worlds of dream magic back to earth
where she lives perhaps waiting in any case it will be good to see her again if i can
find her dream lover and true friend beauty and inspiration for life and art
reminder of the magic in the everyday world of humanity nature and physics of life
starlight of human heart and soul mind and vision reflection of the cosmos in her eyes
darkness and light together balance of opposites simplicity in complexity transcending
paradox of life uncertainty and mystery attraction and preservation of life creation

mary 21




i wonder what she is doing
and if she is thinking of me
at least with a little joy
something like what i am feeling
if not obsession some passion
desire to see me again soon
in the not too distant future
if only to talk and share stories
inner light and memories
power of love and friendship
compassion and intimacy
visions and dreams of infinity
eternity of love and peace balance
understanding truth and wisdom
we together experiencing life in this
beautiful world galaxy universe
in my dreams i see her standing
she holds my hand and says
she will be mine if only i ask

at least for one night perhaps
longer yet there are others
competing for her attention
and she is not one to deny love
or desire at least without regret
and there is always something more
someone new to fall in love with
yet she will always have a place
at the center of my heart and soul
my secret garden of dreams
magic and wonder infinite
possibility imagination visions
hope that one day we might be
together alone without waiting
too long to begin again our life together
her voice in the wind her face in the sky

love compassion heart

mary 22



things places people to do be see

gardening working
landscaping playing
searching discovering
writing walking
drawing riding
organizing flying
dreaming falling
loving climbing
living reading
listening repeating
talking innovating
feeling spiraling
sharing becoming
communicating reflecting
giving deflecting
taking lighting
understanding enlightening
finding transcending
learning evolving
being involving

peace peace peace
mountain sky forest temple

julia eleanor penelope lotus laurel
lauren andromeda rosemary vanessa sage
spring holly jasmine starflower sophia
gabrielle holly lilac emily andromeda

peace love understanding beauty creation
balance truth art dream poetry
visions future past eternity myth
sky magic imagination preservation energy
soul power progression peace prosperity

mary 23



between human hearts building bridges to the stars

emily the woman i knew
years ago lies down with me
pressing her cheek against mine
she sighs and asks why it has taken
so long for us to come together
again yet for the first time truly
and even now there is separation
between belief and background history
that cannot be ignored forever
at least without grave consequences
stifling of spirit heart mind
soul of body and consciousness visions
require honesty truth always
even in illusion ennobling
through art of dance song painting
poetry and storytelling
we may yet find a way to reach
resolution redemption resurrection
the bond between us may yet
stay strong grow more beautiful

mary 24



tree city

the locations of my youth centers
of experiencing life the universe
cosmos spreading out beyond sky
ocean of light and darkness
yet here on earth the mountain
town of ancient power and beauty
trees and animal spirits eternal mythic
dreamtime close to immortal nature
knowledge the school temple feasting hall
tower of secrets and wisdom
all connected by community of earth and sky
human and nonhuman persons faeries wizards
guardians of the pathways between the many worlds
universes beyond our own higher and lower dimensions
planes of diverging and unifying consciousness being awareness
realms of adventure across the cosmic ocean between
multiverse and omniverse of infinite stories possibilities
wonders and mysteries beauty
and there is always something more
to discover create become within and beyond
being peace love understanding balance light life

mary 25



past present future eternal now myth and dream waking enlightenment becoming being consciousness bliss

emphasize catalyze create peace love integration creativity vision imagination understanding holistic thought justice equality compassion heart action emotion culture cooperation

silver clouds overcast blue sky mountain hillside trees dancing in wind blowing through naked branches stretching with life towards love of embrace among air communication and bare trunks swaying in spiral fractal mandala relationship balance becoming amidst being understanding consciousness twilight rain storm coming slow fast staying same constantly changing tears falling souls mind collective individual light indigo ocean cosmic shore surface planet earth home ship floating castle amidst stars milky way virgo supercluster and beyond

remember balance relationship connection self world healing
transformation beauty truth consciousness bliss

mary 26



new ancient community of light

new community bridging the valley west and mountains east
shared prosperity and symbiosis with the large cities coexistence
providing a refuge for those who want to get away from their past
and those who have always felt at home in balance natural environment
even though the cities have come a long way towards sustainability
there is something special about being away from tall buildings wilderness
under the canopy of old trees a small city built among the oaks pines and maples
extension of the old national park to include most land not directly part of the few megacities having most of the human population of the future world city global government
except the new national international global parks allow humans to live and work there
here yet in the balance of nature beyond the megacities still connected and belonging
one to another yin and yang wilderness and futurism refuge and homeworld all one

mary 27



peace beauty light love health perception consciousness

insight intuition life preservation balance progress alchemy transcendence imagination
starlight moon sun world universe cosmos voyages in worlds of light and darkness
astral plane imagination art life storytelling creation preservation
understanding progress alchemy planet earth solar system orion spiral arm of stars
milky way galaxy local group virgo supercluster local universe metaverse multiverse omniverse
diamond soul dreams fractal mandala visions imagination beauty art friendship creativity storytelling poetry alchemy peace love understanding justice freedom magic
art peace love life light balance writing storytelling creation imagination heart mind
julia eleanor penelope lotus andromeda rosemary vanessa spring holly jasmine starflower
second world faery astral planar realm fifth dimensional metaverse arcadia
eldren eldar otherworld numenor atlantis avalon stormhold
silver golden sapphire world city of humans and elves wizards gods demons giants
world peace universal love earth solar system orion spiral galaxy local universe cosmos
galaxies combining parting coming together again wisdom of the ancients upanishads
milky way sky home earth diamond soul dreams fractal mandala visions imagination
beauty art friendship creativity storytelling poetry peace love understanding justice freedom magic omniscience imagination art life creation preservation understanding progressive alchemy peace beauty light love health balance transcendence truth fiction imagination art writing life
world peace universal love understanding art philosophy creation preservation destruction
archetypes of peace love compassion knowledge understanding wisdom light
art gateway to elysium shambhala arcadia world city of silver and golden light
magic future past eternal now fairy tale cosmic imagination myth storytelling
spiral rainbow towers libraries schools and houses of silver and golden wizard city
future humanity in north america and the rest of the world east and west north and south
third world faery lower heaven mental planar realm elysium shambhala sol valinor afterworld
undying lands blessed realm of ascended humans wizards light elves
eldar maiar valar devas gods and demigods nature spirits six dimensional universe
fourth and fifth worlds heaven proper causal plane seven dimensional universe valinor
highest dimensional physical reality of tree of life source of cosmic hierarchy holarchy
diamond cities of gods mount meru causation asgard olympus planets of the gods
balance of chaos and order life and death creation and destruction preservation
universal tribunal college of gods and devas angels cosmic beings celestials
higher realms tree of life buddha nature ninth through eleventh dimensional universe
multiversal tribunal balance of cosmic forces of creation preservation destruction
underworld first and second dimensions go and chess boards of reality
encompassing first world midgard arda earth physical creation planar realm
midworld and surrounding universes of fire and ice third dimensional universe
humans wizards elves giants elementals dwarves dark elves faeries gods demons
descent and rise spiral galactic supercluster transformation change growth evolution
transcendence pushing and pulling time space identity
imagination art writing life storytelling creation preservation understanding
sky magic progress alchemy home paradise heaven on earth
science fiction fantasy in progress poems and stories future of humanity
soul spirit expressions art peace love understanding balance beauty consciousness
love of life dreams of the future light and shadow finding what is hidden
star peace warrior light love life balance progression world house cosmic waystation
sixth dimensional perspective archetypes of god and goddess unity of realities
world hero lotus light love laughter longing learning illuminating becoming being
immanence and transcendence unity within duality door of perception eye of love
window of heart child love flames hands feet knowledge alchemy
flower of life art intuition creativity visions dreams imagination wonder childhood
world healing compassion hope balance nature protectors librarians wizards
black hole doorway window soul dark and light complexity bright eyes woman
process of life shadow light process life organic growth change
shiva shakti emanation creation combination balance synthesis
magic blue beautiful violet rose peacock eye labyrinth mandala
paradise dream map river garden temple house mountains
green nature spirit friend guardian defender tears rain falling soul spirit beauty hope
purple lotus blossoming hope springs eternal consciousness
mysterious self world unconscious collective knowledge myth
labyrinth duality perfection balance deep good life flowing growing loving
magic is possible necessary bounded yet infinite stars eyes serpents vision
unity light and dark shadow angels and angel shadows communication
all one within without illusion life destruction resurrection rebirth
secret ancient pathway pain change night day duality love
library of alexandria mountain valley garden temple peace overcoming transcending
ocean shore doorway circle open faery interdimensional gateway star heart portal light truth consciousness bliss dream creation shadow alchemy eyes vision heart emanation balance integration wisdom environment earth water fire air spirit
elements symbols integration alchemy guardians garden ocean heart philosophy art
magic beauty dreams imagination nature universe self world cosmos world peace
love understanding ultramarine heart communication balance synthesis creativity
singing nature spirit fire flame of knowledge and wisdom guardian protector
new fifth element spirit creative discovery art poetry intuition inspiration truth love
sea doorway window vision window soul paradise earth night stars poetry poems
labyrinth flower heart life vision flowers hearts visions imagination beauty mind spirit soul mandala path smile dance drawing garden dream dreams love lovers loved magic
change love peace cosmic consciousness new ancient stories the fool
peace within without diverse threads weaving webs fractals mandalas tapestries
one in two and two in one unity in diversity wisdom of the ancients upanishads
source highest heaven unity of life enlightenment silver star of earth water fire air spirit sky wind

mary 28



part four

progress peace prosperity ecology love justice truth

alchemy of the heart0006

water air earth fire spirit elemental guardian(s) of the interdimensional doorway(s)




major arcana archetypes of eternity guardians of the multiverse

the fool the magician message of love spirit of fire
earth home first through fourth worlds
creation and preservation of life progression
new ancient community light life love
bridging west and east valleys and mountains cities and forests

the high priestess flower of love
now people evolution and involution
human beings animals spirits magical creatures of light and shadow
chaos order the balance love peace preservation of life above all concerns
all worlds universes in the tree of life lattice of creation preservation destruction

the empress visions of past and future love and loss magic and wonder
the emperor eye of the world soul of the self heart of the universe
the hierophant serpent of wisdom eye of truth
the lovers eye of consciousness cosmic ocean between earth and sky
the chariot vision of beauty

strength passion mandala of spirit
the hermit blue world universe self love
wheel of fortune eye of the world
justice adjustment knowledge self wisdom truth light

the hanged man tree of life flower of consciousness
multiverse of possibilities evolution and involution
death the washer at the ford
temperance art lovers seekers artists friends companions

the green man cosmic self ocean of love light truth imagination dreams
the spiral tower love
the star sophia evolution growth change imagination of the future past
the moon isis resurgence

the sun apollo
the aeon world cosmic songbirds
the world universe multiverse
secret messages light in eyes truth letters of love

mary 29




nine realms dimensions worlds


under world of ice and death spirits

lands of the dead good and evil ice and darkness
dragons trolls demons giants
plane of air
abraxas eldren faery world
gateway to the void of outer darkness black hole portal(s) between and beyond stars people


under world of fire

world of fire elementals demons giants
plane of fire
base of the tree of life
cosmic tree of the galaxy
abraxas eldren faery world
self begin transformation
becoming within being


middle world of air and wind

underworld of dark elves and orcs
plane of water
future history of the human race in the third millenium
flower of life
bird of paradise
universal love
earth sun galaxy universe cosmos
earth dragon


middle world of earth and beyond

fourth dimension of physical reality
world of giants
plane of earth
trolls and titans dragons
out of the present into the future and past again
love life beauty balance sky magic


earth endor midgard

material plane of being
waystation house and inn between worlds
secret library of the ancients
emerald silver gold diamond sapphire cities
of white magic and science of the ancients
knowledge and wisdom of creation
preservation and destruction of ignorance
peace love understanding beauty
balance truth art
past is prologue
starflower mandala
cosmic waystation
multiversal tree of life

tree of life endor nine worlds of earth sun system of new atlanteans templars elves
dwarves wizards witches nature spirits giants titans dragons trolls orcs dark elves
aliens elementals vampires fire demons shadows wraiths faeries of light and darkness
demigods angels eternals gods and goddesses devas and asura asgardians olympians
guardians of nature earth middle world otherworld universe cosmos metaverse celestials
multiversal guardian tribunal balance of good and evil light and darkness chaos and order
dimensional realm of dreams source of light and life creation preservation of the omniverse


silver city second world earth dimension of eldren

exploration discovery
adventure change becoming
world below elvenhome
above earth and the world of giants
balance peace beauty life love understanding
imagination transcendence truth consciousness bliss
eldren otherworld numenor atlantis avalon stormhold
peace love understanding beauty preservation balance truth art
future past eternity myth sky magic imagination
silver cities of green magic and science of ancients
lands of ancient races faery otherworld
gabrielle holly sophia eleanor julia lotus andromeda
lily spring emily jasmine starflower aurora laurel
traveler lover voyager hermit explorer
guardian archetypes of eternity
alchemy of the heart transcendence
astral voyager progress peace prosperity
ecology love justice truth
second world tears of joy and sorrow
sweet rain falling from sky and stars
flower of life light love truth wisdom
silver star of earth water fire air spirit
sky wind storm eagle vision
peace planetology magic words imagination
invocation alchemist heart
lovely sky boat

spring julia eleanor jasmine starflower
rosemary lilac gabrielle laurel emily arnica stella
andromeda lotus lauren alice lily vanessa indigo
megan heather aurora kuan yin
saraswati lakshmi parvati
asteraceae tara gaia
isis inanna ishtar
athena aphrodite artemis

message of love spirit of fire
flower of life bird of paradise
tears of joy and sorrow bittersweet rain falling from sky stars
fairy tale cosmic imagination myth storytelling creation

asteraceae saraswati tara lakshmi kuan yin parvati gaia
sophia spring julia andromeda eleanor aurora gabrielle arnica jasmine starflower lotus emily
saraswati gabrielle sophia lily adrienne spring heather eleanor asteraceae tara parvati
starflower andromeda lily jasmine arnica vanessa julia lotus emily kuan yin


world of light elves

alfheim elysium shambhala arcadia summerlands hyperborea
silver gold lapis sapphire cities of blue magic science of the ancients
elvenhome spiral towers of secret knowledge and wisdom
peace love understanding beauty preservation balance
truth art peace beauty light love health understanding
insight intuition life preservation balance
progress alchemy transcendence imagination
starlight moon sun world dimension universe
metaverse multiverse omniverse cosmos
drawings alchemy heart imagination storytelling
mythology universal fractal lighthouse
flower of life world tree creation

sophia eleanor andromeda emily lotus arnica
vanessa indigo adrienne parvati spring jasmine julia lilac

tara asteraceae queen of sky faeries
one of many goddesses of nature in faery water world
magical beings of light

asteraceae arnica tara saraswati
spring sophia julia eleanor andromeda
aurora lotus jasmine adrienne
lily emily vanessa rosemary lauren
parvati starflower gabrielle holly


world of nature spirits wizards and angels of light

sapphire and diamond cities of violet magic
science of the ancients
peace love understanding preservation truth
art future past eternity myth
milky way sky home earth
new life begins
hope for balance
unity in diversity
summer of love

dreams of the fair folk faeries of light and darkness elves dwarves halflings trolls demons angels those who dream awake spirit journeys pathways gateways portals in time and space between and among the many worlds of matter mind and spirit soul of nature infinity and eternity morningstar brothers and sisters of the sun moon and stars book of questions and memories of parting and coming together again past present and future of earth arda sol humanity and elvenhome tree of life wheels of light legends and myths geography of the ancient past and future my life in progress a beginning green turquoise sky blue sea blue reflecting infinity of space silver and gold of stars everlasting starflower fractal mandala diamond soul dreams tarot tree of life chakras wheels of light love adventures in trade city crossroads of america north and south east and west reluctant world hero journey northward colors of beauty unity in diversity silence and contemplation music dream awake silence at the edge of the world time travel and magic the tiger and the jewel of the red and blue eyes eldren dragon people white lighthouse tower and wizard city of the mountain sky way between earth and the summerlands otherworld faery valinor undying lands third and fourth dimensional planar worlds on the tree of life lattice of creation multiverse the twilight artist the sleeper awakens meta universal progression tarot archetypes spiral evolution transcendence immanence peace balance perfection sister sunshine fractal spiral samurai fighting for peace love and justice magic science and the future of humanity north and south east and west balance becoming being peace love understanding more light fractal spiral samurai for peace and justice abraxas world serpent cosmic rainbow dragon science fiction fantasy love story flowers of lust becoming love

earth water fire air spirit sky faeries and elves

blue silver fire air wind sky
green light brown forest crystal city earth rain water
dark brown black angelic sapphire royal family
guardians of the elves dwarves and humanity lower worlds from vanaheim

tara asteraceae faery light goddess of nature queen of water elves

spring sophia julia eleanor jasmine
adrienne andromeda aurora lotus
emily lilac vanessa rosemary laurel


highest heaven holy mountains garden of the sky gods

olympus meru valhalla afterworld asgard
realms of the gods and devas of the universe
ninth dimension of reality

guardians of earth mid world and local universe beyond earth sun
orion spiral arm of stars milky way galaxy local group

future world city forest becoming
paradise coming into being

peace love understanding beauty preservation balance truth
art dream poetry visions future past eternity myth sky magic imagination

flowers of lust
for life light love peace of mind spirit soul
blessed be refractions of dawn crowned by starlight
fifth world highest heaven
flower of life light love truth wisdom
silver star of earth water fire air spirit sky wind magic vision of light and darkness

justice art sun world universe

spring and sophia appear again for the first time
moon ocean star goddess muse dreams
art myth philosophy poetry good light beyond humanity
out of the past into presence of truth
hope for future enlightenment transcendence

mary 30



tara asteraceae kuan yin saraswati

peace preservation balance beauty becoming being eternal
life love imagination transcendence truth consciousness bliss

spring julia eleanor sophia jasmine
laurel starflower rosemary emily lily
vanessa indigo arnica aurora lilac
parvati andromeda lotus adrienne lauren

all connected loves of my life humans dwarves faeries light elves
blue silver green brown and black windows of her soul(s)

i remember reading spring’s beautiful messages
opening her letters in the isolation of my room
back from adventures through time and space
higher and lower worlds realms dimensions
even the way she wrote her name filled with artistry
words written long ago yet still living vital memory

water and fire of life and love beauty of earth and wind
sky heart mind soul spirit

long distant memories of coming together and leaving

we work with monsters and demons when we have to do so
trying not to be reduced by the darkness
finding good even in shadow opposing the power(s) of the void
for the greater good the wind and the rain
slaying monsters that devour happiness
yet making the monsters that are just misunderstood
friends companions lovers light in darkness

minor gods devas and asuras fallen and rising fire and air

mary 31



spring lonesome traveler

different lovers cities journeys through space time
i know i love her and her me but what is there to do
i am torn between leaving and staying with her tonight
both will cause pain and i know will stay unless she forces me to go
whether directly and with words or indirectly with action
she knows how i feel about her and even shares
some small or large fragment of the same feeling
for me yet that has not and probably will not
stop her from chasing other lovers even with me here
though i cannot help but hope that perhaps it will be
different this time or at least i will not be hurt
more than i am happy just to be around her together

in body heart mind soul spirit consciousness bliss
the eternal now heaven on earth

mary 32



afterworld above below beyond within

dancing with cows and angels then suddenly a serpent
appears to cause some trouble and then leave again

a room of beauty and danger men and women for hire
hunters adventurers rangers guardians of nature and order
in chaos of the universe of parallel world dimensions multiverse

peace beauty light love health
understanding insight intuition life preservation
balance sky magic progress
alchemy transcendence imagination starlight
moon sun world dimension universe
metaverse multiverse omniverse cosmos

dream pattern life spiral evolution lovelight learning
consciousness bliss truth being and becoming
water air sky elemental elf universal guardian
fire of love star of truth
secret door in the waystation hallway of mystery
interdimensional portal(s) of nine realms
water air earth fire spirit elemental
guardian(s) of the interdimensional doorway(s)
multiversal air elemental doorways of mystery
star of enlightenment love joy happiness
service ancient guardian(s) of the galaxy
universe metaverse multiverse omniverse
protection portal doorway between worlds
time and space infinity
circle of life elements time space
evolution and transcendence

spiral samurai peace love
lapis sapphire diamond soul
fractal mandala art friendship
creativity storytelling imagination

beauty balance art temperance green dragon earth eldren

uriel morning star venus spring goddess angel of light vanir

the spiral tower waystation wizard silver city space time ship

the star future world city community atlantis avalon stormhold dwarvenhome

the moon water world faery elvenhome arcadia hyperborea summerlands shambhala elysium

the sun vanaheim angels of light gods and goddesses of nature fire of love life beauty peace imagination

olympus meru asgard sky garden worlds of devas aesir olympians of the holy mountain milky way home galaxy

faery elf goddess asteraceae queen of water and worlds below elvenhome eldren earth

multiversal waystation tower of doorways and guardians of balance in light

rainbow bridge doorway of light star spacetime gate

librarian guardian doorways of the waystation tower

ace of earth princess of peace

ace of water mothers of rain beauty

ace of fire flower of desire delight dream destiny light life

ace of air love holy mountain between heaven and earth

ace of spirit sky balance sea of stars encircling cosmic ocean form in void light in darkness earth water sun day and night winds of change becoming being

mary 33



spring always comes again lover friend companion

i overhear spring talking to helen and claire about me
how good of a lover i am was to and with them
she wants to know but also does not missed chances
paths not fully traveled turned back to friendship
merely i do not know perhaps not just that
dreaded limitation of affection sorrow longing
i am walking under the window outside the cafe
helen spring claire and other friends are inside
i am torn between running away and to her
yet i know if i stay i will probably hurt more
i will hear about other lovers and probably see
her with other men perhaps yet i cannot leave
unless she tells me to with words or action
eyes or lips kissing another friend lover companion

i want to ask her to come over to my apartment
but i do not want to impose on her yet she might feel
the same so it shouldn’t hurt to ask or tell her how
i feel even though she probably already knows
to put it in words again and anew directly
openly to allow pain of rejection and jealousy
because it will happen anyways whether i accept
or not i cannot turn off my feelings
for her or anyone i can only try to adapt
to the situation environment and what she wants
or what i think she wants and who she is with

what and who she talks about
and who she kisses and walks with holds hands with
if she lets me put my arm around her holding her
close in the winter night air as we walk the streets
back to my apartment house room or if she goes with
someone else and i feel left out abandoned
either way i will love her and nothing will change
that fact of my heart and mind yet i am not strong
enough to take all the pain and jealousy of being close
to her with another lover reminded of what once
could have been and maybe never will be love
and loss but i will stay for now and see
how it goes what her eyes of light and darkness
have to say to me and her words and song of beauty

obsession lust love longing desire attraction
trying to use darkness for light anger for good

mary 34



integration future fantasy myth dream world city forest paradise progress

aliens ancient technology good and evil
school and library community of human seekers
of wisdom knowledge becoming the future
world of balance and understanding
light over and even in darkness

the wizard scientist tells me about his research
i offer to be part of his work to use darkness for light
control for chaos and chaos for order balance
enlightenment and transcendence through immanence

i pass by spring with claire in the hallway
of the waystation school library downtown on my way to class
i want to say hello and our eyes meet but i keep going
without saying anything except with my eyes and soul
i know i will see her again soon and we will have time together
beauty of silence in her presence
golden silver diamond light in her dark eyes raven hair

outside beautiful people and robots are making the future
now evolution of humanity towards the stars
enlightenment and integration with the community of the galaxy
worlds above and below higher and lower planes of consciousness being
dimensions of reality heavens and hells underworlds and otherworlds faery

in the future today humanity explores the stars light beyond and within
imagination beauty wonder magic realms of gods and demons
universes outside of the one we know world of waking and humanity
worlds of dream and spirit outside yet within our own experience

using spiritual technology cosmic sky ships and dimensional doorways

mary 35



adrift in the cosmic ocean

downtown temple school of wizards and angels
church used for a great party gathering of friends
stairway to higher dimensions of reality
consciousness what appears to be monsters
can be friends too though they appear alien
frightening in power and for we are one
through parallel and alternate universes
with our true self source of power heart soul
sophia my soul lover laughter and beauty combined
accessing the dream technology of the waystation
creating the idea living space and connections
to every world we might wish to visit time and space
ship of the cosmic ocean house and temple
returning to earth through power of will and mind
harnessed through meditation and concentration
bridging the second and first worlds through love
serving the gods and ancient ones through freedom
fighting for light and balance transcending darkness
peace integrating and sublimating the shadow within
separating the void and creation order and chaos
churning the cosmic ocean again and for the first time
mythic reality eternal now ritual and daily life dreamtime

peace love understanding truth justice spring and sophia appear again for the first time
silver wizard city of earth new atlantis eldren and gianthome above and below crossroads
city of the world of universes dimensions and planes of light and darkness dream and waking

sophia multinational corporation is born

elves humans wizards dwarves and faeries fighting for good and balance truth and justice equality and freedom for all people and preservation of life in future progress of earth

spring comes to see me at my house in the forest wilderness new community of earth family
it is a complete surprise to find her in my room sitting on my couch and smoking a pipe
over the next several hours and long into the night we talk about art and how to make the new city of ancient mysteries more productive progressive and interesting

sophia comes to stay as well

i find her sitting on the front porch with her legs over the rosemary bushes and other herbs
in the garden looking out at the hillside covered in clover and other wildflowers

awakening in the world city of the future

future history of humanity in the third millenium travel forwards and backwards up and down
side to side in space and time eleven dimensional universe of universes worlds planes of being

tara faery elf goddess of nature queen of water world of elves
saraswati asteraceae lakshmi tara kuan yin parvati gaia
isis inanna ishtar athena aphrodite artemis
spring julia eleanor jasmine starflower
rosemary lilac
gabrielle laurel emily arnica stella
andromeda lotus lauren alice
lily vanessa indigo megan heather aurora
saraswati lakshmi parvati
asteraceae tara gaia
isis inanna ishtar
athena aphrodite artemis

mary 39



enlightenment and evolution

spiral wizard city of towers schools libraries taverns
elemental trials initiation in the mysteries of nature future
cosmos sky lightning wind rain earth fire
forest consuming and giving new life awareness
purpose to bring the world back into balance
enlightenment sustainability for all life consciousness
going into the core of the sun to meet with fire demons
serpents and giants coming back to the world of men
using the forces of nature and balance to fight
for light goodness freedom from oppression

traveling through the city of silver gold diamonds
using the powers of the waystation’s flying buses ships
discovery of new beautiful mysteries of many worlds
crossroads of the multiverse greater universe of eleven dimensions

friends of friends lovers companions earth family
on voyages through time and space i am grateful
for those i love and care about who teach me
to be a better person bringing me through dangers
together we face the future and evolve ourselves and humanity together
waystation inn and city between worlds twelfth dimension

integrating the underworld faery light and dark
heavens and hells on earth through the neutral meeting place
wizard city of the ancients mountain and forest
heaven and earth welcoming to all even giants and demons
as long as they follow the rules of nonviolence within the crossroads city

asteraceae tara parvati

gabrielle sophia andromeda lily jasmine spring alice heather julia eleanor lotus emily kuan yin

multiversal guardian nature spirits of the cosmic waystation and secret library

doorways of the halls of the spiral towers

dimension of transcendence other world spirit being perception

moon waxing gibbous beautiful night sky stars light in darkness

peace beauty life light love balance

happiness growth change evolution transcendence

growing into the community of the universe home galaxy and beyond

membership and responsibility in the cosmic unity of light peoples

travels in dream adventures in the higher and lower worlds above and within

mary 40



saraswati gabrielle sophia lily adrienne spring heather eleanor asteraceae tara

we must work together to protect the mountain valley forest
36 gods and goddesses of nature and the sky spirit higher worlds
angels of light in human form
protectors and guardians of the five elements and eleven dimensions
singing the stories of creation and life
joy and sorrow balance of light in darkness
some want to rebel some want to betray themselves
trick others into losing their cool temper
for reasons i do not understand except
petty jealousy and lust for power
yet we are all one part of the same whole
community of angels and demons
one world interconnected interdependent

sophia stays by my side and i am glad when she does
the stillness and beauty of her presence is a blessing
when she is here with me
even though she has given herself to another
she offers herself to me but only if i ask
she holds my hand and asks me to show her
my love yet there is another who appears
as a demon close to the one who poisoned me
i use my power to remove him from my presence
and sophia yet the people see my actions as abuse
the demon tries to trap me with a curse
yet i turn it into a necklace to control him instead
and his partner the poisoner but the people
i call the wind and the rain to give life to the leaves
and people of the trees mountain river forest valley

mary 41



starflower andromeda lily jasmine arnica vanessa julia lotus emily kuan yin parvati

one woman usually stays behind on the hill where i call home
sometimes alone together sophia and helen
spring and i see from where we are not sure from a distance
i want to return home and restore the community of the ancients
my closest friends and lovers angels of light and balance
harmony of life and struggle to make the world better
than it was before through art of dance music drawing poetry
all aspects of the creative spirit beyond limitations of time and space
journeys of humanity and gods faeries and demons
the story of life and cosmos parallel worlds within worlds
universes higher and lower pyramid and sphere
part of the multiverse that is the greater universe
surrounding the source of life

preservation mandala fractal spiral evolution
alice sings and sophia sits close by trying
to get my attention and spring comes close
and i touch her but she pulls away and says
the answer is not no but i did not ask
and she takes my hand in hers and tells me
to show her my love and passion for life
i must overcome petty jealousy and anger
not abusing my powers in the world or my position
of leadership among the angels and demons of the waystation
and to pursue my own desire without hurting others
to the best of my ability to protect and serve without pride

except in doing my duty and experiencing life to the fullest extent possible
perception of joy and sorrow balance of light and darkness chaos and order
being becoming part of the world the greater universe multiverse of higher
lower worlds of parallel existence life preservation of time and space cosmos

mary 42



mary 1



mary 5



mary 10



mary 13



mary 36



mary 37



mary 52



mary 51



mary 50



mary 49



mary 48


mary 53



mary 54



mary 55



mary 56



mary 57



mary 58



mary 60



mary 61



mary 62



mary 59

to be continued ….

dream poetry visions book three

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