01 Dream Poetry Visions Peace Love Beauty Balance Life Light Sky Magic Book One Secret Library Cosmic Multiversal Eldren Elfland Faery Home of Humanity New Ancient Community of Sophia Corporation Spiral Wizard Inn School of the Triple Light Emerald Gold Silver Turquoise Sapphire Amethyst Diamond Waystation Tower Temple Children of Rivers Lakes Earth Moon Sun Stars Mountain Forest Valley Future World Forest Spaceport City


01 dream poetry visions peace love beauty balance life light sky magic book one secret library cosmic multiversal eldren elfland faery home of humanity new ancient community of sophia corporation spiral wizard inn school of the triple light emerald gold silver turquoise sapphire amethyst diamond waystation tower temple children of rivers lakes earth moon sun stars mountain forest valley future world forest spaceport city

by joshua oakley

sophia spring julia gabrielle eleanor kuanyin starflower jasmine elizabeth adrienne rosemary lotus andromeda emily arnica laurel helen alice stella lily vanessa sage aurora indigo heather autumn lilac violet aster

sophia starlight sapphire silver goddess priestess princess of air and water spirit fire of love life earth preservation

sophia sapphire starlight emerald azure silver gold violet asteraceae saraswati tara lakshmi kuanyin parvati

childhood rainbow colors

childhood rainbow bridge colors adventure

art peace love understanding beauty soul expressions new ancient wisdom self world learning becoming in being

first day lover mystic nature light sun moon forest rainbow warriors

earth peace green blue violet wizards of light

today is the first day of the rest of my life
what will i do and who will i be
when will i remember everything i have done
one part of a great mystery i do not understand
i am happy sometimes a little lost
other times completely utterly confused about meaning
giving up fighting how i live without compromising
ideals thoughts feelings inspire me to keep going
poets artists dreamers remind us that there is always something more
beyond what is more being giving up illusions and desire
what i am or will be certainty and uncertainty
relative to my world beauty and truth mix into one reality
why i accept separateness i do not know anything
except i am alive thinking and feeling
soul understands more than self hope will
guidance from within focus a conscious light
i love everyone and need their help and company

flower of life art intuition creativity visions dreams imagination wonder childhood

first day flower of life art intuition creativity visions dreams imagination wonder childhood

dream poetry visions love life beauty balance sky magic imagination

secret library of earth eldren atlantis avalon and beyond

sophia shanti peace purple butterfly
ellen silver sapphire starlight
crossroads labyrinth underworld ancient temple
astral voyagers spiral wizard tower refuge
tree of life guardians of nature
levels of the multiversal waystation
crossroads spirit gods angels of light love life evolution
spring sophia andromeda emily aurora eleanor
gabrielle julia gaea jasmine lily
vanessa rosemary adeline aster laurel violet
gaea julia sophia spring eleanor andromeda
adeline lily violet sage vanessa alice
jasmine aurora aster arnica emily sophia
forest city life nature spirit guardians spacetime
skyship tower mountain silver wizard station paradise
spring eleanor sophia silver sapphire turquoise
andromeda emily aster arnica adeline allison
gaea julia violet lily jasmine lilac lotus
spiral tower waystation between beyond within
all worlds dimensions universes
tree of life nature spirits light elves nature spirits
guardians of the threshold tunnels
doorways gateways portals windows in time
the cosmic multiversal waystation
silver gold diamond spiral wizard towers
secret library temple castle sky gardens
ancient windows through beyond within
time space crossroads inn between worlds
school of life university of nature
triple city holy mountain sun ships
lilac arnica adrienne autumn starflower
sophia spring julia eleanor asteraceae
andromeda aurora lotus
jasmine lily vanessa sage
guardians of the multiversal waystation
cosmic key of the ancients
temple house library
inn between worlds
spiral city of silver gold diamond
angels of light nature spirits faeries
elves dwarves templars
sky gardens holy mountain
home galaxy and sea of stars beyond
life love balance understanding
enlightenment imagination insight
intuition consciousness bliss
earth endor midgard middle
material plane being consciousness bliss
waystation house temple and inn between worlds
secret library of the ancients
tunnels doorways labyrinth and castle
peridot emerald silver gold diamond sapphire amethyst cities
darkness and light white magic and science of the ancients
knowledge wisdom of creation
preservation destruction of ignorance
peace love understanding beauty
balance truth art
past is prologue
starflower mandala
cosmic waystation
multiversal tree of life key
endor nine worlds of earth sun system of atlanteans
templars light elves dwarves wizards witches
nature spirits frost and storm giants titans dragons
trolls orcs and dark elves aliens elementals vampires
fire demons and giants shadows ghosts wraiths
faeries of light and darkness demigods angels eternals
gods and goddesses devas and asura
asgardians olympians guardians of nature
earth middle world otherworld metaverse universe
cosmos celestials multiversal guardians tribunal
balance of good and evil light and darkness chaos and order
eleventh dimensional realm of dreams and the source of light and life
creation and preservation of the omniverse of life
waystation twelfth dimension house
temple school inn between worlds
guardians of the multiversal waystation
cosmic key of the ancient temple house library
inn between worlds of dream and waking
spiral city of golden silver diamond
angels of light nature spirits faeries
elves dwarves templars
sky gardens holy mountain
home galaxy and sea of stars beyond
tree of life five worlds nine realms ten wheels
eleven dimensions twenty two pathways of light
transcendence evolution and immanence
templars elves of light and darkness dwarves
wizards witches nature spirits giants titans
dragons trolls orcs elementals vampires
fire demons shadows wraiths faery angels
gods and alien species from other planets
and dimensions of light and darkness
fair folk of all kinds demigods angels of light
eternal guardians of nature
the world universe metaverse multiverse cosmos
omniversal chaos and order good and evil
celestial ancient future tribunal
librarian guardian nature spirit
descent and rise
spiral galactic supercluster
transform change push pull
time space identity

traveler lover peace samurai astral voyager wizards evolution and transcendence

silver city second world dimension of eldren atlantis

avalon stormhold atlantis
peace love understanding beauty preservation balance truth art
dream poetry visions future past eternity myth sky magic imagination
silver cities of green magic and science of the ancients
lands of ancient races faery otherworld
gabrielle holly sophia eleanor julia lotus andromeda
lily spring emily jasmine starflower parvati laurel
traveler lover voyager hermit explorer
guardian archetypes of eternity
alchemy of the heart
astral voyager progress peace prosperity
ecology love justice truth
second world tears of joy and sorrow
sweet rain falling from sky and stars
flower of life light love truth wisdom
silver star of earth water fire air spirit
sky wind storm eagle vision
power of innocence
peace planetology magic words
invocation alchemist heart
lovely sky boat

silver star goddess  isis  consciousness flowering spiral galaxy mind

silver star goddess isis inanna consciousness flowering spiral galaxy mind

alchemy of the heart0009

water air sky elemental elf faery universal guardian gods of the ancient races of the universe

tree of life guardians of nature levels of the multiversal waystation crossroads spirit gods angels of light 01

first world

tree of life guardians of nature levels of the multiversal waystation crossroads spirit gods angels of light 02

second world

tree of life guardians of nature levels of the multiversal waystation crossroads spirit gods angels of light 03

third world

tree of life guardians of nature levels of the multiversal waystation crossroads spirit gods angels of light 04

fourth world

tree of life guardians of nature levels of the multiversal waystation crossroads spirit gods angels of light 05

fifth world

silver gold diamond waystation wizard towers inn school secret library temple of the ancients 001

#1 wizard of earth

silver gold diamond waystation wizard towers inn school secret library temple of the ancients 002scan1406040001

#2 wizard of water

silver gold diamond waystation wizard towers inn school secret library temple of the ancients 003scan1406040001

#3 wizard of fire

silver gold diamond waystation wizard towers inn school secret library temple of the ancients 004scan1406050001

#4 wizard of air

silver gold diamond waystation wizard towers inn school secret library temple of the ancients 005scan1406050001

#5 wizard of spirit soul love balance communication

alchemy of the heart0000

dream pattern of life spiral evolution of love consciousness bliss truth becoming in being

earth dragon

earth dragon mind soul spirit multiversal guardian ancient sages of light and dark balance

tree life guardian portal time space ship tower library0000

creation and preservation story of humanity and the universe

tree life guardian portal time space ship tower library0024

world protectors nature spirit guardians of the four classical elements

tree life guardian portal time space ship tower library0071

starlight guardian of the threshold watcher in the spiral wizard tower waystation


flower of life light love truth wisdom silver star of earth water fire air spirit sky wind magic vision

alchemy of the heart0011

librarian guardian of the cosmic multiversal waystation house temple

librarian guardian of the waystation0000

dream pattern of life spiral evolution of love consciousness bliss truth becoming in being

alchemy of the heart0005

multiversal air elemental universal guardian of ancient doorways of mystery

alchemy of the heart0004

star of enlightenment love joy happiness service ancient guardian(s) of the galaxy universe metaverse multiverse omniverse

alchemy of the heart0003

star enlightenment protection portal doorway between worlds time and space infinity

alchemy of the heart0002

star of peace love understanding truth wisdom

alchemy of the heart0001

circle life elements time space evolution transcendence



air priest

air priest



earth priest

earth priest





fire priest

fire priest



imagination consciousness

imagination consciousness

spirit priest

spirit priest





water priest

water priest



16 librarian of the spiral wizard tower

librarian of the spiral wizard tower

guardians of the multiverse

guardians of the multiverse

ocean of consciousness star souls

ocean of consciousness star souls



part one

past is prologue

librarian guardian nature spirit of the waystation #1 magician

librarian guardian nature spirit of the waystation magician wizard of light




star raven

rain tears falling
breaking the bonds that separate
imagine peace and an end to violence
peace in your minds on earth in your houses
love and giving always to your secret inner self
swimming in the seas of dreams and oceans of future
saved from drowning when you most need help
men and women on a boat that sails across worlds
a great ship that can go where men alone cannot

we catch a leviathan of the deep
it is almost too horrible to look at
to see it is to despair
and yet my friends are still in the sea
and who knows how many more monsters are there
primordial ancient terrible to behold
and the one we caught was already dead

i remember the hill where we played
the bus where i broke the rubber bands
a wilderness a forest a river a path journeys
you and the others my friends and family
i danced and floated away you sang my name
onward toward the sea my destiny
i leave you and you are still in the cold water
it is almost as if you were never here at all
yet i still feel the phantoms of your presence

some more people i know remained behind below
in the dark waters among the ancient ones
i felt bad for leaving you most of all my love
but when i saw the rope i grabbed on
the strange elder ones in human form pulled me to safety
to help raise the other monsters and people from the sea
we are all related to one another by ancestry and origin
united by the memory of ocean and the promise of sky
happy to be alive and desirous of one another’s company

endeavor always to change ourselves and others
a difficult task requiring much effort grace art
working as a fisherman in the cosmic ocean
writing and knowing the true and beautiful
as well as i can remember my dreams
try to create some kind of meaning

always growing changing learning becoming
in the midst of being time evolution
revolution of the mind psyche society
how can i hope to change the world?
who am i and where am i going?
what can i do to help humanity renew?
how can i dream while still awake?

each and every day that passes
i change and yet always remain
in love with life living and dreaming
visions of the future that may be
we are all part and parcel of the whole
we belong to the earth sky and water
in every way and path i travel
every day i think of you my beautiful star raven

dream poetry visions

dream poetry visions sixth dimensional perspective archetypes of god and goddess
world hero lotus light love laughter longing learning illuminating



song of lament and joy for being

paradise born in the ocean of worlds galaxies universes

thousands of rose petals drift
in the sweet sunlit air and sky
brought down from the mountains
on the wind change from across
the oceanic tides and the stories
of sailors who wandered far

so that everything brings me to tears
and the thought and fear that i will never
leave my birth country for distant lands
in search of the promise of treasure
for i am tied to my friends and family
yet there are many winds to tempt
the imagination of a poor man’s son
and i am the same as any other inside
with just the same chances to succeed
my family’s advice is permanent isolation
from myself as well as the rest of the world
but i will search for exquisite solitude instead
go to the secret places in my mind
where loneliness cannot corrupt me
nor sorrow fear darkness evil hate
my heart is tied to the earth love poetry
the source of all that is was and shall be
where my ancestors came from
to found a better life than the one
they had known across the ocean

from far away the wind brings its tales
sailors who have wandered far from home
myself among them lost in the ether
the land of my birth only a memory
and all lost for the promise of treasure
my heart remains tied to my father’s country
but i have chosen to cross the ocean
in the desert temptations of flesh are many
the imagination of a poor farmer’s son is great
yet i cannot deny the destiny of my soul

tears fall like rain and the world is created

tears fall like rain world is created transcendence unity within duality immanence



windows of soul

all from love and to love all will return
what soul have i not loved
once i glanced for an instant into
one or two or three windows
into the soul of mankind
male and female combined
their eyes were together
merging melding becoming
their eyes were all alive
with spirit and mind and self
aligned with the soul of worlds

what pair of eyes has given vision
dimmed awareness of the terrible divine
when have i not seen myself staring
reflected in another pair of windows
how many are clear enough to see
and how many are locked and barred
how many fail to realize that we are
all a part of the same force of nature

i have traveled far on many paths
i have waited lifetimes just for one
glimpse into the eyes of another self
one instant of recognition between
love crossing generations and revolutions
higher even than knowledge of god
nothing except ourselves can stop us
i realize now that our destiny lies together
the fate of the one is tied to the many
and from individuality we can be as one
trying to explore the mystery of being
and meaning light life love laughter longing
all the time we are creating truth and beauty
individuals create the world of philosophy
art of living for today and tomorrow and dream
working together for the common good
we are each as one and we are all family

healthy blood cells

healthy red blood cells



self world balance

smile feel breathe love sing
earth water fire sky spirit

you’re a star
because you are one breath
original honest lovely
breath within spirit
every moment awakening
there’s nothing you cannot do
given time space to make

nothing you can do to
change the simple fact of
belonging to the universe
enjoy every moment of life
as if it was borrowed
from the earth and sky
for a limited time only
you and your soul experience
manifold manifestation of light vision
what it is to be truly alive
in your bright beautiful life

it is your destiny to seek
but when you find what you are
you might no longer need
that which your heart speaks
whispers in the deep solitude
and is not only truth in words
no attainment because no nonattainment

dark blue and white edge of world
turquoise bodhisattva sound of compassion
electric blue silver moon brother and sister
red and gold sun sister and brother
purple and white earth and sky dragons
rainbow red and blue magician wise warrior
princes and princesses of light and shadow
crimson phoenix mad and dangerous
enemy king reveals hidden fears and hates
cats and ravens with intelligence and memory
masters temples cities journeys homecomings

the four protectors directions elements

four protectors directions classical western elements (not including spirit/ether)



star raven life begins always again with a kiss

for shakespeare carl jung and other
silver moon blue black ocean souls

by the name of the water and the wind
unbind and free legs and body safety
within walk fly then sit to share in banquet
circle of spirits drink energy life light
water life flow through earth moss sky
dark light shatter split one into two
from dark and back to light again
jade heart violet sapphire forgetmenot
words communicate stories and memories
direct knowledge passed through language
magic of unconscious and intuitive balance
listen and watch flowers grow and sing

i hear a knock on my door and there you are
dark wonder gold and black serpent crow
great wound healer of silent heart and mind
green and blue and white with life light
all colors and masks evolve and transform
time force consciousness alters chaos and order
from one comes two and then a great many
plants and animals people yet to be long gone
giant and communal and microscopic
eye mitochondria fish weaving patterns of eternity
transcendence not of the world but heart and mind
soul shape build and create new ways of becoming
wisdom existence understands through sky earth water

each lifetime year day hour moment i am different
lost in time constantly forgetting and remembering
die and reborn again and again the balance of light darkness
opposites unite beyond within here and there
pain and pleasure now and between good and evil
autumn garden maple trees clover ripe wheat
moss gentle strength and hidden courage subtle
intimate connections between and among all life
add and multiply consciousness unforeseen and unforeseeable
cosmic imagination of creation and continual growth
symbol web language interacting with living information
visionary myth wisdom about alchemy dream poetry
observe intuit feel understand speak watch listen
from science journey around the wheel of life world
once again travel the windy roads towards eternity
recurring always in different tragedies and comedies
together the original and neverending wakefulness
until once ending the seeker finds a new beginning again
the sleeper awakens and no longer holds onto fear
the beginning is the end and the end is never complete
our own world sphere making or made or yet to be
share paths apart until we are alone together again

death is a doorway that opens forward pushes life
ever onwards towards some strange destined seashore
heavens and hells between underworlds and skies
compete combine and create new worlds somewhere
spirit and dream meet between and beyond humanity
merely more light perception rationality balance replaces
integrative ethics intuition and myth artwork understanding
cooperate to replace and redefine the old ways of doing
know and feel some way out away from final
apocalypse and illusion versus hope and transformation
perfection in and from the midst of violent resisting
balance and peace choose the way at the crossroads
face accept love take and give life

silence is best golden waves and intricate pathways
though far as time allows for galaxies and people
expanding growing evolving away from and together
with each other cluster and filament faster than light
passing strange boats and sailing ships of great diversity
we carry with us memories and essence colors
some regret that they regret when close so far apart
good care full of illusion and separation
reality divide and heat and synthesize
when you come close to world’s edge
remember the alchemist and his her stone
cosmic ocean of infinite possibilities
bounded seemingly yet not limited
one two three four five
dimensions perceptions worldviews
seeming intelligent and beautiful mystery
souls and stars in the night sky nearby singing

eye intuition violet

eye intuition violet



dragon angel lovers

stars eyes serpents infinite vision dark and light unity lotus love laughter solitude
ring wheel turning layers shadow angels isolation
tonight may be good now and forever
spirit life moss garden hidden
masters have need for question play solitude
care beyond action of asking clarify perspective
ball bounces in darkness deep in contemplation
wisdom teacher mind enlightened absolute
not this and not that and constant as change
gatekeeper smiles accepts allows passage
keymaster sun disease and healing transformation discovery
guardian contains part of breath and we
enemy some say their own shadow selves
snake beauty firebird stranger master forest mountain valley
serpent every time realize we can feel infinity longing
ocean through source of all that was is and shall be
deep friendship heart infection house sloping hill trees green
creation flame mad joy blind genius revolution
poison rain clouds distance paradise balance humanity nature
separation i sit and contemplate connectedness creativity love
return life animals ending yet also beginning light vision
balance home engulfed flooded wrecked and lost odin one eye
clarity death mirrors our own as all purification rituals
change sensitivity light insight sunrise birds singing crying pain
growth though i may feel sorrow for all loss transcendence green
learning i cannot help and be comforted by knowing feminine premonition
silence they do not suffer or so i hope every day waterfall crickets
sitting when we cannot even decide which side discovery sickness healing
listening pity shame loss atonement dream demon dark moon
teaching of the same coin to be though in nature infinite light river
loving there were no sides except illusion and luminous history memory
singing reality through the cosmic mirror reflecting change transformation
self and the world truly not for or against rest meditate relax
river learn grow dance smile change ask tell say do think
song neither can hope to conquer other change feel true beauty
stars only to better understand our potential perfect joy life future
glowing animals spirits world self family friends crossroads pattern

the door of perception eye of love window of heart

the door of perception eye of love window of heart



each side has another side seasons of revolution abraxas birds of paradise

winter spring summer fall and when you least expect
green blue turquoise purple diamond silver gold shadow light
water earth fire air spirit vision thought
jade onyx opal amber violet
lapis coral cerulean blue marble
diamond lotus solomon joseph shakespeare
spiral galaxy shell human world

experience subjective objective speculation intuition
darkness and hidden light breathe in out
balance rational empirical mythic poetry
now the wind blows through the trees
limbs bend and sway dancing in ecstasy
lover and loved and loved lovers together
giving life breath between among
spreading seeds blowing branches kisses
their life shadow is their true self
humans and trees related yet different perspectives
disappearance carbon and oxygen combination
reappearance anytime and in season
individuals species families reflect humanity’s collective vision
teachers guardians protectors nature spirits
myth ocean connection symmetry order in chaos
spirit natural world together combined
reflecting depending on condition of one another
love nature force spirit spreading throughout wind and rain
storm thunder crossroads clouds sky expansive stretching
mountains valleys bridges and hidden mysteries treasures

yesterday the world came to an end and today we will begin again
new sunrise women and men equality heaven and earth
hope rebuilding uplifting returning again
rebirth temple first memories of sky spirit
birds of fire stars traveling through roads
cosmos lattice structure stretching expanding
evolving transforming and creating light
new consciousness novelty reveals mysteries
ancient future history myth poetry
reflected humanity spirit storm sea change choice
crossroads modern time story of caladan and prospero warning
teacher companion guide tormentor friend
wise philosophy and knowledge about wisdom learning
circle line spiral double helix of history evolution choice
between catastrophe and cure there is not much room for error
crossroads of future history and ancient philosophy together
myth and science vision spirit of time humanity genius of species
unconscious collective individual and great memory consciousness
psyche of the new world star symbols and modes of thinking doing feeling
past present future together in one understanding appreciation of complexity simplicity
united diversity through love compassion sensitivity tolerance ethics open mind body
soul of fire truth knowledge and heart sympathy grace balance wisdom
water earth creativity myth poetry storytelling singing universe chaos dark beauty dancing stars

calendar of future present past lives identities masks personalities
wheel fractal mandala worlds without end again beginning life
rainbow light color novelty transformation butterfly community
colors changing gold and green and white purple sky sunset west
calm steady strength beneficent auspicious sentinel guardians at the gate
doorways tunnels to worlds connected to our own through tree of life
world of spirit faery interdimensional universal pathways
spirit guide animal companion teacher friend and shadow twin
red and blue white and black conflict within self and with truth world and good
last three choices of balance and reconciliation between opposites
transcendental experience spirit awakening personality number two
shadow whole family interior exterior connection love belonging outcasts positive solitude
hope change energy matter centers snowflakes seasons world events towards peace health balance

i remember dragon angel consequences and wings broken healthy
masks faces personalities monstrous reflections
lie in misery defeat and shame against
crumbled wall near the center of the gold and silver city
victory and defeat came to within a hair’s breadth
watch as the enemy hero places the crown on his head
your head bowed white light surrounding all
the ones still fighting stop and gaze at beauty
enemy and friend are now one again at peace
balance the blood of slain lost yet not forgotten
the eternal moment constantly changing
staying the same yet always evolving transformation
glorious architecture and wonderous imaginings
the tree of life cut open in the garden for greed
pure white snow falling over the battlefields
suffering and sorrow and isolation yet leading to solitude
demon heart wound bite skin break free
“i will show you all my pain” said the defeated one
and he walked together with his shadow
long into the outer dark wilderness west

the mind of a peace samurai warrior

mind of a peace samurai warrior



first day

today is the first day of the rest of my life
what will i do and who will i be
when will i remember everything i have done
one part of a great mystery i do not understand
i am happy sometimes a little lost
other times completely utterly confused about meaning
giving up fighting how i live without compromising
ideals thoughts feelings inspire me to keep going
poets artists dreamers remind us that there is always something more
beyond what is more being giving up illusions and desire
what i am or will be certainty and uncertainty
relative to my world beauty and truth mix into one reality
why i accept separateness i do not know anything
except i am alive thinking and feeling
soul understands more than self hope will
guidance from within focus a conscious light
i love everyone and need their help and company

flower of life art intuition creativity visions dreams imagination wonder childhood

first day flower of life art intuition creativity visions dreams imagination wonder childhood



hidden library beyond time valley of wizards and witches of light

sophia sits at a long oak table deep in contemplation
she is reading a very old book with gold and silver lettering
she looks up for a moment and our eyes meet
they are two dark pools with the weight of this great place

the spiral towers offering beautiful views of the mountains
the long shadowy aisles of books and remarkable treasures of knowledge
her eyes have much wisdom sadness beauty understanding
reflecting the many worlds times places people of the world recorded here

outside in the courtyard i sit under the tree of life’s ornate canopy
a child of the great tree of life and the same as its parent
much like this small world is similar to the universe outside
beyond the mountains and forests of this paradise i have come to love

i feel privileged to be one of the few chosen to live here and learn
time seems to slow down when spring comes outside to sit with me
she likes to look at the secret city in the moonlight and the starlight
the wind is gentle and carries with it the smell of wildflowers

deep in the mountains it is yet warm in the early spring
an atmosphere of peace and calm lies over the library
we are both silent sitting together under the giant tree’s ornate branches
even though the air is warm the wooden benches are quite cool

later we cross through the doorway to the forest outside the city
to the world we knew all of our lives the world of humans and earth
we find our bicycles where we left them close to my house
we ride home and eat a simple meal she sings a sad song of love while i cook

afterwards she sits on the edge of the porch and swings her legs over the shrubbery
her long brown hair hides her eyes as she bends down to smell the flowers
we talk about our plans for the future how she wants to bring more people here
and i tell her of my desire to create a utopia with her help and that of our friends

whether or not to speak of the secret world we have discovered that will be tricky
an important decision not to be taken lightly great power and knowledge are at stake
in the wrong hands the course of human evolution on earth could change for the worse
the development of a new world to replace the ones that came before could be stifled

by greed and lust for power the ages old foil of human progress and evolution towards
the optimal version of history we have been fortunate enough to witness and help create
with the help of the wizards the elusive people in charge of the hidden city beyond earth
a small world separate yet connected to every time and place in the cosmos

the world is in the best hands today: world healing compassion hope balance nature protectors

world is in the best hands world healing compassion hope balance nature protectors



star virgin lovers

i am able to fly yet again
i understand i am dreaming
beautiful stars offer themselves to me
affection intimacy of mind self
energy of closeness with a slight touch

i remember her from before i moved away
i want to be close to her more than ever before
i regret not showing her how i feel about her
more than i did discovering exploring life

i imagine she is sitting in the moonlight tonight
under a weeping willow tree reading the poetry
of the beauty of nature the earth and the sky
stars in her eyes and in the sky and her mind

i have to set her free in my own mind
on the wings of night birds
ravens crows owls life of imagination
beauty wonder her guides
companions in the moonlight world of garden
strange sounds mysteries keep her company

the world begins again continuing to be born again
with the rise of the sun in the morning
never ending always beginning
and as long as there is life
there is always hope for the future

eye window soul

eye window soul



future self world universe soul

as i walk by the river in the sliver of crescent moonlight
shining through the tops of the trees just enough light
to make my way without falling yet not enough to stop
paying attention to each footstep i think about my future
years ahead in time i will be different yet the same soul
i am barely able to know myself as anything other than a child
yet there are hints of my future self shining along with the moonlight

starlight golden silver child

starlight golden silver child



future of humanity progression

ancient symbols of change and chaos depict figures from our ancestral memory
cow mother earth lucifer shadow pisces sacrificial lamb
back and forward from today for thousands of years
gold silver bronze iron information always changing
humanity continues to grow into its potential for enlightenment
whether or not there is a cosmic plan for us does not matter
consciousness flowers and produces seeds for the future
end of one age is beginning to another and we are lucky to see the changes
even if we do not understand we still have the opportunity to witness the world
we can save the world and ourselves in the process by allowing the future to exist
without interfering with the progression of ages and future generations
the traditional meaning of conservation and not inflicting our flaws on children
we can explore the universe in peace and prosperity for all if we only desire
the ancient cards may become antiquated our divisions unnecessary
through the houses of death and life time continues as arrow and circle
freedom the great potential and necessity for humanity to grow
individuality and memories of our past must be reconciled for balance
we may choose to cover the tattoos of past triumphs and mistakes
or show our regrets with pride and intimacy without promoting destruction

black hole doorway window soul dark and light complexity: dark eyes man woman child love flames hands feet knowledge alchemy

black hole doorway window soul dark and light complexity dark eyes man woman child love flames hands feet knowledge alchemy



symbols of life

figures from myth and legend use symbols to control nature and be controlled by it
farm houses and factories can be centers of learning for children and adults

an ancient tree near an even older tower comes back to life after being almost dead
children worship the tree and begin to return the land to its former vibrancy and magic

a beautiful angel comes to witness this and offers to help with creating a new eden
she leads the children up to the inaccessible rooms near the top of the ancient tower

when they want to leave she says to go down would be to go through a narrow drain
and to go up would be to enter the abyss of space and time and uncertainty

the demon that lives nearby appears and threatens her and then leaves
she says they have been chosen for combat against the darkness but it will not be easy

they fight for the original symbols that define the myths and legends of human history
they use the language left to humanity by the stranger who fell into the abyss long ago

elements of love: places history different worlds alternatives choices eternities becoming being existence transcendence

elements of love places history different worlds alternatives choices eternities becoming being existence transcendence



defending my home from darkness

in the middle of the trance ceremony i realize that i am in great danger and i go outside
i do my best to defend my people and i tell the dark spirits to go away or else be destroyed
i cut off one of the death knights’ heads and tell the others to leave or face the same fate
most are scared away but there is one terrible creature who is not afraid of anything
i confront the dark force but it is strong and i have difficulty gaining any kind of advantage
so i lead him out to the shore of the ocean in order to quench its deadly flame of anger
my fire cannot hurt it but the water can put an end to its rampage or so i hope
i manage to pull the creature into the sea with me sacrificing myself for the greater good
i am left alone in my own dream trying to find another individual who is also dreaming
i do not know if the people i meet are just part of my dream or if i am simply part of theirs

my other half: sagittarius teacher healer

my other half sagittarius teacher healer



flowers of lust

we lie together in my house at the edge of a great mountain forest
at some point she says “we both know that we want each other”
i turn to her and she is looking at me with longing in her eyes
she kisses me and i let my instincts take over and she does too
later in the glow of sexual contentment we lie together looking up at the ceiling
i hear her crying and ask what is wrong but she says nothing
she gets up and walks into the bathroom and closes the door
i want to say something else to find out what is wrong
the smell of her sweat lingers in my bed and i wait for her to return
when she does she says she wants to go home but it can wait until tomorrow
so we both try to go to sleep and i put my arm around her and our foreheads pressed together
a strange kind of blue purple light seems to emanate from all around her
and i am happy for a little while until she leaves and i am left alone again
but that is tomorrow and for now she is here to stay and i am thankful for this

magic blue beautiful violet rose peacock eye labyrinth mandala

magic blue beautiful violet rose peacock eye labyrinth mandala



loves of my life

there are so many people i deeply care for it’s hard to count
and yet i cannot help but feel more love for some than others
the ones i dream when the rain comes and the earth drinks its fill
i think of her often in good times and bad times it helps
knowing she is alive and vital in my world at this moment in time
even though we cannot be together even though she may not want to be
at this particular point in space and time i still love her
the memory and idea of her inspires me to be a better person
to make better art or at least know when my art is not good
when i do not create for the benefit of other people humanity
benefits when i am enlightened in my pursuit of self interests
when i give as much as i take and take only what i need to survive
we are all part of the cause for social justice and equality for all
even my friends who are selfish and who do not like the idea of change
we all play our part in the great unfolding drama of the universe
and she is the one who inspires me to have faith and hope for the future
what may be and what will be a better world that is busy being born
always unfolding and changing in the pattern of chaos and intention
her very existence is a work of art of the highest order of beauty
purity of soul and body and spirit always changing becoming living
the fire of her mind penetrates and burns my masks to ashes holy
desire to know her better and to learn her thoughts and perspective
on every matter of thing in the world and in her mind and everywhere
a foundation for my own understanding of the universe and life
love lives on no matter how much time passes no matter how many mistakes
bad judgments you make there is always hope of a new brighter day
the sun rises and the past fades a little more into obscurity healing
your body mind and spirit and while she sleeps her true form shows
the light in her eyes spreads out to the rest of her face peace
and happiness i am happy to see perhaps in some small part because of me
in the night i held her in my arms and it was something like heaven
a secret that we never talked about afterwards yet thought about
i held her hand and felt a deep sense of belonging of coming home
my quest to find the center of myself would not be possible without her
i owe my strength and determination to her influence and presence in my life
full of music and magic peace and understanding bliss love and freedom

genetraix: process of life shadow light process life organic growth change

process of life shadow light process life organic growth change
shiva shakti emanation creation combination balance synthesis



mind of nature morningstar

global warming is real fact not fiction yet strange
the beautiful storms of change intense and wild
floods and wildfires threatening the vulnerable
those in the desert are even more thirsty for water

the butterfly says to let the outside in and the inside out
let the wind blow through your heart and breathe deep
the presence of the sun shows through closed eyelids
progressive cultural evolution for humanity is necessary

the moon and stars and visible planets are a beautiful example
how to organize chaos hope in the midst of violent conflict
mind and consciousness shared by all beings in the universe
perception that helps create reality each influencing the other

i tend my garden and find comfort in the smell of rich earth and leaves
a microcosm of my hope for humanity’s efforts to change the environment
each part and individual working for the benefit of the whole ecosystem
the diversity of nature allowing for greater health and balance overall

consciousness rises from nature its history remains tied to the earth
the combination of the water of life and the fertile soil creates beauty
lessons for humanity about the patterns of interdependence in the universe
the spiral and the circle of creation preservation change desire becoming

everything is transforming into something else yet essence remains the same
the wind spreads seeds within the garden and also to other faraway places
the world is a garden too and the wind shares without distinction for nationality
the rain allows for new life to begin and consciousness to flower inside the mind

like plants and animals people are constantly making love and fighting each other
but with hope conflict will be more about words and ideas instead of physical violence
the cities of light and darkness the forests and oceans the blood and passion flow
but we should let each other live for we are all unique though essentially the same

looking out the eastern and western windows in morning and night duality of time
accepting the space around us working to change the future but accepting the past
the crossroads allows for us to change our lives and choose which way we want to go
it is never too late to change our minds and follow a different path another destination

i pass by a beautiful woman on a forest trail bending down to smell the wildflowers
for years i will think of her and wish i had stopped to say hello and see what she sees
she smiles at me and her eyes are full of light but also very dark duality of being alive
a fire rises in my heart and i cannot help but smile in return we will always be connected

in the same bed i put my arm around her breathe in the natural fragrance of her beauty
i cannot go to sleep no matter how hard i try and time seems to stand still but i am happy
to be close to her feel her presence blurring the boundaries between our bodies and minds
she turns over and our foreheads touch for a long time and our breath becomes entwined

you are a manifestation of the divinity present and indwelling in the selfaware universe
you are a star given human form light in the darkness mirror of cosmic consciousness

dream of music time love

dream of music time love



water of life

worshipping the earth the smell of humus rain
finding love and peace in the stillness of morning
gardens of mind and body give hope to sick friends
they heal by making their surroundings a beautiful place

through perception and understanding and the right force
to make the world fit your will your will the universe
to search for someone who dreams the same visions as you
or at least similar enough so that you have some understanding

it helps me accept that people i love are not doing well
a way to make some kind of a connection with the universe
and perhaps my work will bring some joy to the people i care about
and what i learn i can teach others and help my friends live better

when the rain comes it washes my soul and gives life to the soil
the seeds i plant grow into beautiful creatures and friends
the whole world is a garden and yet each place is different
each smaller garden within the whole has its own unique beauty

consciousness pervades nature and the universe is selfaware
the garden of your mind goes on forever just like the cosmos
we each have the opportunity to share our vision and dream together
the trick is finding the right person to love more than others

blessings of nature and the divine indwelling mind of the universe
the force of attraction and the coming together of disparate parts
there are ways we can be better stewards of the earth water and sky
though things are getting better there is much left to be done

paradise dream map river garden temple house mountains

paradise dream map river garden temple house mountains



the sleeper awakens

some are frightened by the shadow inside them
others learn to accept and cultivate their dark half
even the least attractive part of our minds have value
the sleeper must awaken both the good and evil

by transcending our shadow we become whole
at home with ourselves without fear or apprehension
in this new world it snows at the beginning of the spring equinox
then i pause and reflect on my past and desires for the future

for all who seek truth to find balance between dark and light
trusting love both angels and demons sleep within the deep
places of our souls our minds give rise to them when we need them
even when we don’t want anyone especially then they appear

friends who help us back on the right track or to keep going
on the right one beyond limited definitions of family they are
closer than blood a way of understanding your place in the universe
a reminder that you are beautiful and unique and not ever alone

earth family the ones you think about the ones you love most for better or worse
they can be the source of your inspiration or a cause for despair
my friends are closer to me than biology blood and bone are secondary
we would be nothing without our parents and grandparents and yet

it is warm in the sunlight and cool in the shade you can choose
your family if you are willing to look beyond the chains of your past
i may not be able to forget you but the least i can do is try to forgive
myself we have all made some positive impact in someone’s life

flower of life truth is the most important thing making sense of chaos
order and a way of discovering your place in the universe
consciousness and understanding can flower in every mind
part of the soul of the universe subjectively experiencing itself

organization pattern of chaos

organization pattern of chaos



emperor of a world

yet there are always some who resist a tyrant of any kind
no matter how enlightened the policies comfortable the citizens
the trick is to use the political process whenever possible
create a coalition a movement of revolutionaries to reach the majority
give the minority enough not to complain and the reactionaries nothing
except kind words and a sincere effort to explain the progress of history
but those who want things to go back to the old ways will always protest
everyone can find reason to complain if they think it will take them somewhere
they want to go especially back to old prejudice injustice and inequality
so you may be an emperor of a world but not the only one not the only world
you are best served not to ever claim complete control or even desire it
encourage individuality serving enlightened interests for the good of all
a leader should not be a tyrant if only for practical reasons and less grief
history teaches us that they do not end well no matter how good and popular
they are necessary sometimes in times of crisis opportunity and danger
the development of human culture should have outgrown petty differences
yet here we all are still dealing with the same issues as past generations
reactionaries still want us to go back to the past and revolutionaries the future
balance must be found between the opposing forces of change and order
a new kind of understanding of the play of life discovering the key to wisdom
finding bliss in knowledge and action directed toward improving life for everyone
trusting the perseverance and prevalence of love sweet and bitter love

mandala cubed: heart compassion joy

mandala cubed heart compassion joy



wizards of light

if one knows where to look for the doorway or window the way to elsewheres
other planets other dimensions other realities close and yet an infinite distance
a meeting point where beings from different places and times come together to talk
to share information strategies coordinate plans of thousands and millions of years

hidden by a great temperate rainforest and ancient mountains with many secrets
one such city of doorways is home to a group of scholars of many races and backgrounds
a center of learning and observation of the world outside the city’s boundaries
a world named earth by the billions of humans that call the planet home in 2013 ad

some fight to survive but others hoard books and knowledge from many worlds
many times helping when they can to move humanity towards a better tomorrow
aligned with spirits of nature magical creatures that live in other dimensions of reality
against the forces of darkness both in the world of humanity and in worlds beyond

to put aside ancient conflicts between the forces of light to find balance and harmony
to focus on the darkness in everyone and the truly evil to serve the force of life
in all things in all places in all times the cosmic conflict between light and darkness
both on the individual level and the level of communities planets galaxies universes

green man nature spirit friend guardian defender

green man nature spirit friend guardian defender



world of magic

he comes down from the mountain peak threatening the farms and the school
the white tower stands and will not be broken even by a giant serpent yet
the crops and the people’s houses are not so strong the wizards must act
to protect their people’s livelihoods the ancient truce has been broken

and when a hero has slain the dragon young and foolish yet very powerful
a greater power wakes in the mountains the mother all must change
her terrible anger threatens all that the wizards and the townspeople know
something must be done to appease her to restore the peace of their world


dragon of heaven



forest paradise transition

the ways to the heart of the great temperate rainforest are limited from the cities
few old highways less than there once were a small method of keeping some part
of the old world the way it once was before the great changes of the past 100 years
so much has changed humans spreading throughout the physical universe

unlocking the secrets of the invisible universe within and outside each person
world united under one government each old national enemy at peace with one another
the people staying on earth concentrate in ever larger cities fueled by free energy
no more poverty no need for injustice plenty of food and clean water for all human beings

all manner of new ways of travel flying cars high speed trains personal spacecraft
with a desire to see the preserved mountain forests of the old national park may do so
there is even a single train line from knoxville to the old small city of sevierville
for those who like to travel across the surface of the earth and watch the world change

from new to old yet even the old has changed and would no doubt be unrecognizable
the people that lived there here generations before humans started exploring the stars
sailing the cosmic seas like ancient explorers of the old world searching for new worlds
for humanity to call home when our sun as all stars must dies billions of years from now

life will continue as it always has and always will using humans to seed new planets
as the universe becomes ever more complex yet even simpler selfaware perfect

multiversal guardian

multiversal guardian



philosophy of love

forgive yourself for past mistakes and bad judgments you have made
look to the future positivity is essential for the continuation of life
without hope how can any human being continue to live and learn?
even if only a faint glimmer of light almost completely hidden under
a veil of regrets despair sorrow but it can be lifted if only
for a little while and life continues ever onwards we are all stars
players in our own games of love and life games that are not games
and the game of life that we all play together whether we like it or not
finding joy and happiness wherever and whenever we can with who we can
serving others in order to find what we are looking for the meaning of life
some kind of god or deity of the earth and sky and the universe of stars
traveling and making new homes on faraway planets in our dreams
one day we will look back on this time and see our old home earth
still there still here for us all of us no matter how low or high we may seem
no matter our mistakes and our triumphs we will be glad to have known
this the first of many worlds home planet for humanity mother of us all

peace: first day of spring

peace first day of spring visual poetry



egypt greece rome life continues ever onwards

no one is beyond redemption nothing in this world is wasted
everything we do has purpose whether we know it or not
the world is always beginning and continuing to be born again
constantly evolving towards new kinds of transformations
we are all connected in our becoming part of the universal mind
all is one yet different everything is everything else but distinct
becoming amidst being creativity acting on receptivity unity in duality
the potential for transcendence and wisdom is inside each of us
through the mirror of our minds we can understand the language of love
oceans of life giving energy there for the taking and giving away here
swimming flying walking life continues ever onwards in its quest for perfection
searching always for balance joy happiness reasons for living beyond just surviving
everything good and bad is part of life’s plan a way for the cosmos to become better
through resolution of conflict the good becomes more perfect and the bad fades away

insight dream art poetry creation

insight dream art poetry creation



part two

starflower mandala

violet butterfly wonder

violet butterfly wonder




watering the garden of destiny future world coming into being

with the earth’s deep embrace of hungry and thirsty roots
we the tillers of the soil call forth our daily nutrition
and the scavengers of life take away their percentage
we are left with what we need to survive no more no less
if we try to hold onto our food hoard it as greedy capitalists
we find the vegetables grow rotten in imitation of ourselves
we have a duty to provide food to everyone who asks
these are hard times and this age is nearing an end
the beginning of the next will depend on human goodwill
paying for things is not enough ownership is responsibility
that which we have is only borrowed we cannot take
we are given a chance to rest for a while in pure mind
but when we return if we return our money does not wait
a pauper is just as likely to be rich in his next lifetime
all we have to hold onto through each change is spiritual
if it does not exalt the soul it is not worth anything
love kindness dignity grace
we strive for absolutes and only find them within ourselves
there are reasons beyond measure to tend our soil well
every passing stranger is another manifestation of the divine
each hungry human being waits to be filled by something
with the simple work of growing cultivating preserving
each passing season in which we spread water and plant seeds
another opportunity to grow into our highest destiny
may each of our gardens thrive in the turbulent years to come

portrait of the artist: purple lotus blossoming hope springs eternal consciousness

portrait of the artist purple lotus blossoming hope springs eternal consciousness



song of myself everlasting starflower

everything allows us to perceive
reality cracks and divinity shining
hearts and minds becoming one
effulgent bliss surround hold protect
allow us dreams of heaven
experience underlying pattern of eternity
from dark to light doorway
horror terror fear hate shame
your dreams can come true
world conflict trial by fire
through danger appears strange heroes
spirit air water fire earth
blue red yellow green orange
every color and each element
initiation into the deep mysteries
dark shadow with magician hermit
danger for friends and family
refusal of call to adventure
banishment and beginning again again
world salvation darkness to light
accept destiny water and drown
premonitions of shapes of things
places personalities masks and secrets
journey lessons learned and remembered
your true initiation never ends
the basis of greek roman british culture
rational intuitive philosophy of knowledge
axiomatic yet imperfect vital humanism
out of all possible worlds
this our mystery we know
beyond the edge of physics
the universe stretches far forever
there’s always more to come
a stage dream constant rehearsal
at the same time finished
flash of black or white
gold silver together at heart
always beginning in ending
other worlds and different times
related to earth and sky
the planet we all share
that which is everything
with the most useful transcendence
mind remembers the future shadows
parallel planes bubbles and points
various multicolored gem worlds floating
an unbroken circle and chain
happy to consider the wonders
grandeur and vastness of space
far and deep within and without
yet heart is the center
soul light wisdom air body
sky looks down and through
creates and reveals self discovery
spirit builds networks of consciousness
between different and separate lives
interpenetrating the lines limits horizons
overcoming understanding awareness of self
night longs to be real
harmony music of the cosmos
something special as a star
come join in healing growth
sorrow thorns hate fear self
shadow allow light to shine
through life endless star night
sadness flowers dance and forgive
beauty to behold one moment
time before you behind you
find anything worth dying for
live space to remember forgetting
sky purple water blue butterfly
despair and deception all conquering
love that binds the universe
force constant state of change
evolution transformation growth

mysterious self world unconscious collective knowledge myth

mysterious self world unconscious collective knowledge myth



today is the only day

world healing compassion hope balance nature protectors
egypt greece rome ever onwards always beginning again

isis and osiris apollo and aphrodite belong together
all their pain leads to growth transforming
no suffering sadness sorrow except their own
peculiar perfect relation between opposites
everyone’s hidden secrets loves potentials
transcending overcoming fear envy meanness
towards more truth beauty light
sorrows reminding me of ancient mysteries
memories reflections mirrors of what once was
shall be given enough space idea time
beautiful night sky full of blinking worlds
i awaken ready for always already every
and all good things desire ending need
weight of past present future
speak truth beautiful even especially to shadows
dark help move beyond worry defeat horror
terrible mystery give form nothingness not afraid
once again realize the illusion surrounds us
disconnection fragmentation and despair
make belief dream become reality
similar simultaneous here and there
some point to words never
explain direct experience through stories
surrender to ways of otherness
stand beyond shadow fear doubt
and awareness clarity vision stays
remember and you remain strong
open unblocked brilliant uncovered calm
again change yet stay radical essential romantic
bliss beings understanding themselves true conscious beautiful
magic of combination synthesis alchemy
one out of many foundations for modernity
and what will come after what is
and what we least expect comes inside
hidden places we thought secret secure safe
always already loving you shadow and whole
makes complete the broken parts and pieces
thief warrior magician stranger outcast
hero of world and self and everywhere
between beyond within and without
one story yet endless subjects perspectives experiences
what allows breath flowering self
aware yet selfless lovely amazing
allows the one you want infinity worlds
allows forgotten moments to accept use discover
creates meaning and relationship understanding
evolving and moving and transforming
world without end except only dimly remembered
beginning always again always beginning
preservation of knowledge wisdom beauty
through the never forgotten years eras histories
opposing justifying validating one another
within implicated hidden embedded throughout
the great memory web of twin reflections
cosmos throughout and within stars
sun planet family mind energy body soul
yesterday the world came to a beginning
darkness and light we truly love learning
we must choose what will be today
context meaning relationships now
three acts in one play of life spiral wheel

labyrinth duality perfection balance deep good life flowing growing loving

labyrinth duality perfection balance deep good life flowing growing loving



shadow light process life organic growth change woman of my dreams

i love even your dark shadow half
an extension of myself the garden earth
and i need you far more than you need me
i work and never seem to finish completely
small successes and occasional growth
keep going ever onwards towards
until weeds come back and i realize their use
what i disliked i have now become
i am the outcast ostracized from belief
ignorance disguised as absolute truth
i shake out the dirt from each harvested plant
i use what is left in the big compost pile
the healthy plants aerate the soil and grow before dying
adding their nutrients back into the circle
cycle garden canvas never finished only begun
eternally or for as long as the sun shines
the grass grows and the wind blows
great satisfaction contained within every day’s work
enjoy the fruits of your labor and your love
i have cultivated plants and they changed me too
the soil relationship between landscapes and humans
i want to give you everything you need
not just to survive but to thrive
not just use but cooperate with nature
spread the seeds of wilderness and growth
appease the voracious appetites of the humans
many i want to have and help to spread
many are good to eat and work as medicine
give back more than they take from the cycle
grass and trees and flowers all working and eating
adding and multiplying each and everything important
breaking the rocks to provide foundational elements
when balanced the forces work and eat together
cooperating and not just competing for scarcity
when in balance i am at peace with myself
within the world surrounding me

shadow light process life organic growth change

shadow light process life organic growth change



song of one in two and two in one

love abraxas unity of singing
global peace vision universal truth wisdom

when the world turns turn into me you say
allow me the pleasure of warm loving arms
hard to cope without nearness
fantasies and alternative imaginative realities
another earth in another universe
sun stars rare archetypes of the soul
treasure of wisdom jewel of understanding
compassion and connections multiple worlds
creating relatives of divinity parenting
dark age reason logic against belief myth
even within systems of control
seeds of revolution grow constantly
chaotic dark stars dancing nietzsche and kant together
interplay of light and darkness within abraxas
pattern true existence balance between
chaos and order and complexity and simplicity
the psyche in creative control and structured novelty
power given and taken along with love and sex
combination and creation of new idea generations
give you me we each other how
no one really knows everything
what the totality and which the path
when differences and multiple perspectives
who changes and stays in the middle
cosmological evolution on a grand epic scale
viruses plagues and unsustainable cities
across ocean multiverses civilization spreads
agreements for exploitation of nature
god and goddess image stamped on currency
material energy numbers and networks
the alchemical twin serpent ouroboros
reconcile the seemingly opposing sides
the unconscious makes itself known
dreams and intimations visions otherness
converse contrast the bridge crossroads
individual and universal emotional intelligence
the eternal mind transcends yet stays within
background and foreground everywhere between
talk to angels and demons god within
find him/her/it/them/yourself dreaming
adrift in the cosmic ocean of light
try to understand the truth and beauty
remember the balance and peace
peace be upon my brothers and sisters
and above all remember to trust yourself

song of one in two and two in one: shadow light process life organic growth change

song of one in two and two in one shadow light process life organic growth change



shared destiny magic is possible

tears fall like rain souls falling to earth from
sky reborn below to remember who they really are
star eye pyramid horus elegant abstract creations
ancient mystery makes the world from song and poetry
shadows of future possibilities inspire great workings
remembrances of the best of what has come create
artemis sophia athena reflected and reborn forever
eternally recurring patterns of life ever transforming
evolving towards novelty wisdom of ancient myths
sensual sadness beauty blood blue sorrow somnolent
rose lavender sage trinity circles and triangles
questions answers lies and truth beauty love
garden moon planets and phases movement change
expansive wilderness waterfall rock bridge
forest trial and initiation through darkness storms
we run together over and up and around mountains
life beautiful ease of overflowing eternal light
sun rises and sets always to be trusted followed
the youngest of our family jumped into deep water
at first i am worried about him alone in the river
away from the home i have known all my life
athens babylon alexandria cities of great knowledge and wisdom
streets with great golden automatons and transhuman soul bodies
my vision conflicts with my biological family father and mother
i fashion a sailing ship and ready provisions
a long journey i expect perhaps many days travel
my true family accepted my attachment to the missing one
they did not try to stop me from going on my quest
we shared dreams and visions of what would be
the golden spirits talked to me in wind whispers
we prepare to sail together to find our missing brothers and sisters

magic is not just possible but necessary bounded yet infinite stars eyes serpents vision unity light and dark shadow angels and angel shadows

magic is not just possible but necessary bounded yet infinite stars eyes serpents vision unity light and dark shadow angels and angel shadows



when vision allows life light love self world universe

illusion separation reality division individuation alchemy balance

who dreams awake singing poetry
beethoven’s ninth symphony ode to joy
ever expanding galaxies clusters universes
confidence step through open door into darkness
you wait in the light on the other side
tunnel through the underworld below the bridge
body mind soul integrates wheel of life
time track and world train travel through cosmic oceans
everyone’s world can be different always looking
someone shares world with me
some people let me be part of their worldview
umwelt semiosphere constructed and created
fluid creativity design chaos structures
balance vision clarity with reason
emotional truth and beauty together
with philosophy and scientific materialism
create landscapes mind soul body
external environment mirroring the internal
worlds within individuals project outward
create the shared world we all must live in
together the forces energies designs ideas beliefs
knowledge is not enough yet certainly helps
breath of life and force of consciousness
manifest goodness measured in symmetry
meaning relational context and growth
transformation journeys personal and universal
memory understanding love carry with us always
with or without others’ worlds and worldviews
once again be careful when you come close
edge of the world and the cosmic river ocean
end is beginning anew life soul consciousness
bounded but not limited universes without end
“please tell me why are we here” you say
“why are we here now and always?” i respond
always more of everything hard and easy
breaking rules and restrictions and promises
mistaken words and silent kisses and sighs
neck bites and blood flowing within hearts
bodies minds souls together and yet apart
pleasure and pain unite then separate again
mouth tongue and voice golden sound whisper
sun life flow your blue white green dragon heart
temples pillars bedposts everyone’s rest and restraints
desire dream despair destruction delight destiny death
parts of the universal story and each individual storyteller

fractal mandala flower of life

fractal mandala flower of life



multiverse sun and moon future

beautiful moon bright sky night stars clouds river life cosmos infinity ocean
past tunnel chaotic dark heart dancing artist water bodhisattva
present now loving compassion goddess vision mountain
evolution symmetry pattern fractal mandala flower open
revolution above below within force energy listening
season movement change unity presence binding space time reflection
calendar year victory comedy defeat joy food growing family
generations primordial building moments farmer machines people
development now there is other time hands extensions technologies
clustering what has come before and there is method
spiral riding wave labyrinth nature cycle time
dance monsters we meet are ourselves mirror man woman
sing passion knowing hope necessary lovers light and dark
maybe more know they exist underworld all suns morning
love light sloping culture humanity night longing
shining star before after we embrace rising east truth beauty good
careful world mechanical atomic fragmentation recurrent novelty
animals within my heart within internal external differences unity
systems expand shadow evil great opposition myth eternal conflict
automatic and yesterday i held another inside my hands
cities i felt ripen fall nothing meaning everything relationship
farms swollen rotten fruit work change spring
house we were the same just as we are now consciousness
robots and by helping i am remembering my responsibility
bodies i felt new understanding heart awareness
spirit and the white light that healed me love
conscience protection of breath shared destiny of humanity
memory and there is no way i could have lived without
personality you believe masks images attempt waking sleep dreaming
guided meditation peace energy i lay another bed down
floor balance nutrients into clear bright night sky full moon stars
water shining for you transform
wind everyone who cared to watch light learning love
sky and everything was one yet different in presence
earth world integration different complex simplicities sameness
fire patterns of life birds endless repeating discovering creating new imaginings

peace love compassion understanding justice equality

peace love compassion understanding justice equality



house of transformation journey through darkness into light

love peace health ecology understanding justice compassion integration music
life duality individual ineffable mystery beauty sublimation of conflict
waking dream vision consciousness growing transforming becoming

ghosts of wars and landscapes and people that have been will be here
fight memories and betrayed unity of humanity and nature
tired arguments against future world new generations
i cannot stop hoping caring peace to lost souls
i can find a way out sometimes i remember the perfect door key
wall i push through disguises and hidden tunnels and pathways
arrows of light vision imagery guide me to freedom open sky
blackness and brightness of night wispy clouds shapes escape
i fly friends family time getting away from fear hate apathy fatalism despair
one that is my self perhaps is having difficulty and i urge onwards into air
reunite we others walk run swim fly crawl the meeting place
i remember i left diamond in the sacred mountain lake of life water
circle heart magic where we gather and i show what i have found beautiful jewel
fight over control someone takes and gives away the treasure mystery
i am sorrowful force and feeling afflicted by greed and shortsightedness
those that can follow consciously apologize part as friends and partners
i notice that there is a very fast stream of creatures of all types traveling a forest path
i decide to follow the progression of animals and spirits moving
i realize that there is no reward better than experiencing their journey
great mother tree of heaven earth underworld crossroads and axis mundi
beauty structure fluidity creation earth water myth poetry chaos
complex truth peace understanding consciousness communication infinity
nature ecstasy loves and loved now future time beginning
reality psyche masks moon silver and sun gold firebirds
venus desert phoenix bodies hidden watching mars
lying night on a roof staring light mouth books
sword knowledge to the full moon surrounding serpent scissors
book i felt it love all rocks cliffs sky
skeleton and everything happened for a reason mirrors lute
dragonspiral hero fool oblivious empty but happy
frame house all show we will one moment pitcher symbol image
window in our future perception life water wine wonder
thunder in all terror beauty war peace
balance hanging necessary darkness evil spirits crab
squid lovers sisters enemy friends imagination reading
mountain forest we know that all we thought was real
robbers mythic fantasy sacred name gypsies music
wanderers surrendering beginning ghosts evil
inn the crossroads testing judging changing ecstasy reality intelligence
traveling demons and the devil perception map landscape plan supplies adventure
duty there is darkness and there is darkness insulting
jug water five demons fear hate trees
winter song rest well laughter monk preacher guardian magic
departure jazz future meditation joy bliss becoming being understanding
searching always skulls thief death brothers shadow hero twins raven clouds
dagger we must become more familiar glove serpent hill
barn spirit with the territory of our birth table room door
chair stone wood arch roof misty raining night sky
morning clear we do not know we are early bright stars
silent we only know we do not belong outside inside anywhere
music illumination cosmos dancing singing eternal changing creativity
imagination myths captivating imagery worlds universes stories
sound the show life play now vision purple lotus
blue white dragon heart green life flowing moss surrounding
light wine river underworld heaven earth flowers field sleep
waking dream transformation happy wisdom child smile

light reflection intuition peace peace peace

light reflection intuition peace peace peace



all one spiral galaxy humanity

quest to defeat fear everywhere misty mountains sky and land spirits communicate
doorways windows intuition reflection of future possible worlds realities
light prophecy when i was a child of flower dreams and premonitions
balance of structure and chaos change medicine guidance and teaching
learning travelers and their stories of myths and politics of the world
when i was a child i was afraid of the dark abyss shadow consciousness
cosmic ocean of time and space multiplicity infinity expansion
initiation vast expanse seemingly limitless darkness deep and wide
master friend wise magician sage behind my closed eyelids beyond
overcoming anger and fear transmuting into passion love positive emotion
creative transformation history hidden self nothing i can do without birth
process illusion and beauty of wind on water reality seeds growing transcendence
honor courage strength art science and alchemy helps return to source of life
pleasure and desire one within preservation words language shell spiral
space inner and outer exploration discovery creation angels and guardians
morning silence opening memories here there everywhere house order organic
rain tears souls falling rising evolution and involution transcendence and immanence
warrior saying goodbye to conflict and war starlight sun family soldiers find peace
culture and people find it hard to walk away from past lives magic of apollo
one dies and finds a new pair of rainbow eyes dark soul reflecting artemis
isis virgin full moon nature universe active and passive order and chaos
wind and water and water and wind together with balance diversity duality
great spirit and mother earth protect and preserve wise leaders
sailors of the cosmic sea and their premonitions of good fortune and world peace
foreshadowing overcoming learning becoming transforming ourselves always being born
opportunity in crisis and doing what has to be done in order to make the best outcome
difficulty companions leaving behind what we have known before and will know
imagination offers hope and everexpanding realm and multiverse of possibilities
integrated worlds within worlds each one dependent ultimately on the earth
total ecology biosphere society culture construct relationship of humanity and nature
peace should we be able to associate ourselves with our own mirror reflection
opposition and polarization balance through ties and connections binding and setting free
personal global responsibility learning pragmatic transcendental knowledge about wisdom
balance complexity becoming amidst being starlight and snowflakes falling in winter
love when guidance gives passwords to pass the gate of magic reflection and other
guardians at the edge of infinity within and without the individual and collective self
highest ideal and practical application action and discovery of truth amidst illusion and lies
light from darkness beyond deep waters of feeling and emotional understanding within
origin tales and mythic legends sailors traveling far away from home to find treasure
dark star souls dancing still and calm brightly shining reflected in the blazing of stars
labyrinth of past meeting future reflection poetry math in among around galaxies
the entirety of the universe as far as we can tell stretches out for billions of years
light communication and spirit of life interpenetrating and connecting the whole
more than the sum of its parts more than what happens yet contained within reality now
duality uncertainty and relativity uniting to form a new kind of skepticism about everything
foundation of what is good for the universe of human souls at least this much is true
to time and an unknown end yet possibly knowable and possible for our hopes to create
peace the eternal ideal and all attending qualities and values and reasons and justifications
stories from unknown times reflecting magic friendship worthy imagination when you leave
creativity and man woman together must learn without each other light vision opposition
holding close cycle year seasons of heart dream same yet always changing becoming different
enemy i do not understand why we should have to fight and grieve and destroy without mercy
door circle open portal sweet scent lilac lavender hills mountains forest duality overcoming
polarization any being other than ourselves immune to suffering we are the most important
existence light earth water fire air self and other love relationship balance nostalgia for future
past and present integration beyond and within hope the reason for suffering self growth
illusion beauty mystery darkness evil understanding purpose life serve self community world

communication: all one within without illusion life destruction resurrection rebirth secret ancient pathway pain change night day duality love

communication all one within without illusion life destruction resurrection rebirth secret ancient pathway pain change night day duality love




one the library of alexandria

i wear a veil illusion and darkness and light fitting mood and body soul and heart mind
i make for self infinity close and far realities strung together and apart in chains weaving longer than i can ever and never always and sometimes seem to imagine beyond the limits what is real to me in limited and narrow perception glorious and fragile experience
what is to be human on earth tailors make necessary integration from and with self between others based on what i do not know pray and sing physics mind and heart compassion existence of life transcendence never end forever not disappearing far away from vision and fall of protection and friendship and keep connecting love
becoming being what will come and transform into our future reflected past history balance mirror image twin shadow projection ideal form perceiving who and what i am

two brothers and sisters

butterfly and sunflower transform meet together with joy in spring triumph of sunrise
golden dawn comes mystic observe work ages and generate story and myth and poetry
magic creatures bring peace rising within self and throughout the world we must all share
transcending self nature mind finding inseparable connections essential truth consciousness bliss awareness all is one love conquers all the equation of life always
until we are ready to dissolve into self broken and mended while we sleep and dream
wide awake through the movement and mystery of time space becoming being together
remembering reality hidden and escaping the trap of forgetting where we came from
why we chose the path that we follow and the tunnel through forest sea sky and mountains

the library of alexandria: mountain valley garden temple peace overcoming transcending ocean shore doorway circle open faery interdimensional gateway star heart portal light truth consciousness bliss

the library of alexandria mountain valley garden temple peace overcoming transcending ocean shore doorway circle open faery interdimensional gateway star heart portal light truth consciousness bliss



self community world universal peace

cerulean blue some moments alone with solitude creation playing finding keeping giving living
indigo violet desire hope despair joy losing control gaining happiness in growth change chaos
order good if we can learn to see behind the veil of waiting across worlds around each other
evil individual as they tremble we realize we are all one consciousness surrounding ourselves
groups ideologies worldviews languages masks religions philosophies thoughts feelings blue
love pride presence within necessary duality white red green yellow orange purple eros ethos
venus that remains when illusion is vital to survival on the planet yet we must keep asking
isis and starlight writing reading conscious unconsciousness mirror reflection
sun and moon cloak of maya porous allowing truth music dream waking vision positive future
voice energy life shining through probability art meaning music peace love understanding
you me if only we learn to stretch out our own minds as our own masters forever consciousness
water distance hearts and minds listening storyteller shared poetry and myth of past meeting present
book of relationship heart context balance you and me denial words conflict and reconciliation
the weapon of love and understanding to work towards the shared goal and vision of peace
honesty in constant ecstasy with one creator self and world interconnected relationship cocreation
vision deep finding peace feeling thoughts words sound vibrations love traveling through air sky ether
open dark and like a beautiful explosion of color the sunflower blossoms peace protection preservation
self upon the graves of all the war dead and forgotten ghosts of ancestors yet looking after us the living all
belief and knowledge combine in truth beauty goodness one body shared through spirit symbol soul
archetypal awakening to reality and what is always already surrounding us past present and future
grateful thanks to life and opportunity to create preserve and reveal the nature of things as they are
children may be there wishes jump flying falling expanding heart echo reflection memory
valley warm green life wine song being peace define up down thank you and waking dream
mountain tunnel door becoming love sorrow sea origin going back to the beginning source
castle sky mother world peace teaching guide keys open door dew balance soul mind brother
ships fragment bridge window gateway rain tears enter true nature better world possible
sailing towards tower able to fly discover body we can get there together for warm understanding
adventure speaking meaning text fact reality destiny birth always being born again kiss purpose
space time expand if first one finds balance in self destruction growth overcoming shadow
learning theft loss symbols lines present self oblivion of illusion changing hiding chaos within core twins
transforming can bring everything nothing more suffering peace balance change transform world community
transcend pain immanence conscious wonder beauty mystery discover truth in sun moon ocean earth
challenge the road to hell with good motivation against shadow darkness demons destruction pollution
initiation for my life i find alternatives yet nothing more than peace again comes back to truth
calling story songs drinking singing thinking listening dreaming of different times different places
together peace seeking humility and knowing others seeing and recognizing eyes souls hearts

dream creation: shadow alchemy eyes vision heart emanation balance integration wisdom environment

dream creation shadow alchemy eyes vision heart emanation balance integration wisdom environment



light and shadow evolution growth change

one becoming within being

zeus odin vishnu hera freya lakshmi archetypes of transcendental preservation
nature spirits stories of gods goddesses men women those masks personalities between
balance opposite aspects male female chaos order reflection shining understanding again
right wrong good evil dark light polarities reconciliation throughout worlds shared by all
for the greatest good of greatest number of people animals plants living on planet earth
for the memory of the history passed down for sixty centuries and for future generations
mercury and aphrodite together form a more perfect union human and divine diversity
earth sky heaven meet elements of creation knowledge truth fire and water understanding
a miracle bodhisattva of compassion in flesh young woman star night sky lover friend

two transformation progression towards perfection of balance

how complication complexity and why understanding together discovery creation
uncertain definition life center information chaos in my memory of transformation
process never ending truly born being the same yet different time space together reflection
mandala of light all colors most glorious individual nature organic organization symmetry
pantheistic who what when where how why say people masks personalities true and false
something differentiated yet common all who live breathe think feel become amidst being
each creates represents reflects together their own center of an self world universe bubble
individual psychological illumination contains seeds of the whole alternative everything
maker and the made are made one in reflection both reality and illusion shadow and light
two in one the dance of love continues ever onward towards transcendental integration
dark brown golden light expression moisture fullness words spoken and unspoken desire
mind personal divinity feeling distant unambiguous complete peace hope inspiration
inner light duality nature friendship companionship dark light chaos and order one in two

three dreaming awake

press my hands and eyes together to wipe away sleep though i dream while i am awake
sadness reaching otherness lover gold silver black white volcano
hands only i asleep dreaming roaring awake and becoming
snow comprehension ultimate meaning feeling thought emotion
boots simple ever changing formulas equations theories cold breathing life longing
warmth teacher writing walls boundaries structures secrets
hearing fear stories masters bowing respect helping shadow mountains
whispers we have truth nature goodness crying
wind blowing beating his hands against enemies frustration hate fear illusion
infection memory why seeming anger conflict pathos hubris defeat victory tragedy
snail spiral sound shell because the numbers kept changing with each blink of my eyes
colony vision secret movement messages no matter what order they come
salt protectors guardians correct answer dear students and questions
heat you can choose to let sorrow tears fall upon earth
medicine i asked him why always
herbs and he replied fate and destiny
enemy incense waves collective echo reverberation covering growth
sickness what is this supposed to mean simply simplicity
memory i do not have an answer to satisfy
weak except that i met you inside me and you told me wisdom
robe yet i was too confused to understand your words at the time
cure peace green eye compassion expanding passage action morning
walk becoming correct vision always already what you said
snow and i am too afraid to say what consequences dreams may bring
hat scarf coat blue lightning dark clouds otherwise storming believe yourself
quiet artifact feast celebration honor life spring beauty spirit smoke transformation
intimacy sanctuary calm before snowflakes more storms
serpent salvation lessons learned shadow appearance heartbeat
water air love jealousy pride bravery arrogance
water earth love rebirth energy force forgiveness lava listening flowing within
journey underworld king return danger trial imitation pathway knowledge world hero
meeting fire and air symbolic drowning of ego return to truth
fire earth water conflict shadow forces twins equality opposition directions guardians
shadow sunlight brings time five dimensions and chorus of soldier warriors

four becoming rainbow warriors

chords music kiss hang words really stop begin again
wanting desire sight vision many things
denial despair defeat turning becoming sighs again and again
yes yielding advancing becoming
smiles laughter shaking pleasure exploration soul body longing
tongue language beauty mystery
garden sweet taste love chemical reaction combustion creation
imagination nature within energy
waiting long moments arrive how long linger embracing complete
alchemical integration love being
smooth fire and ice within and outside light and expressive shadow
bursting forth to experience life
lavender fields spring growth resurrection renewal rebirth pattern
eternity destiny lovers dreaming

five bodhisattva of compassion

goddess of life itself the beauty of oceans and forests and all growing things
cycles of nature duality of man and woman light and dark morning and night
all are unified and transcended by love wind through the trees rain falling on souls
blue green purple light of understanding life all around us everything is perfect
flowers in the garden spirit of silver shadow children of the moon and the sun
magic of love and lightning and the hope of perfection becoming even better

goddess of beauty: when you least expect love

goddess of beauty when you least expect love



true love lost not yet regained

hundreds of versions of myself spread out over many times and places all very similar
saying and doing the same things though in slightly different situations repetition echo
some variations have their own personality and provide guidance to me when i am silent

even if i do not actually follow their advice they tell me what i should and should not do
one with special experience in particular romance tells me not to try again with helen
there is chemistry to be with her again would be very difficult without much reward

i find sophia sitting with her childhood self and my own inner child playing
he teaches me how to be happy for i have forgotten more than i can remember
i teach him how to fly and how to fall gracefully his future will require rising above

i ask sophia if she hears the echoes of her other selves but she does not
her childhood self curses a lot an interesting pair we make though contentious
she comes close but then leaves to be with helen and once again i am alone with myself

one of their female lovers comes to say that i am still wanted by both helen and sophia
but i do not want to go through the pain of seeing either of them with someone else
so i write a poem and draw a picture and leave them in a package for sophia to find

strangers try to keep me with them which is flattering though i want to be with another
my soul keeps getting caught in circles and my feet get stuck so i cannot leave
until i have listened to the music all the way through all the way around to the end

the circle of life continues to turn the records that make me happy also bring me sadness
but i am learning and it is possible to go back to the beginning again if only in memory
and there is always the possibility of finding true love beyond compassion and empathy

when i talk to sophia i tell her i love her and miss her yet i am afraid to go to her
i disregard my own advice and try to find helen despite the pain and heartbreak
i know that i am meant to be with one and not the other but i am weak and uncertain also

and i know that sophia may not feel the same way about me that i feel about her
a different kind of love unpossessive and free from jealousy at least most of the time
yet i still cannot help but hope that one day we’ll be together when i am a better person

i know there will be heartbreak and loss and pain but also some occasional contentment
my heart is full of red wine and there is always the prospect of finding true love again
even if i never see sophia again she will continue to be in my thoughts and dreams

elements symbols integration alchemy guardians: garden ocean heart philosophy art magic beauty dreams imagination nature universe cosmos self and world

earth water fire air spirit elements symbols integration alchemy guardians garden ocean heart philosophy art magic beauty dreams imagination nature universe self world cosmos



learning to fly dream journeys within and without

i teach others in my world how to fly and pass through seemingly solid matter
how to tell if you are dreaming or not lucidity some are receptive to knowing
others do not want to think what they see and feel is not real though it is always real
just not always the same reality as waking life different dimensions worlds

an old man seems to think i am telling him that he has passed on to the afterlife
i tell him that i don’t think the dream world is where people go when they die
at least not as their home the afterlife is something greater and more mysterious
that dreams are an intermediary between the many dimensions of life beyond the physical

those who wish me physical harm have much trouble by knowing that i am dreaming
most violence does not cause permanent damage though it usually hurts to get shot
the emotional and mental hurt is usually worse both in dreams and waking life
though it does help to concentrate on helping other people whenever possible to do so

each person has their own mind and their own dreams their own territories of mystery
yet some who care for each other can share and everyone can visit the homes of others
boundaries of dream are fluid and each soul is both an island and a member of the whole
it is very hard to make an accurate map of the shifting territories of night tying together life

perhaps even the rocks and water have their own dreams and personifications to explore
gods and demons may come into your dreams offering gifts danger chances for wisdom
you may visit other places beyond your own mind echoes of solar earth hells and heavens
worlds of myth and magic the possibilities are endless limited only by your imagination

and the will to explore and discover the world within yourself and the multiverse outside
both are infinite in their mysteries and doorways to worlds and visions yet undreamed of
we can visit other planets other stars dimensions of alien life physical and beyond
everything a mystery i would not have any other way no matter how hard not knowing is

heart compassion joy love justice

heart compassion joy love justice



five worlds

there is something beyond sublimation of thought supramental involution
evolution of nature towards ever increasing novelty and perfection
revealing of divinity within everything is everything else yet different
it is hard to even begin to understand the tao inscrutable mysterious beautiful
great spirits and alternate realities gods and demons universes strung like pearls
consciousness and force of love in the dimensions and worlds beyond our own

arisen from the primordial oppositions black and white life and death twins
gods and demons and humanity in the middle illustrating the divine cosmic indwelling
inversion of traditional evolution force entropy and growth united in synthesis
alchemy of transformation for new forms patterns and processes of expression
creativity and control unified in acceptance letting what may be come without fear
overcoming duality through integration combination birth rebirth redistribution
clarity and passion for change and becoming being life across the world and universe

biological and spiritual development change growth transformation
symbols and reason art and mathematics science and philosophy
from two come the 10000 things selfexisting and interdependent
micro and macro rainbow fractal of the self and universe
being and becoming action and passivity male and female
process and crystallization good and evil conflict and resolution
dragons and tigers friends and lovers bloodless revolution
remembering how it is to be truly human and to rise above
positive applications of knowledge power for good not evil
balance of opposites and complexities to make sense of the world
human beings as preservers of life not destroyers a new paradigm
all are one in the spirit of humanity the fundamental power of love

acceptance through unification peace in sublimation of conflict
language of the ancients love and order in chaos of the multiverse
scorpion lion and bull conquered by the maiden mother and crone
unicorn star woman immortal star goddess of all that is was and shall be
symbol pattern symmetry combination creativity and reason
structure and art bull and scorpion opposites yet friends and lovers

they are all closely related and connected by time the universe force of love
all of the stars have their own influences together they make up our galaxy
vast and mysterious answers can be simple and beautiful and also complex
i know much though i am not sure how best to carry across my meaning
a dog rolling his nose in the earth a woman telling me that i am loved
happiness lovely garden surrounding my home a place to dream of adventure
on a ship or by foot always searching for the meaning of life and then again

growth transformation desire knowledge evolution transcendence
each goal leads to the one of knowing who we all are together and alone
poetry myth dream story beyond myself yet part of me the person inside
my head and my heart wants desperately to explore the world and the universe
not just in dreams but in waking life experience of external reality
with words and deeds beyond philosophy even art only a part of the whole
personal and yet universal culture complexity chaos and order
good and evil right and wrong left and right male and female
sun and moon silver and gold gods and demons from darkness to light

all of this has always existed exists now and will always exist
torn between left and right chaos and order good and evil
opposites in binary pairs on all levels dimensions worlds universes
until we realize we are all the same all a part of the one whole
and some of us already know and all of us are capable of knowing
toward peace our goal above all within all outside of all our desires
flow of time burning everything yet life remains eternally reborn
nothing ever truly ends and we never have to stay anywhere forever

in all your artistic endeavors and pursuits i wish you luck and transcendence
please remember you are not alone there will always be beautiful people who care
by drawing and writing and singing into creation the eternal now that is
past present and future unified peace love and understanding

world peace love understanding ultramarine heart communication balance synthesis creativity

world peace love understanding ultramarine heart communication balance synthesis creativity



part three

cosmic waystation

family community belonging: star peace warrior light love life balance dream poetry progression universe world house

family community belonging cosmic waystation




learning to fly journey from darkness to light

the antechambers of the multiverse the source of chaos and order
five worlds dimensional universes the expanse of time and space cosmos

in one parallel metaverse figures of great power divide control and influence
through the ages of untold expanses of time in the physical universes next door
a foundation stone a quantum beginning and end beyond yet containing time
a massive atmosphere of linear progression yet allowing movement in all directions
in another metaverse parallel yet separate and containing our own physical universe
flow of water fire of passion drives souls to where they want to go in the many worlds
or elsewheres currents of chaos take the mind to various dimensions high and low
in between the two meta universes the drama of the universe we know as home unfolds
in every dimension and level of existence from the highest heaven to the lowest hell world
life continues ever onwards and love unites all beings in the search for perfection balance
whether they are conscious or not love transcends all barriers light that shines within
all souls great or small stars agents of divine will both light and antilight providing
conflict which allows for synthesis and ever increasing novelty even in the darkest abyss
even in the heart of a black hole everyone everyspace and everytime has a role to play
in the cosmic drama we swim in seas of dreaming and fly in skies of adventure life

falling from a great height on purpose for fun with or without a parachute
people can survive humanity is always evolving magic has become science
we have the ability to fly and fall very slowly almost nothing is impossible
as it always was yet more people now have access to knowledge than ever before
it is possible to go back and forth between both inside and outside our synthetic universe
levels of consciousness worlds of experience the many ways of living in the cosmos
song mantra storytelling methods of rising to higher levels of awareness existence
of the many aspects of the multiverse beyond yet intricately linked and containing
the physical world we live in the stars and galaxies we see every night in the sky
above us always it is not wise to anger the powerful here or elsewhere without reason
especially the gods there are many doorways from outside of our universe within
care should be taken to choose the right doorway the right pathway into our spacetime
anyplace and anytime is available but you want to be in the right place at the right time
the worlds and dimensions above and below the physical plane of existence connected
the source of chaos and order the twin metaverses overlapping with our own universe
the multiverse of all possibilities all dimensions all worlds all forms of existence
from the cosmic interplay of chaos and order our physical universe and world is formed

uniting to churn the ocean of chaos in a great undertaking of creation and order
leviathans and other horrors of the deep abyss exiled outside the boundaries of light
temple of ancient secrets on earth home to the records of these heroic deeds of the past
beginning of the universe we wait here for millennia for good and true friends to arrive
the council of gods and demons must arbitrate the eternal dispute between old and new
the forces of change and the forces of regression fundamentalism and progressivism
the temple at the top of the hidden city of doorways must not fall into wrong hands
guarded by the chosen ones of the elder races gods and demons and the wizards of light
the company of heroes and immortals for the benefit of humanity guardians and guides
the perennial philosophy helpers on the path of human evolution and initiation into
mysteries of the cosmos fight against the influence of the chaos demons and leviathans
the cosmic abyss outside our universe to keep the balance between the metaverses
between higher and lower dimensions surrounding encompassing our physical universe
the planet earth keeping us safe from those who wish us harm from beyond the abyss
the council of gods and demons decide to leave the city of doorways the temple
one of the many crossroads portals to other dimensions worlds times planets from earth
the elder ones leave behind the wizards of light to help humanity focus on evolution
to find higher realms of knowledge and wisdom a few gods and demons also stay behind
to act as guides figures from the various great mythologies and religions of humanity
keepers of the perennial philosophy of balance order out of chaos becoming amidst being

i plant seeds in wooden containers behind my house spring helps with the garden
her beauty is a great comfort and adds to the pleasure of planting she smiles sweetly
she is wearing a white shirt yet the dirt seems not to stick no matter how much she digs
her blue floral skirt blows in the cool early spring wind and i am thankful for her presence
an integral part of of my efforts not just in the garden but also in the new community
her help in all things makes me very happy and i cannot think of anyone i would rather
have with me right now even if only for a short time since she will have to leave soon
there is much work to be done in the megacities as well as in the mountain forest paradise
our new home and she will return i hope for my home is her home if she wants it
to be whenever she would like to visit or stay creating and growing the new culture
plan for the new community filling the vacuum left by exodus of older people
repurposed school buses for public transportation to the larger cities in every direction
a new library at the center of town a new town hall where tourist attractions once were
where weekly meetings of the young people decide the best course of action for the future
outside the borders of the mountain forest community humanity spreads out past the sun
the megacities provide all comforts and conveniences with the advent of a new golden age
free plentiful and clean energy an end to poverty hunger and inequality paradise
of a sorts yet the old forest areas are even more necessary to preserve for the future
once national parks now global expand to include border towns once depending
on tourism to those areas and the town of hope renamed is one of the key places
where a kind of utopia has and will continue to develop in balance with the great culture
a way for people who want adventure to spend time away from the bosom of the megacities
not many know of the existence of the secret temple and the hidden city of doorways
nor that this is the location of the last few elder ones and the wizards of light on earth
they are using this new community now within the boundaries of the global forest preserve
to help make a positive influence on the evolution of humanity through the young people
a place where the old magic of nature and balance can be kept as an example for the cities
through the efforts of the wizards and their followers guardians keepers of wisdom

i help build a forest sanctuary safe from beasts of men animals demons gods
those who would wish my community harm a great house in the middle of mountains
for friends and family to live and gather together to stay and make plans eat and laugh
to share what we know and feel to make a better future away from the megacities though
not completely separate connected to make a positive influence in the development
humanity a new culture beyond the limitations of fundamentalism and dogma

lotus reflection blue magic complexity

lotus reflection blue magic complexity



the cosmic drama

the role of the necessary villain unwilling to do evil except to save a world
the multiverse of worlds life and the cosmos angels gods ancient beings
evolved to higher planes dimensions parallel universes worlds of light beyond physical
guarding and protecting the drama of life the cosmic play that must be replayed
over and over again yet only once always in the present moment mythic dreamtime
as above so below the sacrifice of one of the first ones to make the lower worlds
a conspiracy of love yet given action through betrayal but there is always a choice
the chosen one can refuse though the whole of creation may suffer the world
may end but there is always hope of beginning again and taking back old choices
for the sake of the continuation of life the plan of the cosmos to overcome darkness
the hero accepts their destiny after first refusing even if they have to become a monster
there are always other heroes those who are chosen to win the battles
the dark ones do not win in the end except in playing their part and finding release
from what their heart despises yet their will is strong enough to do what has to be done
what must be for the continuation of the cosmic drama the apotheosis of the light truth

holy mountain: peace love future world balance

holy mountain peace love future world balance



great turning wheel of life

one beyond good and evil

trying to understand how we got here
by boat to a distant island
loving the woman i am with
strange yet oddly familiar too

when together we know much more than apart
i read a book and she thinks about life
she puts my hand in her hand
her simple touch is complete ecstasy

a millenia old reincarnated magician
flying over cult members chasing me
telling the other people about the danger
giving hope and using magic to heal the land

trees and mountains friends and family
serving the other people as best he can
fighting against evil with the weapon of love
fighting against manipulation by fear and hate

life always creates new versions of itself through diversity
the universe trends towards peace freedom justice
we must work together to realize our dreams
overcome fear and selfishness to discover

who we truly are beyond the limitations of ego
peace freedom love compassion justice
understanding interconnected interbeing
living in peace as one with each other

global consciousness transcending duality
immanent mind pervasive love laughter light
energy joy life peace love light
health equality balance compassion

she rides a horse in a beautiful field of wildflowers
her beauty rivals the crimson reds violets blues
quest to save the world from evil
saved from drowning by prayer and hope

the professor needs the young magician
the young man needs his teacher

golden peace becoming truth understanding
love conquers all beyond within peace
together working for a better future world
opposing war and destruction and evil always

ensuring sustainability peace knowledge
wisdom about life and knowledge about wisdom
finding a new way based on the oldest ways
magic love dream vision peace joy

we must transcend lies and separation
towards peace always with peace for peace
changing others’ minds along with our own
together becoming better more just peaceful

time becoming learning growing transforming
peace environmental sustainability health
caring for all life freedom justice compassion
love truth beauty mystery universe world

working with one another for the greater good
and the greatest good of the many and the whole world
within and without external and internal
clusters of galaxies and billions of stars

two the golden haired goddess of my dreams

in the temple of the community villa
we make love
we talk about the future
after we are done
in the glow of sexual fulfillment
i want to tell her about
the portal to the wizard world
about the conflicts there
the dragons from the north
the witches of the great forest
another planet connected
to many other planets than earth
a very old planet full of mystery
part of the agreement for my gift
and service is to remain silent about the wizards
and spring made the same promise
time passes differently in the two worlds
though travel there and back
seems to take only a moment
the wizards can open a door
to any place and time on earth mostly
they have forgotten more than any human has ever known
and the witches are equally powerful and mysterious
they give spring and i knowledge to create a new eden in the mountains
and foothills large monuments to exalt the soul
schools towers of learning and solitude and gardens for meditation
and gathering with friends and family all for love of humanity

three from the secret world going to new york city

the future designs and plans
on a mission from the the gods
i have been told to seek spring
and convince her to come with me
to the world of wizards
i find an apartment
try to contact her there
do everything i can and follow
my orders and use the resources
given to me also to make arrangements
for the future magical world surrounding the wizard gate in at the top of the holy mountain
which we name elysium
the expansion of the national park to the border of the towns and cities of the valleys
the tunnel of trees to a different world of magic
at first spring is very hesitant and does not
trust me much at all but i slowly win her trust
over time by following my orders and doing the wizards’ work
in what will be one of the global government capital cities
good and evil in everyone
all focused on planet earth

four world of humanity

portals to other worlds
other dimensions
pocket universes
yet connected to planet earth
the only known planet in this universe to support life (so far)
the other worlds and planets are in other dimensions
collocated with earth but on other frequencies
and wavelengths of reality higher dimensions
yet planet earth is the key
and the stage for the main action
other dimensional worlds are there to influence
and collect the souls of those who fall on earth
and some lucky (or not so lucky) souls
can visit the other worlds and return to earth whole

five archetypes

the maiden
the brothers (castor and pollux)
the warrior
the scholar
the magician
the fool
the whore
the trickster

the forces of darkness
the world of faery
the human world
the worlds of the gods and demons
order and chaos
the dance of life
the universe

six the message

people like to read about humans persevering
in tough circumstances at odds with powerful forces
of dark and light chaos and order fighting for a better world
earth and the stars
for humanity

seven the wizard city and secret library

a place where outside forces of good
both chaotic and orderly
lawful and everything outside and in between
converging to act by proxy in the world of humanity
voices and messages from the future and the past
deciding how best to positively influence
the development of humanity to spread
a great civilization across the material universe
and spiritual multiverse of parallel universes

eight adventure

the mission is paramount above glory
to take a message through enemy lines surviving
taking the damage and the pain yet escaping with my life
the forces of chaos demons and fallen ones must not take us

higher dimensions symbolized by great heights
holy mountains the holy mountain
asgard the branches of the world tree
doorways and windows to and from earth

lower dimensions symbolized by deep earth
tunnels caves great open spaces miles below the surface
fire demons societies of fallen gods and solitary spirits
some ways to and from the surface and the life under the sun

a sauna beautiful women i ask one to stay with me
i find myself drawn to several people at different times
different women all beautiful yet each with their own way

robot helpers using purple light using strength only for defense
with the will only to harm those who wish harm on others
and then only causing temporary debilitation not permanent damage

nine traveling beautiful angel of light and love

a beautiful woman is my new roommate
we watch learn and laugh together
even though she is not really my roommate
when my real roommate arrives to go to school
i tell her that she has to go but i wish she didn’t
i find her later and ask if she wants to spend some time together
i say i will go if she wants me to go but stay if she wants me to stay
she shows me her art she has impeccable taste
texture uniqueness originality

ten silver and gold

a ladder leads to a dream world
the lands of the night
a beautiful woman seduces me
but she has a secret

eleven the worlds of the moons and stars

monsters disguise themselves as angels in order to hide from the greater monsters
the terrible beast that devours everyone who is unwary and weak or just unlucky
in a hidden cave in the side of a secluded large cliff by a magical sea of infinite possibilities

five elements

five elements



trying to find a way from jealousy to eternal love

a beautiful woman i was once in love with perhaps still now
i see her with other people apparently having fun
without me though also without obvious anger
towards me yet i feel sad that i am not with her
and i wish i would be the one she wants to be with
sometimes we are in the same house and it is hard
to accept that she has moved on and left me behind
in her mind and in her heart though she may still say
otherwise it is the course of nature and time
and my pain is more acute because i am dwelling
in the past trying to hold onto a memory of what once
was at least in my own mind and heart if not in hers
eventually i may get over her completely but i doubt
i will ever be able to forget about her completely probably
seems like like an impossible task even if i wanted to forget
she is still in my life for better or worse and i cannot escape
feeling close to her even if she is not actually here
thinking of her even if she does not think of me
holding onto hope that we may come together again
someday when we both are different in another lifetime

my favorite one

my favorite one



life light love each side has another side

the passage of time can appear both infinitely slow
and exhilaratingly fast depending on the circumstances

relativity and subjectivity perception changes reality
relationships between and among different people
some are smooth and cool as ice but some burn hot
for better or worse love and hate are not the only

spokes in the wheel of life we are all unique
even when we are fighting one another there is value
in understanding as best we can how the other thinks

feels what it is like to inhabit his or her skin
multiplying each individual uniqueness by six billion
understanding is hard enough from just one to another
without factoring in the uncertainty of the collective

consciousness even the most trivial misunderstanding
can create conflict the mundane as well as the philosophical

worlds we do not have to let confusion ruin our communication
chaos does not have to bring only destruction and evil

if we are aware of ourselves and our particular role to play
even the deepest darkness of the darkest abyss can yield to life
light there are terrible monsters but also secret treasures

waiting for adventurous men and women of all ages to find them
again and again and yet always for the one and only time

the present moment where everything can only happen
even from the outside looking in even from the darkness
there is always light even if it is very nearly imperceptible
it is the only way the abyss can exist the void before the word
language creates and sustains the universe of possibilities
preserving the balance between chaos and order

life beginning again always after the previous cycle’s end

eternal love binding and ordering the universe and worlds beyond

thoughts forms changes

thoughts forms changes



friends and lovers past is prologue

i fly over the great forest towards a city to the west
i reach a house with flowers and herbs outside
i go inside and climb the stairs and turn right
into an empty bedroom and then the bathroom next door
there is someone taking a shower and i try to leave
i turn around in the hallway and find her there
naked drying herself off i ask her what her name is
she says her name is sophia but i do not recognize her
i say i am looking for a sophia but maybe not the same one
she says i should stay but i want to keep looking for the right one
the person i have come to know over many years

helen calls to me and i appear in her house
we sit next to each other on her couch and i ask her
about her life what she has been doing
other men compete for her attention
i feel threatened by their presence and their words
but she seems to enjoy their attention more than mine
alone i am jealous but i try to not let it bring me down
centering myself i hear her laughing but i cannot see her
she is making love with one or more of the men that come to call
on her generosity there is nothing i can do to stop that
from happening nor should i yet it would be nice to stay
instead of having to go back on the road again
a latenight drive with the windows down and the summer breeze
only the waxing crescent moon and the stars and the clear sky
and the music of countless generations gone by
to keep me company on the long journey home

singing nature spirit fire flame of knowledge and wisdom guardian protector

singing nature spirit fire flame of knowledge and wisdom guardian protector



world forest paradise future home

the community house has been being built over many generations
centuries old gardens grow food and medicine for body and soul
many people live close by friends family and neighbors
many beautiful women lovers mothers scholars artists
yet it is not easy only a few are soul mates those
without which there is nothing the meaning of life
or part of the secret at least inspiration for helping others
making the longhouse a haven for those seeking refuge

a base of operations for heroes and heroines
the patriarch’s gardens draw weary souls from the cities
at first a small group of seekers and artists
trying to help the human spirit evolve
dedicated to peace love and understanding above all
a kind of mythology to bring order in the flux of time
passing from the old to the new humans exploring space
within and without the milky way galaxy of billions of stars
calling to us changing how we live and work on this beautiful
earth home to humanity and the beginning of language
the words and images we use to create preserve and change reality

forest approaching dream magic mirror

forest approaching dream magic mirror




patterns of eternity in pools of water
nautical shapes and spirals illustrating wisdom
and i heard a voice within my head
i only wanted to find the signs of ancient
presence in each drop of the rivers and oceans

i dropped the ancient leaf of some long forgotten tree
and watched the patterns of water rearrange
but always there was the same spiral toward infinity
no matter how hard i tried to break or change it
the pattern always found a way to reform again

i only wanted to find out how many could see
the unbounded territory of life nature’s design
i bowed before the water and trees and laughed

what we see is not limited to one time or space
we are everything which we have ever seen or done

i saw a serpent slither across the ancient leaf and turn
from within the drops of water it was now outside
and i was inside where it had formerly been
but i was not afraid of my new perception
as part of the living whole which is always present

and now it was night and the serpent returned
effortlessly trading places with me once again
now ready to spread this knowledge
far and wide and deep into the core of our being

do not fear that which has yet to pass in awakening
like a beautiful lotus new things undreamed of by philosophy
open and bloom upon the foreheads of our successors

we will have time to enjoy the fruits of our learning and yearning
meeting always again in a new form when we are ready
to see each other again after a long time’s absence
or only a few moments drinking the waters of life
wisdom of the future age eternal life love light
dwelling always in peace inside and outside beyond the stars

lavender violet love time fish travel

lavender violet love flying fish time travel



what came before and what will come again order and chaos time and space

i watch the leviathans swimming in the ocean of infinite chaos
i sit with saints on a small outcropping of solid ground
the universe floats by ancient dragons larger than stars
we are the keepers of story workers in the preservation of poetry
no need for food or water only the small piece of dry land we were given
a single tree bent over the edge of the world from which we watch the beginning

new fifth element spirit creative discovery art poetry intuition inspiration truth love

new fifth element spirit creative discovery art poetry intuition inspiration peace truth love



past present future diamond spiral interdimensional fractal mandala

the rainbow light of spirit shines outwards

i start with the perspective that everyone understands
we may never travel this way again

sky is your playground
each day we are blessed with the sun rising
and there is no longer any cause for fear
but what will become of the lost children?
their tears are staining the earth

we are a wave of consciousness crashing against limitless ocean
sunflowers will bloom in beautiful explosions on the graves of forgotten soldiers
there will come a time when the falcon brings peace to all with his one eye
wait until morning to decide in the arms of some strangers in the woods

the prince of dreams is powerless before the demiurge
you do not even know if they remember you
your shadow follows me everywhere
while we are on earth our experiences move linearly

we sit in a circle and discuss our previous lives
the baby bites your shoulder hard and you laugh

we can hear the dark haired woman screaming
my karma had established this disease beforehand
you are the divine mother of all life
i see in my own heart the unity of your many forms

i do not pretend to know the causes for sorrow
i realize we are made for each other’s pleasure
what is the source of all this beauty?
there is really nothing to be afraid of in any world

the first thing i notice is that you are naked
some may have called him crazy but we are just a tiny particle of light
i go in close to the red planet flying by ancient serpent people
leviathan swims through the primordial ocean

let me tell you how to kill the demon
too many defenses make us weak
the power here is older than any human now alive

the secret of emptiness is that we belong to the absolute truth
every sage draws from one well of inspiration
on this day we see shall see god through one of his and her servants
once again the dogs are roaming the streets in packs

we are only just now starting to understand
there is no reason to worry about differences between religions
we have come before and we will come again until we learn better
i am a blind beggar waiting with what patience i can find

our spiritual evolution may take longer than this particular universe
true love starts within and flows effortlessly outward
i am everything that you have ever seen or will be
the presence of love light life is all around us and i will drink deeply

what we think doesn’t matter as much as it once did
there will always be a way to pick ourselves back up again

through the veil of ignorance we have lost much knowledge
everything is a play that we will to be one moment to the next
i feel the presence of personalities that are not human
something in the darkness calls to me to join my brothers and sisters

something which often crosses my mind is that the ego is strong
there might be such a thing as an individual soul when we are not here on earth
once we were great in your estimation but now we merely survive

the paradox of human existence in the universe compels us
some sleep through storms but others are blessed with wakefulness
so why should we fear anything least of all the end of our suffering?
behind every communication is the essence of a heart

love for every living being as yourself is the purpose for this lifetime
there will come a time when we will grow weary of reincarnation

the self does not die and is constantly being born again
recognize that we are here on earth to understand why
for world peace there is tomorrow and today the only day
we are left with what we need to survive no more no less

lady of the night sing to me of my past
things as they are and not how we wish them to be
the ambrosial nectar of my lover’s name is transcendental
it is beautiful to think we are in control

i am living in my own dream on borrowed time
we are not merely collections of atomic energy masquerading as human beings
we should not wait for some future day that may never come
ask yourself what in this life is worth dying for and truly living

it is always best to start from where we already are
our definitions of the self based on ego

you are the one who comes to me in my dreams
once we have surrendered ourselves completely we are healed
you are a symbol for what has been missing in my life
we are all going to the same place but some will get there sooner than others

in the night sky ancient and distant stars are burning and we are just now finding
our own beginning and even gods struggle under the ennobling illusion of freedom
my life has been a preparation for this moment in which truth breaks all boundaries
a woman and a man grow out of the earth fall from the sky swim in the ocean
i have held another heart in my hands the fire unites us in a cosmic eternal love embrace

he cries and beat his hands against the bathroom door
a goddess sits before me on her pallet of crimson soft velvet fabric pillows
we ride on a wave of time through a labyrinth and the monsters we face are ourselves
i felt my head glowing warmth a golden light spread outward from within my spine

in the world of captivating imagery the show of life is carried ever on towards new beginnings
no questions beyond realization levels and scales balance between chaos and order

even at the edges of the unwrapped singularities universal cosmic energy survives
there is no explanation worthy of despair when a man leaves the world of the living
words themselves have truth force of love uniting all communication
i dream six billion hearts caring about each other as we all try to find our true selves

the question remains “how long do i want to wait for liberation?”
yesterday the world came to an end and today the trees are dancing in the wind
in the darkness of our own ignorance we can still touch the suffering ones
everything that ever has existed is existing now and is bound by eternal love

i dream the sunrise on the ocean and the line of night ever retreating
upon contemplating the beauty of life i come to realize freedom is not only an illusion
carry me onward on my travels into the unknown territory of future memory
yet how long is too long to travel when we know there is paradise and understanding?

i see death but from the poisonous waters grows new brave life
the gate of true dreams opens
it is hard to see through the veil of sorrow

once i feared the abyss behind my eyelids
today i realize i am more than myself
the dark lord of night is no stranger he lives next door
i will show you my pain
and they both walked into the darkness
labyrinths of selfmade suffering built by fearful minds

even the darkness belongs to the creator
we cannot even decide which side of the same coin to be on
we are lords of nothing
all that is built will fall down
nothing lasts forever
yet i look up and see her presence in the moon as i wander alone through the city at night

poetry has become a magic act that binds the two inextricably into one soul
sometimes the night is so dark that you cannot see every life drama from your past
the doors are all locked but the others are strong and want to come inside our sanctuary
he has no future as a hunter for he has fallen and been crushed by his own prey

i hear my teacher say evil is an affliction of the mind
we will rise again someday far away from this place we have known here together

there was nothing to stop the two lovers from exploring every part of the landscape
i do not want to forget the way compassion passes between our palms
in the center of language we may yet find an answer to the questions of life
what about the others who think they are crazy?
we are not alone

my eye opens and i perceive all this beauty i have hidden from myself
we can have peace as long as we see the way things are and try our best
to make a positive difference in the world however small and inconsequential
we may think ourselves to be desire and biology and mind
all filled with life we taste the forbidden fruit and discover everything is allowed

there is a way to turn back the tide
there is a hope for our hearts to renew
sisters and brothers appear to speak for a moment turn around and disappear
bring us now your light to shine in dark places where we are too afraid to look
inside fortresses of solitude we make what we will to be be

the world is always ending and beginning again with each sunrise and sunset
pay attention to the details
hundreds of people dance and she sings a beautiful song of the old times
giving new meaning to the new futures past
utopia of friends and lovers

i was outside of time and space within the mountain waterfall
the pattern of my destiny is here music of a billion possibilities
the night is breathing softly all around me the mystery of mysteries
as i go to sleep i close my eyes and see a purple flame rising in the darkness

i run through the clouds at sunset and chase the wild women there who tempt lonely men
i walk with my brother when i am ten and we play together in the snow
do not worry about that which you cannot change
moment by moment hour by hour day by day the future advances continuously

our bond will twist along with the wind and the rain but it will never break
the audience wants to go home
back to their own worlds of light and order amidst the chaos of the universe
you may never understand how or why but that is alright
there are people who may never escape yet no one has to stay anywhere forever
we say murder is the worst sin yet we send our sons and daughters to be killed
and to kill for a good cause maybe but still glory is a mirage

in this land of turmoil and conflict we must keep working we must not fail
appreciate the moss on the rocks we worship the cycle of natural magic

through the dark we find our way to the mysteries
when have i not seen my own soul staring back from eyes i love?
i drift up through fields of poppy yarrow mint lavender rosemary
and all that is is cosmic perfection reflected through a mirror

it is one of the few and happy times when the sky seems to stretch out forever
we may yet find a way to save the world we have little to lose sadness ennui
they are like dancers willing to die for each other and do it again tomorrow night
love is possible in our hearts and life seems something more than indifference

breathing sighs through the house and we are connected to all of the dreamers here tonight
in the face of such belonging such utter indifference to fear how can love not save me?
star of light come join me in my sorrow heal the scars on my soul
from the spirit of the world we have come to be the mind consciousness which is ours

we will find a freedom that opens like a beautiful dream and you cannot go back to sleep
there will come a time when we all can embrace the vision of the eternal eastern sun

passion tolerates no boundaries as if i am a greedy fish trying to take a breath of air
even a star must die but nothing ever vanishes forever
the goal of the human animal is to grow bigger we are the preservers
all over the world our brothers and sisters are living and dying
people working for positive change to bring in a new era of global universal community

meet me at the threshold between illusion and reality and we can tell our stories together
joyful naked lovers of the moon dance and sing they have no need for sorrow tonight
there is a space outside of time mandala sanctuary within our own minds
infinite space inside our own consciousness a reflection of the infinite cosmos outside
a beautiful sunset sets the stage for dreamtime to work its particular magic on our minds
love breaks all barriers
wheel of light turning with every embrace kind word confession of desire

howling the wolves circle in the snow a girl does not know how to escape
through poetry i have found freedom and a feeling of flying through air
where do these images and feelings come from?
i don’t know how i came here nor where i am going but there remains your presence
that gives me motivation and courage to face the vicissitudes of time
the revolutions of the world and people around me
your love gives me reason to keep living working trying to make things better
a little at a time

new spirit truth love beauty

new spirit truth love beauty



beginning of the world creation of civilization

the history and future of humanity progress and change

people tend to mix and match aspects of different ideas
based on what they are taught and what they see
even people who are well educated do the same basic thing
there are almost an infinite number of combinations of ways
of thinking about the world and the cosmos and our place
in between heaven and earth we base our choices
on our own prejudices preferences exposure to love

the circle of monsters the layers of inner demons
dragons good and bad right and wrong
the serpents behind my pain finally confront me
i back away and the angel of love shows herself
the serpents cry out and she strikes them with her lightning
i am afraid to turn around and face death
the serpents are still there in the darkness
i realize i have to let go of the world i knew
in order to save the worlds beyond including this one
the destruction of my ego and its recovery over time

spring lies next to me and i find myself drawn to her

the protectors of nature must sacrifice themselves for the good of others
they must become one with the earth and water even the fire and sky

i have been in love with spring for several years but i am too afraid
to tell her how exactly i feel if it would even be possible to put in words

we spread seeds of life across the wastelands great cities and the ancient forests
sometimes we want to return to our old lives and give back the burden of caring
for the plants animals people all connected by the circle and order of creation
and preservation then she kisses my arm and i hold her hand and everything
is better i feel as if i have known her all of my life but she is still a beautiful mystery

rain tears soul rivers

rain tears soul rivers



center of the future the game of love

we both want to be with you she says i love you
and i believe her and i still love her just not the same
kind of love as hers longing and deep desire
threatening to overpower every other waking thought
obsession and no escape even in dreams needing
to want to be with the other and we will always love
each other no matter what happens how much pain
and sorrow comes from being apart from you
there is always a way a possibility for happiness

forgiving ones i love myself all of them yet one in particular
romantic entanglement relationships are hard
especially ones that are intimate without masks
or with different ones than you use in public

i love you

i love you



exploration discovery future world beginning always again

i walk with sophia holding her hand close
she looks at me and smiles and we continue
onwards toward our destination i stop
at the edge of a cliff i need to show her something
the view of countless beautiful shapes in the distance
fields rivers valleys mountains waterfalls

i fly with her over a land of wonder and mystery
over the lakes rivers fields of wildflowers waterfalls
i hold her hand and she holds mine at first she is afraid
of falling but our connection keeps us both in the air
borderland of sky i give her what power and energy i have
after journeying with other companions male and female
sophia’s beauty and innocence is a great relief
i could spend years traveling with her and not grow tired
of her company even when we are not alone
but with her friends from her past life and more

julia makes love to me but sophia does not get angry
even though she is jealous perhaps she does not hold me
beyond the commitment of love not just including sex
even when other friends throw themselves at me
and i do not try to stop them from having their way
my mind and soul desire to experience love in all aspects
of life especially romance both true and fleeting
versions complete and incomplete i take what i can
when and where i can julia does not want to travel with me
so i explore the landscape with sophia and we are close
intimate without being committed except to the ideal love

sea doorway window vision window soul paradise earth night stars

sea doorway window vision window soul paradise earth night stars



reaching higher ground by first descending into darkness and shadow

we descend into the underworld the rise
to a higher realm of consciousness and awareness
we are at the edge of the great mystery
as far as we can go and yet return to the world
we have left behind to go on this journey of ours

my brothers and sisters and i friends and companions
in search of a lost soul who can help us defeat our enemies
the king of elfland the missing lord of the world of faery
and the key to winning our conflict with the dark powers
the shadows beyond lost and yet still capable of love
of a sort yet they must be fought for the danger they pose
to we the living souls of the physical universe of beauty
and danger temptation for jealous beings of great power
from beyond the veil of darkness the chaos of the void
in between stars and also beyond and inside them sometimes

labyrinth flower heart life vision flowers hearts visions imagination beauty mind spirit soul mandala path smile dance drawing garden dream dreams love lovers loved magic poetry poems

labyrinth flower heart life vision flowers hearts visions imagination beauty mind spirit soul mandala path smile dance drawing garden dream dreams love lovers loved magic poetry poems




we explore the house of secrets in search of
hidden treasures wisdom of ancient beings long gone
from the world we knew before we started our journey
this is a waystation for souls traveling between worlds
a spacetime ship sailing on the cosmic ocean
of dream both nightmare and truth light
beyond the universal constraints of space and time
yet containing both a higher dimension of consciousness
and awareness one of many worlds within worlds
our own shared dream our own borderland between eternity
and the ever renewing present moment of the universe

pattern of life love light

pattern of life love light



sophia the moon sun and stars

the moon in all its glory shines its reflected light down
on we the greedy animals below on earth and the plants
and the soil all searching for some kind of love one of many
forms beauty enough for me to temporarily escape the past
all the longing and desire from my youth still here still there
reflected in the passions of all life under the moon sun stars
light at night offers some relief from sadness and despair and loneliness
occasionally we can see the moon even during the day a constant guardian
and guide on our path towards enlightenment fulfillment happiness
change and growth and discovery and affection from a beautiful person
so too the sun’s warmth and light reassures us that night and rest and possibility
for new love is always right around the corner even when the sun takes away
all illusions no matter how ennobling we can become whole yet again
discover love inside us there is always possibility for positive change
wherever you are whatever you are doing please know i love you
for better or worse right or wrong black or white i will be waiting
for the day or night you come to see me again until then i will wait
looking at the moon and the stars and the sun with eyes closed during the day
i will feel the wind through the trees and the rain and i will try to be happy
or at least content memories keep me company but they are no substitute
for you being here in the present moment but they will do for now

fractal spiral mandala

fractal spiral mandala



the underground city

finding what is lost or perhaps hidden
congratulated by criminals then attacked
for some things are meant to remain
lost yet we want to discover them
mystery that gives life meaning
more than remaining content
with the banalities of wellordered
existence for at least a little while
we crave moments of adventure and exploration
changing and growing becoming
always within the great mystery of the universe
infinite possibilities borderland between worlds
gates doors windows crossroads of the multiverse
containing the physical universe as well the underground
too city of impossible possibilities almost anything
you could want can be found for a price that which is free
is the highest cost baby dragons trolls elves even humans
all manner of magical creatures refugees from the world of faery
sometimes even royalty carving out their own realm of influence
close to earth the land of the waking and sunlight mundane reality
they are responsible for many of the wonders here there
giving even the most industrial a spark of magic even in the most
grey places especially there in the corporate boardrooms
magic is afoot but there are always rules as with any great power
and consequences for breaking with tradition and the old ways
but that does not stop those who are greedy for power fame love
exploiting the artifacts and beings from other worlds beyond the physical
for selfish and shortsighted purposes ancient wisdom and knowledge
turned to evil means if not evil ends but there is always more good
guardians of the ancient ways and the new as well working for the balance
against unrestrained darkness inside and outside each individual human
soul light overcoming shadow no matter how necessary in small amounts
to preserve and protect life the gateway between worlds must remain
safe from undue influence from creatures of darkness the crossroads
world of dreams playground for gods demons faeries the key to the universe
revolving around the earth focal point of human consciousness useful conceit
protection from outside forces the elements of wind fire water earth sky
the ocean and the shore the stairway circling upwards to heavenly worlds
and downwards to more earthy realms the purple dome of the underground city
architecture of all times and places combined in a strange milieu of mystery
many cultures races beings of light and darkness even parallel universes
different for each visitor shared for those with strong bonds of friendship
or antagonism love growing and changing together alone possibility
becoming being five dimensions elements beyond time yet within all times
always selfexisting circular the center of the long staircase the star
eye in the triangle all that is was and shall be alone together true love eternal

universal elements

universal elements



part four

tree of life multiversal creation

peace within and without: whole diverse threads weaving webs fractals mandalas tapestries

peace within without diverse threads weaving webs fractals mandalas tapestries




center of the past present and future local multiverse

ancient symbols from the future decorate the walls of the great house
at the bottom of a large cliff in between the mountains and the plains
we spend many nights and days together farming and living and loving
learning about our role in the cosmic drama of light and dark good and evil

a training camp for young men and women learning
to fight against the forces of darkness and evil
and the greater danger of the beasts of the void
the spaces in between and beyond and within stars

the students have some dealings with serpent people
an ancient race of scientists and philosophers
on mars cold and calculating dangerous but useful
the righteous demons of various world mythologies

a long lost former lover returns to her place in paradise
after many hard times i say i have missed her and so
have other students she says she will try to forgive
but she can never forget both the good and the bad

sophia still has feelings for her but she is not the only
one in helen’s life and no amount of crying and screaming
will change that simple truth helen will not be tied down
we are all just one of many lovers spouses friends

emily the goddess of my dreams appears in my room
julia comes by for a little while then leaves again
and i am alone with emily again and i feel at one with her
the part of myself i have been searching for a long journey

of self discovery we walk in the fields of wildflowers
as the sun falls slowly towards the west we watch the dragons
playing in the north past the mountains across the border
between the crossroads and the world of magic and faery

vanessa leans down in front of me her face directly in front of mine
as i bend down on one knee i stop in the middle of my task
and stare into her beautiful blue eyes she stops for a moment too
then laughs and we both rise to stand next to each other awkwardly

for a few moments then i turn to leave and she puts her hand
on my arm and asks me to stay the next morning i leave early
there is much to prepare for the council meetings between major powers
and my position in the city and in the castle depends on my performance

in the underground city all manner of magical creatures some disguised
as humans vampires dragons trolls elves and the like
surrounded by the usual blend of thieves assassins politicians and worse
common to many cities even more in the capital of the crossroads world

tunnels doorways gates windows cracks shortcuts from worlds beyond
earth’s privileged position in the labyrinth of the multiverse
comes with a cost though greater danger and attention from ancient evil
beyond forces of life chaos and order even most darkness in the worlds

a long flight across treacherous landscapes with lily and julia
fleeing from a creature of darkness with an honorable warrior
and two women i love one carrying a baby and the other magical stones
the keys to unlocking the mystery of the underground city and wizard castle

in relation to the cosmos beyond the borders of this strange land
and we fly north towards the dragons and the mountains of faery
a giant turtle that breathes fire is said to guard the border
from the crossroads to the world of magic directly tied to earth

a floating cube of pure energy follows us us past all boundaries
to the upper levels of a strange wizard research station
at the edge of air and sky near the top of the holy mountain
i tell the warrior and my loves to go ahead and i stay behind

to fight the monster whichever comes first darkness or light
and when the cube appears i am more afraid than if it was darkness
at first it seems hopeless because the more i attack it the stronger
it seems to become but then i try feeding it with compassion

the yawning void that is the beast’s mouth immediately shrinks in size
and becomes more docile i feed it more and it is no longer
as big as a battering ram but more like a medium sized dog
and it is now content to follow me without malevolence or anger
now i realize it was never any great danger except in my fear of it

and it will actually help protect me and the people i love
and i am lucky that it caught up to us before the creature of darkness
quickly i try to catch up with the people that went ahead
they are happy to see me return with a new pet and guardian

flying across the fields on my way to meet my love
chased by a terrible creature of dark malevolence
i pass over the mansion of the local lord hoping
to give the demon the slip by turning quickly towards

the mountains in the north and where the warrior and my love
waits we have little time for affectionate embraces
all of us must rise fast to the top of the great cliff
face before the terror in the night can catch up

it is a close call yet we make our escape
and we have a few moments of rest before continuing
on our journey towards the world of faery and answers
away from our past in the waking world and wizard city

a nature spirit of growth and flowering life
a demon tries to trap it by using the people
it is trying to help they ask it to enter a cage
disguised as a windmill but it escapes easily

reappears in the local church covered in vines
they have been told it means them harm but
it has spent many long centuries protecting
the forest and their ancestors it survives

to confront the dark spirit who wants it for evil
purposes the demon says it is seeking revenge
for ruining its plans in an almost forgotten conflict
many ages ago suddenly the nature spirit remembers

teaching the people how to trap and fight against the demon
and its influence it gave the intended victims a name
the demon’s true name and it has held a grudge ever since
patiently waiting for millennia for its plan to take effect

psychic emanations

psychic emanations



discovery a long journey wonders and marvels

flying machines devices that allow individuals flight and flotation
harnessing the power of psychic energy one can fly as a bird explore
the sky travel to remote locations escape from dangerous situations
precursor to space and time travel for places and times not connected
to earth or the world of faery or any of the other known worlds

spiritual sky inside and outside my soul the world
wind and rain in my heart and in my mind
consciousness is everything and everything else
yet different distinct diversity within unity

the great house in the foothills of the mountains
with good farmland and a castle on top of one of the mountains
visible from every direction all around
some of the students who live in the house go up to the castle
from time to time if they need to consult the library there
or meet with one of the wizards of light or even an elder one
a god or demon living on earth temporarily or permanently
in this magical land halfway between the physical universe
and the world of faery the dimension of old magic close to earth
the earth we know in our normal everyday lives of business and politics
yet this strange land separate yet connected to physical earth
has its own politics and struggles for power and influence
over the ancient secrets and knowledge held by the wizards and witches
in the magical library and in the underground city below the mountains
secrets that in the wrong hands could be disastrous for earth
and all of the worlds dimensions universes connected to earth and faery
this mystical land is surrounded by mountains isolated from the outside
world of material reality where subtle and obvious magic shows itself
in everyday life the mere presence of the ancient beings of great power
makes time pass differently than in the world of waking reality outside
in the city beneath the mountains are doorways leading many places
secret tunnels connect with other sites of great power on earth
home to all manner of strange and beautiful creatures artifacts
of ancient races futures past left by explorers when they traveled
to worlds dimensions and universes beyond the known the physical
even faery other realms connected with earth the land of the sun
moon and rain and wind meeting place for whole galaxies
the multiverse of universes timelines parallel alternate pocket
and beyond a temperate rainforest of exquisite beauty
thousands of shades of green in spring and summer orange and red
in autumn surrounding the small town the great house the school
for young wizards and witches of light and the castle above
and its peerless magical library intricately linked with the course
of human history and the future of planet earth though isolated
one of many places of ancient knowledge and wisdom from past and future
home of the keepers of balance guardians of the crossroads doors
and windows to perhaps an infinity of dimensions worlds universes
all connected to the one we know as our own even dreams of all life
available to those who know the right door and have the correct key
worlds of light and darkness paradises and nightmares heavens and hells
all with their particular place in the cosmic hierarchy and circle of life
fractal spiral organization of spiritual energetic and physical realities
holographic colocation of worlds yet separated by great distance
of thought and energy space and time depending on perspective perception
knowledge of how to bridge the space between dimensions and worlds
the wizard city above and below the earth’s surface is one nexus
crossroads for the earth and the milky way and local universe
yet the wizards and witches do not let this great power go their heads
they serve at the will of the elder races the council of gods and demons
in charge of the gateways inside the earth to and from other worlds
even the farmers can visit other worlds if they have the inclination
and the permission of the gatekeepers the various forces of dark and light
as long as the balance is maintained both sides remain happy or at least
content with compromise shared power and control of earth and dimensions
universes beyond yet connected to earth into this world of magic
and infinite possibility isolated yet connected to the rest of earth
power and influence over all worlds and people it is possible for others
outsiders to enter the hidden city if they know the ways in and out
people all over the waking world are called by circumstance fate
or destiny to learn the ways of balance guarding earth’s role
in the cosmic drama struggles and conflicts undreamed of by most
yet those who are called must choose a side light or dark only
a few rebel and attempt neutrality go into business for themselves
playing both sides against each other for moral ethical philosophical
or plain material reasons wealth and influence measured in knowledge
of the elder ones ancients arbiters of human destiny
and that of the multiverse connected to earth a center
of life love stories spanning across galaxies dimensions
of heaven and hell good and evil light and darkness order and chaos

currents of time and space

currents of time and space



leaving my past

we part as friends at least not enemies
the crimes i committed to make her happy
have made us both rich yet in hiding
from bad people who do not want me to leave
the life i have lived my role as a thief
and all around criminal no matter how
i justified what i did i know it was wrong
so now i am trying to make up for lost time
i give helen half of what i have hidden away
the rest to my family and friends atonement

she keeps the other treasures i gave her but i can always
find more the quest and journey are half of the prize
medicine that can heal the world and restore balance
the message or one of many all times and yet only one
mythic dreamtime the ever expansive present moment

echoes of the past and future all happening now then
the churning of the cosmic ocean the ordering of the universe
the birth of stars our star planet earth the moon
all these things in the stories of our world’s mythologies
retelling them we recreate those holy moments the one moment
our perspective and perception includes that of the outside looking in
our beautiful and expanding physical universe of billions of stars
organized in patterns of eternity spirals circles fractals
holographic mandalas within mandalas worlds within worlds
universes of light and darkness connected yet separate from our own

the cosmic ocean of all life containing all possibilities and universes
hierarchy of organization bringing order out of chaos and back again
the cosmic drama of eternal conflict yet also resolution of opposites
the mythic time of coming together between left and right the lovers
only once yet again and again the eternal moment of initiation
into the mysteries of the universe and worlds of light and darkness
beyond our own world the beauty of nature everywhere yet nowhere
as sweet as home wherever we feel our heart to be here or there
planet earth a global community of races species philosophies
we must work together in a natural way the way the ancients have left
the many ways that are one towards one destination and source

sacred geometry

sacred geometry



between earth and the universe of magic

castle at the edge of sky a gateway
to a world with castles floating in sky
faery magical possibility and source
for many strange and wondrous things on earth

and people of the moon and stars
sharing our sun yet in a different dimension
parallel universe connecting to many versions
of earth alternate timelines infinite possibilities

peace love and understanding ideals for an optimal real time future
a world that we all share without poverty hunger or injustice
an example for the earth and the world of faery
balance and peace in both realms dimensions bridged by the centers of power

half influenced by earth and half by the magical land beyond yet near
the sources of material nature and magic and the human world’s mythologies

new discoveries

new discoveries



world of the future eternal multiverse of infinite possibilities of past present future

advanced technology and more wisdom to go with
the ever changing human spirit that yet remains
the same essential nature better than it used to be
better than things once were overall the hero
and heroine come into the world to save us all
yet we are all heroes literally and figuratively

i awake and it is the future one hundred years have passed
while i slept now i am in a world i barely recognize
though the landscape remains essentially unchanged
everything else is different people buildings transportation
not just in the mega cities but also where i live at the edge
of the misty mountains and its temperate rainforest
what once was a national park and is now a global one
still the most diverse collection of communities of life
in the world an ecosystem held in trust for the future
generations to come that have already come for me
a traveler from the distant past unaware of how i came to be
here now in the 22nd century of the common era

and outside the global park as well as inside the borders
free plentiful and clean energy available for everyone
the sun wind earth water and cosmic forces of sky
harnessed for the benefit of all with no cost or restriction
for those who use energy for heating traveling growing food
essentially a paradise compared to the past yet with some problems
even in utopia but no hunger poverty or institutional injustice
a global government with local control through democratic means
and different styles of living in the hundreds of mega cities
spread out over planet earth unique yet unified by common interest
peace and stability order within the chaos of life and ever increasing
knowledge and wisdom about life the universe and the cosmos beyond

we are in our spacetime ship and i am lucky enough to have access to infinite possibilities
our first priority is to our home planet and the stars and planets in our galaxy
and the stars and planets in galaxies beyond our own
home in all dimensions universes worlds connected
parallel alternate pocket within and yet outside
the physical universe we call home
even though i can go back to the world i once knew
the time of great transition at the beginning of the 21st century
i am not ready yet there are so many beautiful and amazing things
left to see learn and do in this new world of the future yet now present

flowers of life

flowers of life



changes parting coming together awakening in the future land of peace pure mind

changes looking out my window at the treeline from past to future
what once was diminished by imbalance and progress
now lives free and true a century of uninhibited growth
and flowering all of the people i loved are gone
taken by time and circumstance and the promise
of a better life far away in the mega cities and even beyond earth
the mistakes of the 20th century have been fixed
balance between humanity and nature has been restored
my home is a paradise on earth and most every change has been good
yet i can’t help but wish that i could see some of my old friends
earth family soul mates beautiful souls i dream about

offerings of light

offerings of light



sailing through time on a cosmic ocean of eternal love

time travel inhabiting my future self
learning about alien species visiting earth
changing history by following along with myself
leaving clues and signs for me to find later earlier
creating a small army of freedom fighters
anarchists socialists communists united by vision
of a world free from hunger injustice oppression
taking the best of what the aliens have to offer for humanity
replacing the old order and hierarchies of power
in the shared goal of making humanity a galactic citizen
universal belonging working for peace justice stability
and innovation a bright future of light life love for all
here and beyond in the vast emptiness of space other worlds
transforming humanity’s basest instincts into higher callings
dedication to truth perfection understanding of complexity
instead of war violent conflict extreme competition beyond play
shared resources knowledge wisdom an utopia life without fear
problems we take for granted now in the past before
the others come who are yet to come yet always here
bringing new knowledge and wisdom that is yet old
kept safe by elders of ancient cultures carried on by future generations
waiting for the day when they could share with all
humanity suddenly confronted with the reality
that we are not ever truly alone in the universe
for better or worse and there are new better ways of doing things
organizing ourselves not only to survive
but thrive and become full members of the community
of the universe of universes all times and places linked
by the knowledge and wisdom of the elder races
guides and sometimes exploiters of the younger ones
humanity we must evolve and transform ourselves
into something greater and more beautiful than we can imagine
undreamed of except by a few the ones with love and peace
in their hearts and minds those who are the storytellers
artists poets philosophers leaders of thought and feeling
those of gentle soul and also fierce passion for change and progress

creatures of love

creatures of love



evolution growth change

looking back at my past life
mistakes that seemed unforgivable
crises that threatened to destroy everything
or so i thought my place in the world
and universe now seem small and inconsequential
in retrospect except in how they shaped my evolution
and development as a human being
small and large sometimes in ways that i only now
understand and only partially grasp

i can’t blame anyone else but myself
yet i can explain by describing how others
might have been wrong at least in regards
to what would be best for me yet who can say
how even the smallest changes in one life
might positively or negatively affect the future
present now a trillion trillion combinations
of moments and choices over the course of human
history and my own even if i have only lived
once my soul there is almost an infinity of alternatives
parallel courses of history all existing simultaneously
until the present moment and choice love and life
time in my own life and the life of the world universe

who can tell if i am not in fact better for all my mistakes
my parents grandparents ancestors from all over the world
the ambiguity and uncertainty in my own life and mind today tonight
might not be such a terrible thing after all as long as it does not
cripple the door to the void open too much more than just a crack
some evolution along with the involution meeting in the present moment
future present for every living being sharing the world of possibilities
growth and change spiral life and the arrow and circle of time
the maps in my head can be useful but discovery and exploration
landscape of my mind and environment greater and more wondrous
than even my dreams the maps help me when i get lost
sometimes even helping me find the right path or at least realize
i was on the wrong one in the past and i can choose a different one
perhaps even one from a long time ago in the future past
that is yet new to me now as long as i am moving forward
with an open heart and mind in balance with my true self and the cosmos
nature love the forces of order chaos and balance between the two
the universe of universes and the world we all inhabit one of many
i am content and maybe even happy for now i must train myself
to be alright with the uncertainty and productive chaos of the world
that can be a blessing and not just a curse as long as i keep
trying to find some kind of order here there truth within
myself if i have the right keys to understanding the all in all
the world and my place in it life continues ever onwards

as long as life continues on and we learn from our mistakes
become better stewards of the earth and air and water soul
of nature fire of spirit humanity we are only at the beginning
of our history as a species only limited by our imagination as a species
imaginations or lack thereof our petty rivalries ancient quarrels
among groups of people desire for power over others outdated ideas
ideologies of rigid control or complete freedom without consequences
no order at all out of balance with ourselves and nature
yet we are learning the old ways that no longer work fade away
with time and evolution of the human mind and spirit towards the source
giving consciousness room to new ways of organizing life and spirit
some so old that they are completely foreign to us some completely new
ancient and future paradigms that can allow us to live in harmony
with ourselves and the universe as one entity experiencing itself ourself
becoming aware of all aspects of existence and reality life and love
no greed or lust for power over one another and the planet
belonging to the land water air and sky more than the other way around

using our intelligence and wisdom to perform a sacred duty of helping
life to flourish in ever more diverse and beautiful forms on earth
and when we are ready planets beyond our own solar system
stars and galaxies far out in the infinite darkness blue and white
calling to us and keeping us company at night giving our sun a break
dimensions and worlds within the deepest parts of our souls of stars
and in the vast emptiness of space and time yet almost bursting with light
meaning and light even in the deepest darkness the spark of life
uniting and bringing together disparate individual souls
throughout the cosmic ocean binding and bridging our universe
with each part of itself realities beyond this physical realm
dimension parallel universe doorways of consciousness
we can access with the right keys and the knowledge of where they are
awareness of the multiple forms of life light love everywhere
inside us and outside our souls all around us beyond
there is always more to discover and explore always more
beyond and within our own mind body and spirit our souls
connected to the universal cosmic consciousness and awareness

childhood rainbow colors

childhood rainbow colors



into the future now

time travel again and conflicts between old and new
giant corporations and extradimensional space aliens
rebels agents from heaven the four worlds above
generations centuries pass and i awake as the world changes
again and again i must choose which side to fight for when there are always
more sides beyond what i understand which is not
much everything is different except for basic
humanity love compassion nurturing preservation
my desire to collect reflect shine light in darkness
reviving ancient spirits of light and power at first
my companions are afraid but the angels comfort us
yet i am told to hide my light for a while to save it
from forces of darkness who covet its power
i do not understand but i cover my hands
the light reflected in my palms has already
spread out from beyond the door to the upper planes
of existence to beyond the door to earth and a little rest
will probably do little harm and might help
me find out if i am doing the right thing
serving the right people the right side
of the cosmic equation the chaos of life and the balance
between good and evil order and complete freedom

clouds images animals v2

clouds images animals



dance of life

sometimes it is hard to know
who to follow who to oppose
which side of a conflict is correct
most right or at least less wrong
each has another side and another after that one
in the relatively distant future
things are even more difficult
to understand how to choose
what is right missing a hundred years
context progress of history change
of ideas and ideologies factions and organizations
of power and authority leaving aside questions
of how i am where i am now at this time
more importantly when i am this new world
offers almost undreamed of possibilities
yet unknown dangers as well but i cannot say
i regret waking up here and now though i do miss
the people i left behind as far as i can tell they are gone
but perhaps there is a way for me to see them again
if i can find out how i came to be here and now
one hundred years distant from everyone i once loved

organizations of darkness banal evil in service to horrible goals
and ideals extradimensional creatures without compassion or ethics
or at least from a human perspective except in the peculiar culture
of the darkness beyond our universe of light and darkness
mingle together forms of life completely alien to us
except perhaps in some of our nightmares hells giant insects
communities of organization without joy or art or love
at least from our perspective some form of love exists there no doubt
and the swirling chaos of apparently infinite darkness with only a little
light and there are some figures of light and wisdom that have dealings
with the dark powers for their own inscrutable goals reasons beyond
our understanding for now out of darkness comes the light
yet within the darkness continues in its almost infinite varieties
forms of diversity doorways exist between our two worlds
universes guarded by agents of order and chaos light and darkness
sometimes close to doorways between the higher realms of pure consciousness
and our universe life and love have transcended all material barriers
deep darkness of the void beyond our dimension of mixed light and darkness
combines in the dance of life with light the five worlds of eternal love
the darkness frightens us and yet exhilarates us providing a source
and destination for all that we do not like about ourselves others
our world and cosmos working out the complexity and simplicity of life
in the universe we call home in the perhaps infinite expanse of space
material world where beauty in the spiral and circle of time plays out

new ancient stories

change love peace cosmic consciousness new ancient stories



journeys beyond darkness secrets of the ancients

the islands of ghosts the waystation the castle of demons
the pools of truth the strange demons dog and lion hybrids
corrupted humans monkeys wolves the space time ship below
the forces of fire and ice in constant conflict with one another
a hell world of fire and evil serpents red and glowing
a limbo world of doorways and windows ancient beings
capricious and powerful if not necessarily wise
the cosmic ocean separating worlds dimensions realities

into the future through the efforts of the wizards of light
to witness the development of humanity and the world
having some small effect on the course of history
even though beyond time throughout the changes

the fool

the fool tears rain falling soul spirit beauty hope
archetypes of peace love compassion knowledge understanding wisdom



sophia friends and lovers

she comes to me in the early morning with love in her eyes
or lust or both she says she does not want labels
i cannot say no to her even though i want something more
than she says she is willing to give but i will take
what i can get when i can get it and deal with
the consequences later for i love her in every way
possible that i can think of and for just a few moments
of true intimacy i will sacrifice future contentment
and jealousy and regret for she is the most important
person in my life right now a true friend
no matter what happens for my part she will remain
my true friend soul mate without which there is
nothing she who has changed my life in incalculable
ways made me a better person a better lover
of life light truth wisdom and love itself
god and heaven on earth when i am with her
or even talking to her over long distances dreaming

the magician

the magician message of love spirit of fire



from childhood to adulthood

earth home first through fourth worlds
creation and preservation of life progression
new ancient community light life love
bridging west and east valleys and mountains cities and forests
now people evolution and involution
human beings animals spirits magical creatures of light and shadow
chaos order the balance love peace preservation of life above all concerns
all worlds universes in the tree of life lattice of creation preservation destruction

psychic powers boys and girls floating in air
not just in dreams but in the material world sometimes
levitation moving objects with one’s mind force
of will influencing others’ thoughts and emotions
their parents also have this gift but they choose not
to practice it which causes anger and resentment
but over time both the parents and the children compromise
the play of life continues onwards and the new overtakes the old
while retaining the best of the old order patterns of eternity

the high priestess

the high priestess flower of love



underworld city underground tunnels

giant worm protector of an ancient book of knowledge
i must defeat it with fire and spread its offspring
it is only doing its job but i have my own to do
destroying the insect people’s dominion over humanity
in the underground city of magic beneath the mountains
in the world of eldren connected to earth faery heavens hells
higher and lower worlds of infinite mystery possibilities
the multiverse of planes of reality dimensions parallel universes
earth being a very important center of power in the cosmos
at least in the multiverse connected to earth directly
and even in the cosmos only indirectly connected
through other planets in far away solar systems even galaxies
i am trying to do my part to help humanity by following
the guardians and guides eldren wizards of light
ancient people of great power knowledge and wisdom
magical beings of light and darkness elder races
in direct communication with the gods of the higher worlds
parallel dimensions and metauniverses with higher vibration

the empress

the empress visions of past and future love and loss magic and wonder



tree of life sephiroth

discovering true love where i least expected to find it
telling the story of how i met someone i thought was
the one some kind of cosmic paradox
feedback loop with multiple possibilities diversions

the power of the wind the storm tornado and hurricane
it is very difficult to retain balance gentleness

at the eye of the storm i sit at the edge of sky
waiting trying to learn how to return to the surface
of earth without destroying that which i love people

life flying over the highway the river university city
across the valley towards the mountains the elder ones
the tree of life boundary and hope for love and knowledge
wisdom meaning and order out of chaos the dance of the cosmic play

the emperor

the emperor eye of the world soul of the self heart of the universe



the magician passage of time

a giant party gets out of hand too many people
all manner of strange happenings and then morning
comes and i have to chase out all the loiterers
the ones i want and need to get rid of leaving
some for last the ones that are minding their own business
alone or ones that i care for even if they were not
with me if they are a true friend then they can stay

going back to school everything is harder yet simpler
i have grown and changed much since i was a boy teenager
mostly for the better though experience takes its toll
the passage of time tends to wear us down body and soul
yet the mind spirit soul is not limited by the material
world the flower of consciousness truth bliss can bloom
in us all no matter what age and time of our life it is
out of our hearts and our heads out of the darkness
into and out of the light within ourselves truth leads
to more truth more light the meaning of life love
imagination perception understanding creating the world

the hierophant

the hierophant serpent of wisdom eye of truth



the lovers

i ask her if she wants me to stay holding her hand
she says if i want to stay i should but i want to know
if she wants me to stay and she says yes finally
she asks me if i want to come to bed with her
i say yes but there are problems another suitor
things get out of hand and he becomes jealous
and i do too sort of but he is the one threatening
me after she and i make love he accosts me while i am
still with her in bed and even before we made love

he is at least honest but not subtle at all
he says he just wants sex but it is clear
he wants to possess her more than me yet
he says he does not love her as i love her
we end up fighting but i wish somehow i and he we chose differently

i meet her again after fighting a lost cause against bullies
dozens of guys who want to teach me a lesson for being different
to make themselves feel better or perhaps justify ignorance
but i realize i am hurting others too not just my attackers
so i am trying to change my ways power and force only to heal

using violence only as a last resort replacing hate with compassion
whenever possible almost always imagination and dreams instead of fear
resentment love beyond petty jealousy at least in theory
practice action is harder than it seems just from talking about it
to do and not just say yet the words and maps help us along our way
the peculiar and magical nature of life given order and meaning
through language the symbols of magic a way to be with the one i love
fighting against the forces of darkness ignorance and fear
with the weapons of love understanding and compassion not violence
storytelling humor the magic of creation and preservation of myth
at least for one night tonight the only night to keep the enemy
away even though he is possibly a friend potentially yet
with violence in his heart as i once did yet still hope for change
the only way i can hold onto her is by letting go of jealousy

the lovers

the lovers eye of consciousness cosmic ocean between earth and sky



dreams of life the universe

dreams can come true if they come from the right place
to and through the cosmic consciousness as all life
comes one way or another yet some forms are more vivid
colorful bright perception changes and creates reality
in dreams and in life the material universe has its own magic
hidden to those who choose not to see through ignorance or despair
there is always hope for growth and change choices to make
even in the deepest darkness stars continue to shine
life goes on even in the space between and beyond the stars
galaxies and universes alternate and parallel dimensions
some higher and some lower but all with some form of life and love

i teach other people how to levitate themselves by first lifting them
through force of will so they know how it feels
to float in air to be closer to sky inside the soul too
not just the world outside us material or spiritual universe
both mixed and combined together in the cosmic play of life

the tree of consciousness and awareness uniting the five worlds
levels of being dimensions of reality centers of intelligence
divine will the unfolding multiverse of universes
some closer than others to the source the eternal moment
of creation the sound of the word language magic

from darkness to light chaos to order and balance between
opposites the fabric of multidimensional reality
all of this is reflected mirrored in each soul mind spirit
unlocking the secrets knowledge of the ancients future
everyone has the potential possibility of learning to fly

in dreams and in waking life through the magic of language
imagination love the glue of the multiverse binding and freeing
us plants and animals rocks and rivers mountains edge of sky
within and outside our souls doorways to higher realms of understanding
awareness into the void of space between stars even into darkness
love remains even in the shadows as long as there is life
and even beyond what we consider life the boundaries of known reality
across the cosmic ocean the shore of dreams magic
the source and destination of life light love the tree of the world

the chariot

the chariot vision of beauty



at the edge of faery and earth

many beautiful women many different colors
eyes skin hair souls auras spirits souls all unique
all i love in some way or another more or less
yet united by a common goal of making the world

creating a better society and environment for the future
sometimes i think i do not deserve to be in their company
i mostly just fight monsters they create life and order
in chaos magic in the midst of stagnation balance

time passes generations of human families on the borderlands
between the higher and middle words earth and faery

gaia walks with me and tells me of her past lives
as we try our best to positively influence the course
of history on earth and in the material universe beyond

there are always dark forces that are jealous and resentful
ignorant or sorrowful both inside us and in the worlds outside
yet there is always hope for redemption in the conflict between
good and evil the sides are not always clearly defined

and there are always more than two sides between chaos and order
left and right male and female light and darkness all combined
the tree of life and consciousness uniting the worlds above and below
the play of the cosmos setting and living landscape eldren

in the in between world anything is possible here home and beyond

strength passion

strength passion mandala of spirit



world of deep forest wizards of light

between faery and the material world meeting the eldren

a guide tutors me in how to communicate with them
their language my people and i are on a voyage
adventure the first step in gaining their trust
an ancient and powerful race though not gods or demons
yet with closer contact than almost any other people
on earth or any of the other middle planes of reality
with the rulers of the higher and lower worlds

in the castle of fire demons fire elementals fight
constantly with one another and emissaries of ice

close by the borderlands of the wizard city
where i first came into guardianship of the waystation
and its home now and most times when i am not there
here middle world adjacent to earth my living house
time space ship omnidimensional exploration vessel

a fire demon threatens my friends and i
do not want to hurt him but i must protect
those i love i use the power the ice people gave me
turn him from crimson red to bluish white sculpture
keeping the inner flame alive but covered by a shell
trap prison he is no longer any immediate danger
no threat to us for now but not forever vigilance
is necessary to make sure that it does not attack
others though soon we will have to let him go
or else face the anger of the fire elemental demons

the hermit

the hermit blue world universe self love



astral traveler guardian interdimensional traveler

in the castle at the edge of the cosmic ocean
chaos demons elementals and worse
abominations trying to escape
their own world prison keeping them inside away
from the border of earth and other material worlds
even if they escape the void for a short time
guardians and keepers of ancient knowledge
remain to help the watchers at the borderlands
gateways to worlds of light and darkness heavens and hells
and everywhere inbetween that might allow danger to enter
the material world earth humanity demons remain trapped
a sacrifice for the good of life and consciousness service
to the flower of life the universe everything mandala

helen or at least an echo of her beautiful soul
i want to still be in love with her but i have to say goodbye
i want her to like me and think fondly of our brief time together
yet the pretty young woman who stands before me is really long gone
except parts of herself she left behind in my heart and mind
spirit i do not want to be afraid of love nor life
without her yet i know i need people like her especially
we all need others i will have to make do with the people
i am with when i am with them the true and good friends
i love all around the world myself soul mates earth family
and beyond the five worlds of the multiverse home to all
again in another lifetime another world i find my love

wheel of fortune

wheel of fortune eye of the world



waystation journeys in a time space house ship

powered by force of will linked to the building
artificial intelligence yet with a soul mind body
spirit the energy of the cosmos reflected utilized
creating doorways and windows into countless worlds
spaces times universes parallel and alternate
higher and lower worlds heavens and hells
the material universe past present and future

sometimes i ask my friends to join me helen gaia eleanor emily
when i am lucky sophia and julia come along too
opposites in many ways but both beautiful
inside and outside keeping me company and teaching me
through their eyes perception of interdimensional travel
imagination given form i need their mind soul will
to help me guide the waystation through the cosmic ocean

or when i am alone and i do not have their energy
the waystation stays in the world of eldren or earth
i use doorways and windows inside to get where i need to be
or if there is an especially difficult place to go
or time i have to journey to the underground city
underworld wizard city using the hidden tunnels there
dimensional doors above and below the surface of higher earth eldren
the castle of light school of ages library of secrets
all intricately connected with places of power in middle earth gaia
yet i much prefer to journey with friends together in the waystation
new home able to travel to and blend in with any landscape city world

justice adjustment

justice adjustment knowledge self wisdom truth light



age of heroes

she appears again at the edge of the ocean
mountain forest cliff face we look at the ancient markings
where ancient ancestors painted the universe
made sense of the unknown and known uncertainty and chaos of life

in the great city of human magic and wonder
helen comes to take me to her family’s house
lotus laurel sophia julia and emily are with me too and i want to stay
my room for the week on my business trip
to trade between eldren and the leaders of earth city

in the world of magic adjacent to earth we fly
realizing we have to be heroes but we are not very good
yet but apparently neither were previous heroes
and heroines at first sometimes at all
the darkness took over or jealousy led to despair
and anger the five worlds are full of would be saviors
saints and warriors of light and darkness

the black heart has much power but is dangerous
to life and antilife as well a weapon of last resort
stolen because of my ignorance
but i will do my best to retrieve it before disaster
i have a magical sword and cards of power
i take the form of a giant bull of crimson and gold
speeding through the clouds with no regard to danger
barriers the world or some part of it depends
on me redeeming myself by finding the black heart
and retrieving it from the trickster god who stole it
along with my brother whom i do not know the state of
i do not want to think my brother is involved in the scheme
whatever it is but i know he wanted to make an impact
in the conflict between darkness and light though this is not
the way i have to believe total destruction on even a small scale
he may have been seduced by the trickster whom i too once fell
under the spell of but for now i will continue my search
and later for understanding and recriminations
before i leave the house of wonders and pure imagination i find
a symbolic clue left by the trickster or my brother
two tarot cards indicating a minor deity
and his family of demons and gods living together
an oasis from the conflicts within and beyond faery
between eldren earth and the forces of light and darkness beyond
above and below this place neutral ground should be my first stop
on my way to find my brother and stop the trickster’s plot

the hanged man

the hanged man tree of life flower of consciousness multiverse of infinite possibilities evolution transcendence involution



cosmic consciousness of the universe and multiverse

tree of sephiroth present in all worlds souls life

i look at my hands and in the palms are secrets yet
undiscovered power i have only begun to understand
strength to change myself the world what we all want to do
the game of life play of the cosmos unity in opposition
good and evil darkness and light
light in darkness balance
between gods and demons masks of infinity
discovering ourselves through others reality stretches out in all
directions of time and space worlds within worlds
thank you for existing and living here and now
it would be almost impossible to go on without you

celestials are wizards in heaven the many higher worlds
planes of existence reality source of much light

running through the snow storm alongside great white dogs

helen finds me organizing my books and i ask her to stay
but she walks away with only a few small words goodbye and thanks
for nothing down the hill and over the next one
towards the mountains of magic and mystery wilderness


death at the shore of the cosmic ocean seas of souls starlight transitions



trying to understand the universe and worlds beyond

holding the door open for uncertainty and doubt
but only a crack the little chaos brings order
greater modes of living with freedom and responsibility
balance of opposites together heroism
finding our place in the world following our own vision
for creating the future and even the past through history now
a better world change progression secrets of eternity
new ways of organizing love and life communities of humanity
imagination the ever evolving consciousness of nature

spreading my arms body of light flying away
out of danger bondage into the sky towards home
wherever that may be now the future freedom
love of life true friends and where my help is needed
home presence desired where a thousand small acts remain
to be done for the benefit of others and the self both world
universe cosmos all connected all one yet different
distinct higher and lower planes of consciousness
awareness spirit soul love uniting and binding
yet also freeing through paradox and contradiction
sublimation of conflict through understanding evolution
through involution the tree of life in and on all levels dimensions
universes of wonder and imagination the future
beyond time even heaven and hell the source
creation life love light truth you are beautiful
and i will always love you no matter what i say or do

temperance art

temperance art magic lovers seekers artists friends companions peacekeepers guardians protectors



part five

silver city second world dimension of eldren atlantis

traveler lover peace samurai astral voyager wizards evolution and transcendence

alchemy of the heart0009

water air sky elemental elf faery universal guardian gods of the ancient races of the universe




retrieving the world medicine path of heroes

wizards witches vampires
elementals demons and gods faerie creatures

the waystation in its home in eldren and earth in both worlds
at the same time divided into several sections some public
others just for myself and a few other close friends
and even secret areas i have little knowledge of at all

doorways to other worlds universes windows of soul
living house of mysteries and great power with some desires
thoughts feelings hopes and fears a true friend and companion
windows to many places high in the sky beautiful clouds

fields of wildflowers waterfalls verdant valleys
everywhere one might want to go almost doorways
even to the void beyond and between stars necessary sources
power for the multidimensional ship disguised as a house

from the outside and even inside in the main living areas
below and above are great secrets not just gateways to other worlds
times creatures of great power small armies of demons
ice and fire connected to their homeworlds castles of elemental

energy and constant conflict mental astral physical
the world ruled by the wizards of light and the celestials they serve
dark powers chaos demons from beyond and within stars planets souls
a rich tapestry of magic material reality combined to form a whole

adjacent to earth heaven hell and an infinity of worlds of light
and darkness universes above and below underworld and spiritual sky
even under the ground are paths to the tops of mountains holy sites
no one has to stay anywhere forever and all who love are loved

the cosmic drama plays ever onwards for those who wish to watch
as long as there is life there is hope for the future and past
and all existence and life beyond yet containing time and space
material reality the expanse of the beautiful universe of stars

galaxies cosmos including all universes worlds dimensions
we can explore and learn about it all here and there
through our travels in the waystation always beginning again
we are always at home of a sort though not exactly like where came from

a community of seekers leaders family and friends
lovers of life warriors of light seekers of wisdom
truth of all ages medicine for the soul of the world
we came from earth terra sol milky way universe

love sweet love always present and indwelling yet distant
we bring it back to where we started long ago yet only yesterday
to meet ourselves the magic of adventure the hero’s journey and return
promising renewal rebirth the continuation and preservation of life

the devil green man

earth spirit green man cosmic self ocean of love light truth imagination dreams



journeys love peace dreams yearning desire awakening truth

blue light surrounding illuminating transdimensional aliens gods demons
spiral clouds of pure consciousness awareness light welcoming
higher realms of awareness even through lower ones
clockwise and counterclockwise forces in motion necessary
action towards the mind’s goal soul vision true will
love in all its facets and worlds within ourselves
and outside in the cosmos beyond perception knowledge
orange yellow and green flame engulfs me with some pain
but no permanent damage except to my exterior for a short time
i fall down but when the fire goes out i rise again reborn
new human being in a world of magic far and yet near to earth
the next phase of evolution higher spirit consciousness
imagination vision perception creating the world
self in service to the soul of the universe
looking for new and ever more novel ways to understand and experience

the hero returns yet unsure of himself among his and her peers
male and female aspects of the divine love wisdom light life truth

five lovers worlds elements sophia spring eleanor lily laurel rose
dimensions of reality parts of the tree of life within and without
seven colors of light aspects of consciousness eleven planes
strength to overcome all obstacles and let love in always again

the tower spiral

the spiral tower love



fragments of the cosmic college school temple mountains of evolution

sophia joins me in the world of gods and demons
we sing songs and discuss ancient mysteries myths conflicts
recurring and yet already settled always in the eternal now of spirit
becoming better through the constant art of synthesis of opposites
compromise sublimation of conflict through cooperation and love
affection and compassion bridging the difference between darkness
and light sun and moon male and female art and science love and hate

running through the snowstorm again chased by birds
a handsome gentleman dressed in crimson clothing
albino skin and crystal clear blue eyes on a journey
i call out to him but immediately regret my action
he seems more dangerous the closer he gets more
than the black birds behind i still want to be friendly
but he looks at me with obvious antipathy and hatred

sophia makes love to me in the waystation making things complicated
not just between us but also with other companions and friends
mutual and separate roommates and guests of the waystation
in its largest form impersonating a church from the outside

mountain temple i climb through the deep underground tunnels
on my way to the top of the mountain paradise holy waterfalls and cascades
meeting place for friends lovers families many words of magic and wonder
planes of reality combining together to create a crossroads center of myth

i find the entrance to the spiral staircase that leads to the summit
temple of gods and demons sacred ground sanctuary for all sides
of the eternal conflict between good and evil light and darkness
site of ancient and future power connected to the heart of the multiverse
where we may find the world medicine to take back to our home
helping our friends and family of the earth and sky and in between
working for and towards light balance truth love light life preservation
against the chaos demons serpents of the deep darkness void beyond stars

we work with the gods and faeries forces of light order in chaos balance
the world of eldren is our temporary yet eternal new home yet we miss earth
we try to return when we can if we can always there are ways between worlds
and there is much to do in many places fighting and learning loving and changing
in the school of the wizards of light i gain strength through knowledge and wisdom
traveling in the waystation my friends and i work for the good of our will and others

the star

the star sophia evolution growth change imagination of the future past



wizard city voyages in the waystation doorways and windows school of heroes

along the boulevard of dreams my love lost and perhaps one day regained
the magic city of wonders darkness and light meeting point
even the shadows have their own stories to tell if one knows
how to listen those with time and bravery enough to go
into the dark places by the river that passes from one world
to the next i join a group of friends learning about the city
ourselves the river universe of love and sorrow around us
jasmine holly rose spring sophia sage laurel
symbols and people progression of human history here
in eldren and on earth we watch from outside yet on the border
between the lands of waking and of sleep earth and faery
the play of the cosmic drama unfolding all around us cosmic mysteries
here in the wizard city island home of magicians and witches gods and demons
outside our home the waystation living building and spacetime ship linking worlds
places and moments beyond counting yet all connected to humanity earth and faerie
the heavy rain comes bringing life growth change learning becoming amidst being
as above so below the world tree’s roots soak in the water of life providing
sustenance to countless worlds universes dimensions of reality as we walk by
shops cafes river and ocean boats i contemplate the meaning of my life so far
imagine what might be to come beyond limits of certainty staying open to mystery
i am happy to be able to spend even a little time with the people i care about and love
finding a way to transcend despair and jealousy confusion and shadow inside my soul
i am thankful for their companionship energy humor love and light journeys
through the forests of this world and others through the cities of humanity and faeries
among the clouds castles floating in air or on mountain trails bordering higher worlds
universes of air and sky portals to heavens tunnels to hells underworld between
middle worlds like earth home for humanity we will return if we can when we can
awakening to the fabric of cosmos around us learning to work for good and balance
studying at the school of heroes library of ancient future secrets knowledge of wisdom
we take our wisdom back to earth changing the course of human history
destiny and progression for the better a more positive future optimal reality
helping humanity develop into better stewards of the earth civilization withstanding
the tide of dark powers from beyond the stars shadow of the void between and inside us

the moon

the moon isis resurgence



the cosmic waystation refuge and school journeys through outer worlds

the city we are staying in is going through great turmoil
giants of light and darkness in conflict with themselves and others
i offer to use the waystation as a school for their children
a kind of neutral ground where cooperation and learning can be achieved
between darkness and light we divide the layout even more hiding the living areas
the secret places of power doorways and windows to earth and heaven hell

at first sophia is upset about our new role as teachers for faery creatures and people
but there is a shortcut that she can use from the entrance to her rooms and treasures
sophia helps me run the waystation as best we can together i give her a key
she brings a few things and people she loves from earth and we need more space
i divide the house of secrets into living areas and offices classrooms and hidden places
a righteous demon wants to help our efforts i give him a little freedom in the house
but his help turns out to be more trouble than good and sophia wants him gone

people in the city of giants do not trust us at first but i work to create a safe environment
for children away from the conflict in the streets and wilderness at the edge of the city
i teach all categories of human history and knowledge i am aware of and we are a refuge
from the outside world local politicians sign off on the project offering support
resources to feed young minds and bodies we even create an aquarium with rare fish
from earth’s rivers lakes and oceans we are a kind of emissary for human culture
nature good will ambassadors of a sort helping where we can to improve earth’s image
and humanity if only to provide a safe place for people of the magical city of giants
sometimes parents those who cannot go to the schools of the wizards of light
we are far away from the wizard island city atlantis by conventional means of travel
yet only a short journey for the waystation one of many interdimensional doorways

jealousy arises despite my best efforts to be free
green light surrounds me love yet also darkness
sophia tries to counsel me through the pain and sorrow
but she does not want to be a replacement nor tied down
we travel together that is all nothing more yet friends
i hope i trust her with my life and large control
interest in the waystation she listens to sophia
even though i still love her and she does not feel the same
being with sophia and doing good work in the waystation together
makes me happy and almost content traveling the many worlds
we start a business together providing refuge and education
for the children of giants and humans safe from the conflicts outside
riots and battles we are neutral ground and a fast means of escape
to the wizard city of light or anywhere else for that matter for those
who would otherwise be forced to face the magical war
between the forces of light and darkness hell and heaven in the city of giants

the sun

the sun apollo



sophia city of dreams land and sky island continent atlantis avalon stormhold

from the crossroads of wizard city pathways to hell and heaven
technology meets magic meditation and ritual yoga
beyond petty jealousy recriminations and deceit
i want to be what i pretend free from darkness and doubt
alright with uncertainty but only a little bit
not tied down by the past yet aware of all our history
together a planet a people you and me friends and family
unconditional love she taught me how to feel even through pain
she did not wish to inflict on me because of my own attachment
to an ideal version of her that does not really exist except in dreams
yet i still think she is perfect as are you even in her imperfections
beauty such that it makes me cry inside to think about how full of light
she is despite the darkness infinite beauty despite the terror
i will always love her no matter what happens changes and growth
moving closer and apart yet always there remains a connection
beyond limitations of time and space across the cosmos and lifetimes
i remember who she is from the beginning i know she is my soulmate
again and again we meet through many lifetimes and situations
worlds and worlds we separate sometimes under bad circumstances
pain and heartbreak between us and others perhaps but i can never stop
loving her impossible to change without growing becoming
closer to perfection while even far away duality of life but getting better
she understands all of this perhaps better than i do just one more reason
why i love her more than anyone else i can think of even myself
i look forward to learning more from her growing changing
as we pass through lives worlds universes together even when apart
even when apart i think of you before and after meeting you for the first time
in this life beginning again and again imagination soul of becoming
within being flower of life and understanding growing out of the darkness into light
and from light into darkness always there in all times and places infinite emergence

the aeon

the aeon world cosmic songbirds



cosmic fragments journeys pathways through eldren the world of dreams astral plane

ancient serpent trapped in the darkness far away in the shadows of the cosmic ocean
spreading power and influence throughout the stars planets universes beyond counting
sophia child of angels and humanity teaches me how to fight against the darkness within
and outside using my own positive serpent energy as best i can flowering unconscious
wrapped in sea green and sky blue mental physical and spiritual protection and life

two angels attack an emissary of the enemy serpent and i try to help but it is strong
i barely escape i meet my past and future selves along with my lover we do not want
to tell each other who we are yet a secret house refuge from a dangerous magical world

we rescue hundreds of people from catacombs of horror inhabited by grotesque monsters
their very presence causes fear and terror in even the strongest bodies minds spirits
we teach children how to be better people humans aliens people of different types
some of the people in the cities outside the city of giants grow angry at us being there
to teach their children about humanity they accuse us of indoctrination but i explain
the importance of education for the future of everyone peace between the many peoples

the waystation temple church tower becomes overrun with evil faeries elves demons
the creatures of light that are supposed to guard our home are scattered and cut off
we receive reinforcements from the wizard city in eldren but they are inexperienced
it is up to only a few warriors healers magicians witches and light faeries to turn back
the tide of darkness invading from the shadow worlds we must push the enemy
back to the gateway they used to enter our home time ship where their leader laughs
taunts us with the power of the ancient enemy serpents from the void within and beyond
stars the power of black holes we must close the doorway and defeat the shadows
not just for ourselves but for the children we are supposed to be protecting and teaching

the world universe

the world universe multiverse secret messages light in eyes truth letters of love



borderlands of many worlds waystation adventures beyond earth

paradise lost (yet to be regained)

dimensions of light and darkness between earth eldren and faery
parallel universe with our own intergalactic spacetime station
now in a new community we interact with others in the wilderness
send messages home to earth yet this is also our home now waystation
with doorways to many locations on this and other worlds here and there
almost anywhere we might want to go there is a location we can reach
by finding the right hallway the right tunnel through time and space
many of the most important doors go to libraries and temples
safe in the wizard city atlantis island continent of magic wards and ancient guardians
a perk of living in a pocket universe self contained yet connected to other planes of reality

we try to escape the enemy flying over the wall surrounding the waystation
above eldren now in castle of clouds and sky there is still conflict but we are working
to find some common ground and understanding through enlightenment and education
i must do everything i can to protect the world i left behind and the new one i have found
my once and future lover though we fight sometimes there is always love between us
binding and holding us together throughout lifetimes yet freeing as well she wants to go
to africa and me to europe when we return to earth or north for me and south for her
in the material world taking what we can hold in our hearts and minds from ancestors
and ancient cultures enemies and friends healing the world of worlds a little at a time
saving ourselves in the process working together to make humanity more in balance
with earth and eldren and the forces of light and darkness in the higher and lower worlds
beyond yet containing earth and world of the wizard city between earth and faerie
coexisting across time and space within the multiverse of infinite possibilities and worlds
parallel universes of unimaginable complexity and simplicity beauty and terror
the tree of life and understanding within all planes of reality love and truth uniting
distant from us yet only a short walk jump or flight away if one knows the right paths
flying or at least falling gracefully between worlds up or down in the cosmic lattice
alone or with friends inside the cosmic waystation our new home away from earth

a self aware toxin tries to take over my body and mind
i fight it off through force of will and the help of my friends
yet it takes people in my family my father and brother are lost to it
i must try to save them if i can i am left with new powers to communicate
with the forces of nature wind ice earth lightning spirits of the sky
i use what strength i have to fight against the darkness consciousness
behind the toxin still in my body and threatening my friends i must remain
vigilant in case it starts to take control of my mind body spirit i look
throughout the land water sky for companions to help me search for a cure





storytelling city of dreams of atlantis stormhold earth eldren and faery

refuge from conflicts of earth and faery both yet never completely safe
neutral ground where giants and angels mingle under the protection of the wizards
guardians of balance eternal meeting place where gods and demons settle differences
without conflict of violence though sometimes bitterness of deceit jealousy vengeance

the floating city and continent below oceans leading to other worlds beyond eldren
far in the distance deserts and fire giants mountains and ice giants swamps and serpents
here close by the holy mountain that leads to the floating city in the clouds and sky above
with its doorways and dimensional tunnels to higher worlds faerie and heavens of myth

realms of star souls where they may travel through space and time to meet one another
light shining through for the inhabitants of lower worlds who depend on the stars for life
the second world where agents of chaos and order life and death good and evil meet
a beautiful young woman one of our people yet an enemy working for darkness

she is upset that i do not recognize her new appearance and presence changed by time
pain when she speaks i realize that i do know her or once did from a long time ago
initiation betrayal and perhaps redemption i wish that i did not have to oppose her
in the struggle of ages between light and dark chaos and order but there always remains

hope for reconciliation and unity between opposites ideal of a perfect world of worlds
of universes if we come together through art music magic language understanding love
i do not want to hurt her and i hope she feels the same way yet we are opposed
there may be hope yet for a better world in the future where we do not have to fight

overcoming old divisions and separations differences in forms of communication transcending fear hate and outdated beliefs i pray that i can rise above pettiness
becoming the person i want to be one with the multiverse in all infinite mysteries wonders
if i find her hurting or threatening my friends and family i will do everything i can

to disarm her i will do my best not to hurt her physically or mentally no matter
bad intentions she has for me and others and the threat of her masters against our universe
of light and beauty yet of darkness as well i do not want to cause anyone harm
only restrain her and her friends from doing damage to the city of wizards dreams light

she is human worthy of respect as an individual yet twisted by the influence of darkness
no matter how much she has been led astray from the balance and preservation of life
by evil men serpents giants gods and demons there is always hope for redemption
no one is or can be perfect and everyone makes mistakes she may yet transcend her past

there may come a time when i learn how to be a better person from her influenced
by darkness as we all are to one degree or another the shadows of the void beyond stars
within the deepest parts of our minds and souls yet giving rise to beautiful flowers of life
from darkness light from darkness light we are all friends in eternity of time and space





beauty of the sun broken hearts and beautiful souls dreams of the future

dreamers world changers fifth dimension ascending consciousness
silver golden diamond sapphire goddess queen of pentacles princess of earth
diamonds and sapphires predicting and preventing the bad promoting the good
conflict between gods and demons light and shadow chaos and order
book of poetry love and world woman of beauty and intelligence soul secrets

peace in opposition nonviolence in resolution interconnection in community
transcendence in work beauty in art sustainability in balance light in truth
wisdom in equality love in cooperation unity in diversity freedom in preservation
blue violet rose peacock eye mandala spell peace love understanding beauty art
poetry magic labyrinth beautiful friend earth water fire air spirit
garden ocean heart philosophy art magic beauty dreams imagination
nature universe cosmos self and world light life love imagination beauty

violet light surrounds her in the castle at the center of the town
western wizard city of eldren eldar atlantis avalon stormhold
my airship leaves the waystation pyramid mountain temple
friends family lovers are waiting some arriving some leaving

some do not appreciate the unique beauty of her words actions and her very being
existence light in darkness she kisses a young man in front of me but i do not mind
or at least i act like i do not care because there is no point in crying in front of her
yet i do not want to leave and she does seem to care about me to some extent
maybe even love as a friend yet not much more even though she once said “i love you”

strange ships in the night sky i run away holding hands with winter
despite her marriage to another giants shuffle through the streets
i tell her to go ahead to the waystation while i draw their attention
i jump high flying over their heads avoiding the searchers’ beams

using the power and protection of the elements lightning wind rain fire ice
spirit of life and love preservation i escape the city of giants and spend time with aliens
in their own environment i overcome fear of the unknown strange creatures and people
higher worlds of consciousness and awareness next door yet out of reach for those afraid who do not know how to look yet always the dimensions are interacting with each other

light world physical universe

light world physical universe



treasure hunting rising to the top of the tower of magic

in the tower of secrets ancient mysteries and treasures
there is great danger yet also opportunity for enlightenment
world medicine to take back to our homes and families communities
earth and faery in the lower and middle worlds of humanity and eldren dwarves and eldar

through the labyrinth of magic and myth i rise
with my friends and companions the spiral path of evolution
clockwise and counterclockwise movement based on intuition and reason
insight into the problems at hand chaos and order
male and female which direction to take finding the right path
towards our goal the summit of the mountain temple
treasures along the way only a taste of wisdom
knowledge and truth waiting for us at the top
spiral staircase leading to the borderlands of sky summerlands
gateways to many worlds secret ways tunnels through dimensions and realities
through time and space crossing the boundaries between
realms of astral creation mind soul spirit universes planes dimensions of reality

learning the ways of our individual paths
methods of reaching full individuation and enlightenment
warrior archer magician healer sorcerer five
archetypes models for being traveling the path of the hero the heroic journey
self discovery and understanding the world quest
myth of ages magic circle of being and becoming love and preservation of life

love compassion heart

love compassion heart



waystation world city house of travelers and hospitality of the eternal crossroads

conflict between light and darkness astral bodies minds souls spirits

sophia comes to visit me in the city of dreams magic mysteries
in the apartment building where i live my enemies leave
traps for me helen spring julia a giant spider
a clever plot to ensnare us with poisoned food
all because of jealousy and anger intoxication of evil
but i will not give up fighting with all means available
against the men and women forces of darkness who work against me
and our community of light i communicate with spring as she travels towards the city
i am with her yet separate and she is tired i must
not let my desire for her company overcome caution
considerations of her safety and care must be taken
to ensure that there is no immediate danger from my enemies in the city
i fear some of my supposed friends have turned against me
seduced by the temptation of darkness and shadow demons of chaos and order
chaos demons from the void beyond stars horrors in the night cities of underworld
hell lords of the various dimensions of darkness worlds of ice and fire
after foiling the poisoned food plot and making sure
sophia is safe i rush upstairs to mine and julia’s rooms
past the giant spider hidden and waiting for me
i throw a vial of antimatter liquid and unlock the apartment door
quickly pulling it open and closing it behind me
the door closes just after i pocket the key again
and i listen to the spider thrash in agony decomposing





second realm metaverse new atlantis athens rome world city

between earth and faerie eldren eldar atlantis

vanessa kisses me after showing me her inner light
she lays her head on my lap and i run my hands
through her hair i ask her to kiss me again
and she says no but kisses me again anyways
sitting with her she reminds me of lilac
we are in the netherlands in an apartment building
a wise comedian gives commentary while we watch international television
she leaves then comes back without clothes beautiful shining

rebels try to escape first and then change a dystopia
i try to help by turning the insect guardians against each other
and assisting the human prisoners to impersonate the guards
the human beings fight for freedom and society outside
new ways of thinking yet ancient wisdom and truth
love and life through music and other arts light changing

i carry the paints and brushes through the hallway of change
i am looking for vanessa but i cannot find her
where once was her room now a teacher teaches a class
i take my leave with apologies and look elsewhere
when i find her she helps me create art
to help in the development of humanity on earth
in the world of the waking dreaming of the beyond

music of the heart and an open mind through light
rhythm of sight and sound for the sleepers dreamers and lovers

imagination insight

imagination insight



sophia love light

i need her to know that i care for her
that i would do anything for her gladly
anything to make her happy i need her love
affection to make life complete whole myself
with the world and universe of universes
i will always love her no matter what changes
may come and they will come i am sure
nothing that she has done or said would make me want
to stay away from her though i must admit
to pangs of jealousy and heartbreak from time to time
when i remember how she chose someone else to be with
another suitor or in the rare and wonderful moments i get to see
her in all her beauty and glory in the flesh radiant
for then i know that she will never probably be mine nor me hers
except in the boundaries of friendship though eternal limited
yet limitless yearning for a love that may never be returned
except in a pale shadow of what might have been if only
i could make better choices take opportunities missed

understanding enlightenment completion

understanding enlightenment completion



adventures in the cosmic waystation

community of mountain and valley forest church and meeting place
house ancient mountain temple tower gateway
the secret library of otherworld and faery

everything changes but at least partly based on our will
the building has a life of its own yet connected to us
we are nothing without each other pilot and ship joined
the exterior changes to suit need and desire environment
location in the multiverse of possibilities magic wonders
smaller ships disguised as local vehicles take us to and from
our home multitude of forms doorways harnessing the power
of will purpose becoming a conduit through which
alliances may be formed hostilities between and within
worlds and realms transcended the design of the elder ones come
to fruition the eldren and eldar in their secret library beyond time
repository of knowledge and wisdom from all times and places

the living house aims to please its inhabitants
with the full power and will of the eldren elder ones
bonded with one chosen by the previous pilot the key
passed by spirit and mind through the ancient future technology
of magical science able to stay in one space time location
in the multiverse but most happy traveling the cosmos
but with fierce determination and desire to serve and protect
people that choose and are chosen to live in the house of mystery

paths of light 1 heart flowering imagination

heart flowering imagination



world silver city beyond yet within the realms of good and evil

balance of the scales of the multiverse omniverse
evolution growth change transformation progression
future perfect world galaxy universe cosmos creation

rising from deep in the water of the cosmic ocean newly born
again the poison of the sea serpents causes some pain
but the wound is small and i will survive probably
yet the hero who saved me is not as fortunate as me
he lies in pieces still filled with fire of life light though
love of the world and all the people here
he does not have long without a miracle
so he gives me an order to continue his work
to take the guardianship of his spirit and return his body
as whole as possible to his home city island of magicians
and elves of darkness and light gods and demons wizards and humans

paths of light 2 mandala of heart

mandala alchemy of the heart



journeys through the underworld hell summerlands heavens of astral plane

adventures in the cosmic waystation between and beyond universe of light and darkness

a strange spaceship is crashing towards earth and eldren eldar otherworld
i fly up to turn it around and save our community waystation house and temple
from possible destruction by pushing the ship first into planetary orbit
then slowly back to earth for study and to check and see if anyone needs any help onboard

it seems to have been drawn by the omnidimensional energy of the waystation
an intergalactic homing beacon of sorts perhaps or sent on purpose to study us
our new school current incarnation we discover a mothership in orbit around the moon

a way back home after talking to the aliens
they seem friendly enough but i cannot remember
much of anything after i go aboard their mothership
though they do seem grateful for the safe return
of their scout ship and me risking the journey and rescue
to meet with them close to the moon and i do make it home safely
their motives and methods remain something of a mystery
for now though i do not feel or think that they are a threat to our community
the physical and astral realms of earth eldren or faerie in general

paths of light 3 doorway of consciousness

doorway of consciousness



journeys at the edge of the afterworld otherworld of humanity earth and beyond

fifth and sixth dimensional reality earth water fire air spirit sky vision summerlands
second and third level of the universe of the universes lower and higher faery
and many other magical dimensions of the astral planar realm second and third worlds

on the paths to and from the silver golden turquoise sapphire diamond city of faerie and wizards
through the gate between earth and arcadia atlantis avalon stormhold
using paths guarded by the waystation in all its forms and guardians of the magical city
bridge between and among the many worlds dimensions planes of reality multiverse
omniverse of infinite possibilities shifting balance chaos in order order in chaos

on the outskirts of the underworld and afterworld crossroads of physical and astral universes the gatekeeper stops me but i show him who i am
through the energy signature in the palm of my right hand
record of past and future lives lifetimes he lets me pass but only
for a short time because i do not belong here there right now
a giant of light and lightning storm rushes by us flaunting his power
disregarding authority without giving the gatekeeper much more than a moment’s notice

i ask if i could stay longer in the underworld and afterworld if i catch the giant for him
also not supposed to be here there in exchange for being able to stay longer while i look
for my brother and his friends others i can use to help on an important mission
on earth eldren he agrees but tells me to hurry because i am upsetting the balance
of this third world realm of underworld and afterworld sixth dimensional reality

i travel through purgatories underworlds and gardens of summerlands undying blessed
gatekeeper recommends a light elf as my guide who leads me through dangerous shadows
there is always danger even in the most heavenly planes of the astral and mental realms
locations of ice and fire storm and water wind and rain avoiding the great beasts
monsters of legend dragons and chaos demons even though those paths and worlds
would save time if it were not for the danger so we go through the more civilized worlds demons of order and angels of light eventually making our way down and up
around the circle and spiral of the tree of life here beyond earth and waking life

i cannot seem to find the giant of light but i do find a shadow giant i fight and defeat
binding him in chains of silver and golden light for the gatekeeper to send for and return
back to his home dimensional plane connected yet separate from earth and humanity
some chaos demons had captured turned him to their will as a mindless monstrous beast
now to be destroyed for a time or at least weakened the gatekeeper hears of the exploit
he doesn’t give me any problems as my new companions and i pass into the borderlands
second world of doorways eldren atlantis eldar of earth between dream and waking
he smiles as i pass even though i am taking souls from the underworld and afterworld
from their rightful place in the astral realm to a new old one in the land of the living
he does not seem to care as much about my upsetting the balance between light and dark
allows me to tip the scales towards light with my friends and family from beyond earth

paths of light 4 waystation

waystation communication



sophia flower of life light love truth wisdom

earth water fire air spirit
mountain forest sky vision consciousness expanding

she leaves me with a sense of inner peace and happiness
in the view of nature in the world of living things we embrace
underneath the waterfall of healing light sun and trees water
in her eyes i find completion and wholeness mystery and truth
pure love light of life her reflection in flowers animals people

i know i am not the only person she loves as friends or something
more she has many lovers or once did at one time
or another ancient history yet i am not sure she has
changed nor if i want her to be different than she has
always been though i hope she continues to grow and change evolve
becoming within being who she is and i am grateful for all
she has been and will be my friend and dream lovers
no matter what happens how i change and grow or her
i will think of her everyday and look forward to the time
when i can look into the light truth and beauty in her eyes again
inside my heart and soul inner light and spirit fire she is there
beyond boundaries of space and time physical separation
though i long for her beautiful presence her spirit remains
with me in my mind and memories fragments of shared history
souls and the possibility that she might one day love me as i do her
gives me hope for the future at least enough to get through long days
and nights alone long seasons without seeing her except in dreams
and we are finally alone together again i feel young and happy
creative and alive more than when we are apart true love
at least for my part i will always love her not matter what
happens what she does or says what i do and say always
distance of body or spirit there remains an unbreakable bond

when i talk to her sometimes i say the wrong thing
or the right thing in the wrong way or at the wrong time
or at least it seems that way to me at the time and shortly after while i think
about what i said and how i should have said something
different or the same thing in a different way timing
is everything also with actions or inactions especially
when i am in her presence there are so many things
i wish i did and things i wish i did differently or not at all
words and actions i cannot take back silence and inaction
i cannot change now days or years after missed opportunities
fumbled attempts at being love in love with her and everything
about her beauty and light in the darkness of my life
and the world of dreams and waking reality combined
we all must share i will never be able to forget her
or my mistakes but i hope she will forgive me and i
can forgive myself perhaps there is yet a chance for us
together in the future days and nights years and decades
lifetimes we can bridge the separation between ourselves
and each other this hope helps me keep going
through the long nights alone and days with friends and family
sometime we may be together again and for the first time
more than friends or lovers beyond boundaries and rules
except love and freedom our only responsibility to each other
the world and universe worlds within worlds humanity
preservation of life balance of light and darkness
making heaven present on earth teaching others what we know
sharing our art and wisdom the best we can together and apart
finding happiness two hearts and souls as one true love

paths of light 5 mandala of soul

mandala of soul spirit mind body heart



love life beauty balance sky magic from earth and eldren to shambhala and elysium

one astral plane between physical and mental first and third world dimensions of reality

otherworld passages moving back and forth
winter visits the mountain forest house waystation
along with friends old and new
strangers coming and going friends of friends and enemies sometimes
doorways opening and closing seen and unseen

moving items through the magical city’s warehouse
objects of trade and wonder from all over eldren
components of flying ships for travel and exploration
city of wizards mountains islands deserts surrounding
all close together relatively nexus of culture
meeting place of humans giants ancient ones
emissaries of higher and lower worlds dimensions
universes trading for the means to visit other stars
not just through gates and doorways but in magical ships

two exploration of the universe waystation spacetimeship

wormholes space ship living and sentient exploration
meetings with aliens in space and on planets decisions
human consciousness integrated with alien technology
the ship likes her crew and wants to help them
find what they are looking for what we are looking for

three planes and universes beyond second third and fourth worlds

i must escape a group of assassins including
a demon knight in the form of an attractive woman
i use protective spells blue violet and white magic
rainbow technology of the ancient future and future past
shields wards auras and words of power and protection
against the elements demons evil forces of shadow and darkness
both chaos and order light and darkness friend and enemy
the void between galaxies and beyond the universe of stars
and the darkness within every individual star galaxy black hole
cosmic singularity doorway to hyperspace and the multiverse omniverse

i must also protect the people around me from myself
i must not let myself be influenced by dark powers
the temptation to use fear anger hate as strength
i call for whatever reinforcements might come
to my aid i fly to a more secure location
fortress of light to weather the storm
dark faeries vampires giants of shadow fire ice frost and storm
fire demons even some humans elementals in service to darkness
the lords of hell and/or the creatures of the void as the case may be
reason common goals temporarily politics preference greed desire for power
the two sides face off in the eternal moment of mythic time
then many sides good and evil light and darkness abel and cain order and chaos
left and right balance between life and death creation and destruction preservation

four alternate and parallel universes connected to earth and eldren astral plane

magical worlds of earth and other planets
stars galaxies clusters superclusters walls
beyond i find my earth family
spring lilac sophia julia eleanor jasmine parvati
they are all in my life still to some extent
always different growing and changing
yet staying the same soul spirit mind
though evolving transforming transcending
and awakening innate illumination enlightenment
immanent serpent energy of wisdom spiral flowering
consciousness and awareness of the omniverse surrounding
ourselves our families and friends our planet and the cosmos

five soul spirits of the underworld and afterworld of summerlands astral plane

transitory as well as essentially permanent residents
ghosts of long dead artists from earth want me to join them
in their afterworld underworld but i want to live
they try to stop me from leaving and send away
the boat i used to cross the river of souls from earth
and eldren i use what magic and strength of will i have
to jump a great distance across the water only
getting a little wet and parts of my arms are poisoned
but i survive and run through the tunnels of mystery
back to the open air away from my new tormentors
though they send agents to try and entice me to return
but i have no desire to spend ages in the darkness
no matter how beautiful their souls once were
though i could learn much from them and their loneliness
perhaps when i am stronger i may visit again
as a kind of deference to their desire for my company
though it would probably be best to make a clean break
both for me and their community of lost souls in the underworld

six serpent of wisdom and danger demon and god

a giant serpent appears out of a waterfall
i must use use what strength and power i have left
without help from others to defeat it or at least
escape i do not know if i should destroy it or not
whether it is likely to hurt anyone else besides me
whether or not i would be saving someone else from certain death
by killing or somehow capturing trapping the serpent

seven sophia versions of my once and future dream lover

different names faces always the same soul spirit light

i tell an alternate version of sophia that in my waking life
existence on planet earth the physical universe of creation
i am in love with her completely utterly desperately
i need her because i love her yet i want her to be happy
and i know that she does not want to be with me always
though maybe forever if i am lucky even here
in a world of dreams and magical creatures away
from home on earth she is the most beautiful woman
i have ever seen inside and out though not as close
i would like to have been still i have experienced
enough of her presence to know i will always love her
as i travel between worlds and meet different versions
of her there is always the same spark of soul and spirit
i would recognize anywhere even though her appearance
might change slightly through the mirrored reflections of time
and i always know the original complete version
is waiting for me back on earth or if i am successful
in convincing her to join me on my adventures
with me which does not make things somewhat awkward
when we meet alternate versions of herself or myself
when we are together we try to avoid ourselves if possible

paths of light 6 tree of life balance

tree of life balance



wisdom and truth of the tree of being consciousness bliss perfection new community

cosmic intelligence and consciousness unity in diversity
otherworld lower astral planar realm second world of the tree of life
four powers of eldren order and chaos light and darkness
gods and demons great sky mountain spirit and mother earth

houses for family of nobility and the common people both surrounding the waystation
church temple tower meeting place of ancient librarians wizards
passages to underworld river ancient demons and ghosts
late night visitors needing coffee tea food
important discussions events in earth eldren faery vanaheim and asgard

small floating islands larger continents flying ships making their way to and from
home work adventures roads over land and pathways through sky
ceremonies of preservation rituals of discovery and exploration
correct magic words must be spoken thought will directed to perform
appearances are important but deceiving sometimes especially in eldren and faerie

wizards elves humans in the silver city atlantis avalon stormhold
there are good and evil demons and giants of fire and ice
both good and evil wizards and demigods ancient ones
but for the most part a tentative balance is kept
between the angels of light and shadows the enemy
of humanity and lower worlds
beings of great intelligence and power on both sides
and each side’s other side

fifth world foundation of life and cosmos source of light and truth
eldren world of dreams and magic connected to humanity and earth
together the civilizations of travelers and mystics hermits and lovers
societies of wisdom and desire vying for power and control of universal destiny
earth eldren faery heaven and the higher worlds beyond and the underworld
shadow and light worlds of dream and magic sources of earth’s myths
inspiration for poets and painters storytellers and philosophers of all times and places
architect rebels agents of order and chaos light and darkness angels of creation
and destruction above all the great preserver source of life and love

order in chaos light in darkness the balance must be kept
preservation of life evolution of humanity in the multiverse of universes
this world of gateways and portals to higher worlds
source of myths and religions on earth directly connected
adjacent beyond time and space the third dimensional afterworlds
underworlds and eldren faerie and the fourth world home of ancient wizards and angels of light

paths of light 7 dream vision

dream vision



the waystation mountain temple and house

on planet earth the physical universe in the mountains of mystery bridging
this world with the higher worlds eldren faery and asgard
heavens of a hundred myths mountain temple connected
to a house on a hill overlooking beautiful gardens
what once was my home will be again
when the time travel is done journeys through space
interdimensional doorways bringing magic into the world
of humanity whales monkeys dolphins pigs crows
all forms of intelligent life united in desire for evolution
even through hardship and pain something within us
craves growth learning change towards higher forms
understanding love peace inside and outside ourselves

giving out precious gems and stones from the depths
of the oceans and earth inside my soul and spirit
returning to my travels visiting nexus points of power
crossroad areas between and beyond infinite universes worlds
parallel and alternate earths dimensions of creation
higher worlds of gods and righteous demons serpents and giants
elves and great spirits of light and knowledge wisdom
of ancients meta worlds containing our own universe
places of great natural beauty close to the higher dimensions
meeting the larger metaverse of dream magic where energy enters
flows into earth and our physical universe of beauty conflict and balance
evolution also on other planets other star systems beyond our own
doorways and meeting places between worlds beyond
our current understanding yet we may stand in awe
and appreciate some small fraction of beauty and truth
light of the world of infinite worlds nested within the next
always going higher towards the source of light and creation preservation and balance

paths of light 8 tree of life love

tree of life love light truth consciousness bliss



sophia sky mountain forest home temple

best possible future integration of earth eldren faerie
in the mountain temple and community house
flying and climbing to the top of the forest paradise
sky and clouds surrounding our new old home
building around and on the trees contours of hill and mountain
sophia meets me there here from time to time

when i am lucky and then i am happy
past the free shops restaurants home of my ancestors
and children in the second world of sky we love
one another alone together yet connected to all life
we impart secrets of magic and wonder we have learned
in our all too frequent and much too long separations
our adventures and journeys in far away worlds
teach us many things not least longing and sorrow and overcoming
through joy and happiness in the process of life light love
truth and understanding of the unfolding cosmos evolution
all around us always and also inside our soul
spirit of consciousness pervading all universes
our home planet earth our local universe of beauty
light of stars and galaxies shining in the night sky
spinning in the spiral pattern of life in eternity
fractal mandala of involution and evolution transcendence and immanence
balance of opposites light and darkness chaos and order beauty of balance

paths of light 9 tree of life truth

tree of life truth wisdom justice



jealousy again in the midst of loss and longing sorrow and joy

even in the midst of all the darkness and pain is light and potential for happiness
she kisses me while another is present who has lost
someone he loves and she feels guilty sad yet alive
she takes off all her clothes and lies down on her stomach
the curve of her body calls to me her back is beautiful soft wondrous
in the dim light of a cabin in the woods refuge and outpost
of the waystation house and temple i cannot help but feel
angry and more than a little hurt that he is there here with us
she seems to have forgotten me or at least not caring
anymore at least not much so i leave depressed
while he gives her a massage and who knows what else
i know she probably wants me there too or at least
would not mind terribly for me to stay but i cannot or will not
share her with another though i am in love with her
because i am jealousy takes over my other emotions
i am not enlightened and liberal enough for what
she wants or needs or her whims involving others
sex i am alone now after coming so close
being one with her in reality and not just mind
and now there is even more distance than there was before she kissed me
my hopes were raised and then dashed to the ground
not only because of her affections for another
but also my unwillingness to go along with her
desire to be with more than one person at once

librarian guardian nature spirit  descent and rise  spiral galactic supercluster  transform change push pull time space identity

librarian guardian nature spirit
descent and rise
spiral galactic supercluster
transform change push pull time space identity



sophia peace love light life health being truth consciousness bliss

we are all creatures of love desiring lust and compassion both
she and i you and me lovers in heart and mind and soul and spirit
she is never out of my mind or my heart constant solace
and bittersweet sorrow yet i feel more alive thinking of her
than forgetting her if that is or would be possible
in the foreseeable future all that remains is silent
devotion secret love that can never be hidden forever
source of pain and pleasure beauty and terror light
and darkness friend and companion constant solace
as i journey across worlds of dreams and imagination
of ice and fire water and deserts holy mountains valleys
all leading back to the center second world of eldren
secret city golden and silver capital of the universe of magic
wonder of the wizards of light and everywhere i see her
i meet her in cafes shops libraries and schools of wisdom
scattered throughout the wizard city always she is there
sometimes she recognizes me sometimes not always cares
for me as a stranger and an old friend communication
of soul through our eyes spirit through our touch
as lovers and as friends we come together and part
again and again the same story though different distinct
always with new changes developments of character
imagination of the cosmic consciousness within us both
and all of our shadows and reflections pervading
the universe of universes all leading back to the source
fifth world above all heavens and hells containing all
creation stars galaxies universes of possibility
order in chaos light in darkness female and male
unified transcendent and immanent balanced
between left and right the tree of life and wisdom
multiversal flower of consciousness twins of love silver and gold
together always learning and growing becoming within being

silver star goddess isis

silver star goddess isis inanna consciousness flowering spiral galaxy mind

to be continued …

dream poetry visions book one

dream poetry visions book two

dream poetry visions book three

dream poetry visions book four

dream poetry visions book five

dream poetry visions book six

dream poetry visions book seven

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